Winter is coming: why Ukraine has gone to meet Gazprom

Only a few days remain before the calendar winter. Coincidence or not, but Ukraine for the first time in a long time has shown constructiveness in negotiations on gas transit. Will the parties be able to come to an agreement without bringing the matter to the gate, thus spoiling the New Year holidays for people?

The situation is not entirely clear. On the one hand, in Kiev they talk about an almost 100% likelihood of stopping gas supplies. On the other hand, the representative of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko voiced quite acceptable conditions. What did Gazprom want, and what does the Ukrainian company offer?

The Russian monopolist is interested in extending the existing contract, but for a period of not 10 years, but only 1 year. The gas company expects Naftogaz to refuse a fine of $ 2,6 billion awarded to it by the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal and all other lawsuits and complaints. In other words, we are talking about complete mutual nullification of claims. Surprisingly, for the first time, the Ukrainian side spoke about the same thing, but in other words.

Yuri Vitrenko said the day before:

The Ukrainian company, in principle, is ready to conclude a transit contract with Gazprom for one year, and not for a longer period (presumably 10 years), which Ukraine and the European Commission insist on.

If you put what he said on the shelves, you get the following:

At first, Naftogaz admits signing a short-term transit agreement, which is a huge concession to Gazprom, which was scared by obligations for 10 years. However, not the old contract can be extended for a year, but instead a new contract should be concluded according to European rules. This means that the Russian company will be entitled to reserve half the capacity of the Ukrainian gas transportation system for next year, which will allow it to fulfill its obligations to European consumers.

Secondly, it is possible to resolve the issue under a fine of $ 2,6 billion from the Stockholm arbitration. Given a penalty of 0,03% per day, its amount is gradually approaching 3 billion. If Kiev accepts the offer of President Putin about a 20-25% discount on gas, then the difference in the purchase price will calmly pay off Gazprom’s debt in five years, while Ukraine will become a plus.

It sounds very tempting. However, the question arises of how serious this proposal is. The problem is that just Naftogaz, on whose behalf Vitrenko stands, will be suspended from transit by European rules. According to the requirements of the Third Energy Package, the Ukrainian company should be divided, and the transit function will be allocated to a separate legal entity. And somehow the position of Kiev changed dramatically, which may indicate a serious backstage fight.

Nevertheless, a shift towards constructiveness on the part of Ukraine can be welcomed. The main thing is that things with words do not diverge.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 26 November 2019 11: 40
    Ukraine has already proved more than once that it is not a contracting party. Their goal in life is to spoil Russia! Therefore, you sometimes need to respect yourself to put above the dollar. First, close the valve, force them to abandon claims, and then only negotiate !!
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. rotfuks Offline rotfuks
    rotfuks (Ivanov Ivan) 26 November 2019 14: 09
    It’s time to notice that the lower the temperature in the street, the warmer Ukraine’s desire to cooperate with Gazprom.
  4. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 26 November 2019 18: 07
    ... Yuri Vitrenko said the day before:
    The Ukrainian company, in principle, is ready to conclude a transit contract with Gazprom for one year, and not for a longer period (presumably 10 years), which Ukraine and the European Commission insist on ...

    - Vitrenko did not say such a thing, his statement has been posted on Facebook since yesterday.
  5. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 26 November 2019 18: 34
    Winter is coming: why Ukraine has gone to meet Gazprom

    Slag blocking from Gazprom. By the way, notice this word - SLAG BLOUDING. laughing I just invented it. You must admit that somehow I’ve gotten a lot of reading garbage like this for many years. laughing
    1. vik669 Offline vik669
      vik669 (vik669) 27 November 2019 12: 24
      I’m not sure that philologists will understand you, but psychiatrists will certainly understand you immediately, while you still have something in your head ... it has not taken your mind!
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 27 November 2019 21: 16
    Yesterday Vitrenko said something ...
    Yesterday, Orgel (Minister of Energy) said that there is a 100% risk of terminating transit ...
    100% risk - how is it? In my simplicity of mind, I thought that 100% is a firm assurance.
    At the same time, from 01.01.2020 neither Orzhel nor Vitrenko will have any relation to gas transit.
    Vitrenko works in Naftogaz, and a new company will deal with transit. And the new company, due to the intricately conducted banding, will report not to the Minister of Energy, but to the Minister of Finance. Do not laugh, just the Ministry of Finance. Therefore, let's stop listening to this flock of parrots. They are not worth the time and attention spent. We will wait for the development of real events, fortunately, not long left.