Bild Learned Details of US Sanctions against Nord Stream-2

Recently we Reportedas Kiev did not agree with the right of sovereign Denmark to give permission to lay the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in its waters. And now, the largest German publication Bild, citing sources in the Senate (upper house of parliament) of the US Congress informs readers that Washington can still stop the construction of this pipeline because it is preparing a “sanction trick” (“Russian surprise”) and will use it before the New Year 2020.

It turns out that American Russophobe senators decided in a roundabout way to achieve the imposition of sanctions against European companies involved in the project, including builders and suppliers. As the publication clarifies, the “trick” is that restrictive measures will become part of the law on the US military budget for the next year, which should be adopted before the end of 2019 (although the fiscal year 2020 in the US began on October 1, 2019).

The thing is that American lawmakers simply did not have time to develop a full-fledged bill. And now they decided at least to get out of this situation.

When no one is building, there’s nobody to punish

- quoted the publication of one of the senators.

This information was confirmed by the head of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. policy Jim Risch, who promised that sanctions would be “expensive” for Moscow and its European partners. How it will actually be, we will know soon.
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  1. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 1 December 2019 20: 09
    ... citing sources in the Senate (upper house of parliament) of the US Congress, informs readers that Washington can still stop the construction of this pipeline,

    Ha! As they say, it’s too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys have fallen off.

    In the economic zone of Denmark, work began on laying the Nord Stream-2.
    They involved 15 vessels. The project urges the threat of US sanctions on the owner of the pipe-laying vessels, the Swiss company Allseas.
    According to the navigation portal Marinetraffic, this afternoon the pipe layers Pioneering Spirit and Solitaire embarked on the route for laying the Nord Stream-2 in Danish waters from Sweden. In the status of the ships, which they transmitted through the automated identification system (AIS), an indication appeared that they were conducting specialized pipe-laying operations. Obviously, Pioneering Spirit and Solitaire simultaneously lay both lines of the gas pipeline. Vessels go one after another at a distance of more than one nautical mile.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 1 December 2019 21: 14
      Launching the chiming clock laughing New Year’s talks promise to be extremely exciting. yes
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  4. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 3 December 2019 01: 16
    Let the United States think about itself, otherwise Russia will throw a nuclear missile into the crater of Yellowstone volcano and instead of the United States a Stalin Strait will form and there will be nobody to accept AND PERFORM THE US military budget ...
    The United States must be afraid and respect Russia because it is the only country in the world that can destroy the United States.