Gorbachev told why he starred in an advertisement for American pizza in 90's

Recently we Reportedhow the former first and only president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev reacted to the words of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. And now, 88-year-old Gorbachev said that the American media misinterpreted the events of the 1990s, informing readers that the ex-secretary-general had to advertise products of the Pizza Hut restaurant chain out of poverty.

Gorbachev is surprised and does not understand why the Americans "have now decided to raise this topic." At the same time, he confirmed that he then "really needed money, but for social activities and the work of the fund." That is why he went to star in a pizza advertisement. He specified that there was no question of any poverty, since he personally did not need money, "especially when compared with the majority of the country's population."

American journalists who decided to write all this greatly upset and offended me

- Gorbachev said in an interview with the publication URA.ru.

It should be recalled that before that, The Foreign Policy wrote that Gorbachev starred in an advertisement for the American Pizza Hut network in the 1990s, as he needed the money to work for his foundation (The Gorbachev Foundation, a Russian non-profit organization, created in 1991, with the slogan "Towards a new civilization", located in Moscow). At the same time, the Americans noted that the fund was in opposition to Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and Gorbachev’s large pension, which the fund then existed on, was “eaten up” by 1994 hyperinflation and corresponded to two dollars a month.

It should be added that the Pizza Hut commercial with Gorbachev was shot in 1997. In the video, visitors to the establishment discuss the results of the former president. At the same time, everyone comes to the conclusion that now they can eat pizza thanks to Gorbachev.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 3 December 2019 16: 14
    Wow, the hapless "best German" Gorby was offended for mentioning his mercantile advertising of pizza and travel bags ?!
    This complete freeze ... oops, the wrong letters on the touch keyboard pressed into moorz .... myrz ... myrsh ... mosh .. we came out (now right wink ) it was not at all that it was necessary to "greatly offend and upset"!
    By the court of a military tribunal and a strict sentence (with a public online broadcast on the entire "post-Soviet space" and the entire "democratic world"!), It would be forever to upset him while he still "smokes the sky" and did not "screw up" on his own !!! am

    Regarding the then Gorbachev's "two dollars" pension - 100500 rights were made by the Belarusian Father, who on a permanent basis appointed the same, very symbolic, "offensive" pension to the destructive "Belovezhskaya figure", the Belarusian accomplice of Michael Labeled in the destruction of the Soviet Union! And Humpbacked, so they say, for a long time no longer a "two-dollar", but a very "grievous" STATE pension at the expense of the vilely devoted working population of most of the hostilely destroyed State by him ??!

    Already the inflated Judas "sat in his kennel" and would not stick his head out, would not irritate people with his petty "offenses and grievances"! negative