The Kremlin does not believe that Erdogan personally gave the order to bring down the Russian Su-24

Western "partners" do not abandon attempts to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey. They are very worried about the independence of Ankara, which “dared” to buy S-400 air defense systems from Moscow and acquire a whole network of gas pipelines (Turkish Stream and Blue Stream) that supply Russian gas. Therefore, it is not surprising that information appeared in the media from the “NATO closed briefing”, more like a primitive throw-in.

So, Western media, literally in chorus, report that in 2015, Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan personally ordered the shooting down of a Russian tactical front-line bomber Su-24, performing a combat mission in Syria. At the same time, they all refer to the organization Nordic Research Monitoring Network from Sweden, which allegedly had some NATO documents at its disposal. By the way, this NGO is part of the structure of the "open society" of the famous "philanthropist" George Soros.

Moreover, the most absurd thing is that the specified grant-based office, in turn, refers to Turkish "experts." For example, on the major from the General Staff of Turkey Erkan Agin - one of the organizers of the coup in Turkey in the summer of 2016. True, the truth-tellers do not inform the public about this piquant moment. After all, there is a high probability that it was the future "revolutionaries" who organized a provocation in the Syrian sky.

It should be noted that the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov has already stated that Moscow is guided by the official, including public, statements of Ankara, i.e. to normal channels of information. From which it was concluded that completely different people were giving the command to destroy the Russian Su-24 in the sky of Syria. At the same time, he clarified that Russia never prevented Turkey from cooperating with other countries.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 3 December 2019 19: 21
    - Surely...
    - Solid "Angelica and the King" from the series of novels "Angelica" by Ann and Serge Golon ...
    - And why didn’t they even mention Macron ...- here he’s just in place ...- Hahah ...
  2. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
    Hayer31 (Kashchei) 3 December 2019 19: 39
    Yes, of course, our comrade Erdogan did not order, all Americans do this to annoy, so the professional community has an opinion to make a common currency, a common language and grammar, and Dmitry Anatolyevich will lead the common state.
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 3 December 2019 21: 59
    Such questions - in peacetime, planned to destroy (openly or covertly) a combat aircraft of a nuclear power - I think so, without coordination with the head of state, they are not solved ?! winked
    At least, I can’t imagine the Russian Ministry of Education Shoigu or some general of the Aerospace Forces, past the head of state of the Internal Troops Putin, giving the order to plan and carry out a military operation to destroy the British, French or Israeli (we are not talking about the Americans - these immediately, without " expressions of concern ", in response to such a clearly" unfriendly demarche ", even" erroneous ", would hit the attackers at completely different" tomatoes "and the whole world knows it well, as it knows that Washington themselves are willing to arrange such provocations with the" terrorist " blowing up their own planes, ships, buildings and other objects, without disdaining any human casualties, including those belonging to the allied countries of the United States - this is their most popular "receiver"!) of a combat aircraft!

    It was just that then there were such "alignments" at the Turkoprez Erdogan, and he was very angry with Russia, which bombed with impunity the established hyper-profitable ISIL-Turkish mutually beneficial "business" on the massive, "under the guise", theft of Syrian oil (to which the American "hegemons" were very favorable , since this greatly facilitated the burden of their military budget and the CIA budget for the maintenance and provision of terrorist activities, including the search and recruitment of "cannon fodder" around the world, a huge army of ISIS thugs and "moderate", but no less bloodthirsty and malicious, other American -Isil's terrorist allies!)
    Tayyip and his comrades really wanted to punish the Russian aviators for this, in his opinion, unheard of "lawlessness" and "brazen mockery" of Turkish "fair trade" with "brotherly in faith" terrorist accomplices ?!
    So then they died from the bloody paws of the Turks and Turkoman, loyal to their official duty, Warriors of Russia - Oleg Peshkov and Alexander Pozynich, who went to his rescue - Eternal memory to them!

    Russian President VV Putin had his own "deal" and in that situation he well understood what an adequate response to Turkey's hostile inclinations threatened Russia - it would be a complete collapse of the peacekeeping operation and the regime of the Russian ally - President Assad in Syria, locked for the passage of Russian ships and the ships of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, as well as the "no-fly" airspace, the inevitable defeat of Russia in this Middle East region and the threat of strategic defeat in the event of the inevitable transfer by Washington, its NATO and ISIS allies, of terrorist "indirect" actions to the Russian Caucasus, which is tasty for the Turks, Saudis and Americans Crimea and the neighboring republics of the Black Sea region .... in short, whoever is in the subject, he knows and remembers that time and that situation without me.

    Therefore, in the name of the fateful supreme interests of Russia, this treacherous attack on a Russian bomber, a dastardly murder of an ejection pilot, a Turkoman hunt for a navigator and an attack on a rescue group and a Russian diplomat shot by a Turk, really, pragmatically, the thinking Russian leaders FORCED to " , more mildly, including those indignant at the daring Turkish "trick", Russian compatriots were "told" that the authoritarian Turkish president allegedly did not know and did not control his own military leaders (amended later, after an attempt at an American-inspired military coup, the version voiced in the Article contains already military "revolutionaries" who allegedly set up "nothing in their country who did not control, did not know and did not know about the impending provocation with the plane, as he allegedly did not know about the upcoming coup" Erdogan ?!) and was allegedly an opponent of this insolent pro-American and pro-Turkish provocations ?!

    As the further development of the situation showed, the actions of the Russian leadership were far-sighted and correct, and the fervor in revenge "for the boys" would have led to even greater geopolitical, human and material losses for Russia, without any advantages - which was what the malicious "partners" of this vile provocation!
    Although, I think that V.V. Putin, he is like that - he does not forget .... "the remaining sediment" in matters of principle, will still fully take revenge on the enemies of Russia "for the boys" - all those involved in their death will be "soaked in the toilet" anyway!

    So, the provocative "drain" described in the Article and so obvious to everyone - about the "direct order of Erdogan (but did the turkoprez remove any of the supposedly military" non-rumors "from his posts and punished if he allegedly did not know or did not give this order, and someone from the military acted against his will ?! Tayyip himself then publicly belligerently declared that he would not apologize to Russia for the downed Su-24 and the killed Russians, that the Turkish side was 100% right ?!) The launch of the "Turkish Stream" should not surprise anyone - Washington will not do that yet in order to achieve its goals of stopping Russian gas transit to Europe!
    1. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 3 December 2019 22: 46
      And here is Alexander Pozynych?
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 3 December 2019 22: 49
        He died during the search and evacuation of the surviving navigator Su-24!
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 December 2019 22: 46
    He ordered, he didn’t order, but in the trade and relations with terrorists we convicted him ...
  5. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 4 December 2019 07: 44
    And what other people gave away? Looks like they are getting rid of the padishah?