Confusion and vacillations in NATO: why did Macron talk about Russian missiles

Emmanuel Macron continues to fronted the EU and NATO. The President of France very favorably responded to the proposal of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to the idea of ​​negotiations to ban the deployment of INF arms in the Old World. Is there a chance to achieve a moratorium, and how far is the head of the Fifth Republic ready to go “out of step” with the North Atlantic Alliance?

Recall that the United States and the Russian Federation, the leading nuclear powers of the world, this year left the INF Treaty, which for decades was considered the cornerstone of security in Europe. Now nothing is stopping Washington from deploying its medium-range missiles there, aiming them at Moscow. Such actions cannot remain unanswered, so Russia will be forced to deliver the INF INFU symmetrically, guaranteeing a retaliatory nuclear strike.

It is clear that a satisfying and prosperous Europe does not smile at becoming a bargaining chip in the Russian-American confrontation. However, they do not want to increase the degree of tension with their main trading partner in the Kremlin. President Vladimir Putin took the initiative to introduce a moratorium on the deployment of INF arms in Europe, however, at NATO headquarters this proposal was considered "not trustworthy."

And so the president of France made the move, the third most powerful country in the alliance after the United States and Turkey. Emmanuel Macron did not support the idea of ​​a moratorium on the move, however, in writing he announced his readiness for a dialogue with Moscow on this issue. At the same time, in Paris, the allies were kindly acquainted with the response of their president to Moscow. Moreover, the head of the Fifth Republic agreed to the fact that Russia is not at all an enemy of Europe:

Is Russia an Enemy to Us Today? Or is China? Is the goal of NATO to point to them as enemies? I do not think so.

What can such a constructive position of the French president testify to?

At firstParis clearly does not want to become one of the targets for Russian nuclear missiles. In the event of a major war on the continent, France will inevitably get strong among others, but why does it need it?

Secondly, President Macron, apparently faster than other European leaders to navigate a rapidly changing world. The globalist project came to an end, the USA is no longer a friend and patron of Europe, but a tough competitor and potential adversary. It seems that Paris, after Brexit, intends to become the new center of the Old World, having squeezed Berlin, therefore it is actively pulling the blanket over itself.

The logic of the process also suggests the need for NATO reform, which Macron is not talking about the "death of the brain" for the first time. The creation of the European Army as an alternative to the alliance could allow the EU to leave behind the overseas USA, wayward Turkey and some “toxic” East European countries, which are a source of tension in relations with Russia.

Such fronting by President Macron is increasingly irritating among France’s NATO allies. So, the Turkish colleague Erdogan, clearly grabbing rudeness from Donald Trump, publicly ridiculed Emmanuel Macron, accusing him “in the absence of a brain”, and said:

Is it your business to expel Turkey from NATO or not? Do you make such decisions?

The discord in NATO is evident.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 1 December 2019 08: 43
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    Confusion and vacillations in NATO: why Macron spoke about Russian missiles

    Macron, a weak, worthless “statesman” (like Russian Prime Minister Medvedev), is very afraid to be left alone, without “support” ... - Yes, there is reason to be afraid of him ... - his “comrade-in-arms” mastodon Merkel is unlikely to venture for a new term ... - She would have to finish her deadline ... -Britania has everything on the drum ... -this own “Brexit shirt” is closer to the body ... -Americans are too much carried away by the “Trump showdowns” and pre-election fuss .. - Well, nobody cares about France ...- no one needs it ...- and no one to lean against it ...
    - And to climb directly in friends with China ...- Macron is simply afraid ... -too worthless, cowardly politician ...
    - So Macron began to take on "always good for strangers and ready to help the whole world" ... - Russia.
  2. beeper Offline
    beeper 1 December 2019 09: 12
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    Emmanuel Macron is perhaps the first, after Charles Gaulle, the French president, who so sharply pragmatically speaks about the negative sides of the membership of France (and other European countries) in the pro-American aggressive NATO bloc! good
    This (care, first of all, about the interests of their country and the common world in Europe, and not about the destructive warlike "Wishlist" of Washington, despite the political and economic pressure of the overseas "hegemons") is a good example to his European colleagues! yes
    1. gorenina91 Offline
      gorenina91 (Irina) 1 December 2019 12: 00
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      “In vain you, sir, scrub yourself with the hope of perceiving Macron as a brave leader; the head of state, boldly challenging ... already the whole "aggressive NATO bloc" ...
      - A little more, and he will call all of Beautiful France to great tribulation and universal repentance for ... for ... for ... for the destroyed Libya ...
      - Yes, Macron had already forgotten about this and thought ... -Rather, he never thought about it ... -And this pathetic figurine thought; thinks; and she will surely continue to think “about” and “about” and “about” ... about how to effectively curl up at the public .., create an intérêt intrigant (intriguing interest .. French ...); encourage public opinion to discuss his actions, etc. etc...
      - I mixed up epochs and centuries ... Monsieur Macron ... - the times of Louis, Cardinals Richelieu (Mazarin) have long sunk into oblivion ... and France today got an ordinary talker .. who has his “support group” (and, for sure ...- she is also the main "adviser-consultant") only his elderly wife is listed ... - That's all ...- "Look for an elderly woman" ... -So, probably, the French can say today .. . -Hahah ...
      1. beeper Offline
        beeper 1 December 2019 15: 14
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        Ma'am, in vain do you think that I am trying to what you reproach me so emotionally! smile
        From what I have written in no way follows attributed to me by you, not at all! tongue
  3. beeper Offline
    beeper 1 December 2019 09: 48
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    “Sultan” Erdogan, observing the interests of his country (as he sees it - in Turkey’s priority connection with the USA and NATO, despite the “S-400 demarches” in the style of a market bargainer) and transparently giving a sign of Unchanging loyalty to Washington, expressed his bitter pan-Turkic insults "gyaur" to Macron in the majestic manner of the imaginary Ottoman padishah (apparently more designed for "domestic use" than for foreign policy effect ?!). smile