Kiev announced 100% termination of transit from January 1 to January 2020

Due to the lack of a new agreement, the situation with the continuation of the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine from January 1, 2020 remains unclear.

Ukrainian media cite the words of the Minister of Energy and the Environment Aleksey Orzhel, who said that there is currently a one hundred percent risk of stopping the transit of Russian gas if a new agreement is not signed.

At the same time, the Ukrainian minister notes that if a new agreement with Gazprom is nevertheless signed, gas prices for Ukrainians will fall to historic lows.

However, it is not clear who Orgel has in mind when speaking of “Ukrainians”.

You need to understand that in this case we are talking about the leadership of the Ukrainian Naftogaz - Kobolev and Vitrenko, who will receive regular prizes in the amount of several million dollars.

As for the rest of the population of Ukraine, there is no question that tariffs rising since 2014 will be reduced.

Recall that before the end of the existing gas contract between Russia and Ukraine, a little more than a month remains, however, the Ukrainian side represented by Naftogaz continues to “push through” Gazprom to sign a new contract on conditions that are unacceptable to the Russian side.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 26 November 2019 10: 56
    It would be the height of stupidity to pump gas without a contract through Ukraine after January 1! Ukraine has already stated that after January 1, pumping gas through Ukraine will be contraband and it has the right to seize it. So let's see how greedy for "dough" Gazprom will negotiate with these!
  2. yury semru Offline yury semru
    yury semru (yury semru) 26 November 2019 11: 24
    I still hope that on January XNUMX, ours will simply declare that, due to the expiration of the contract, gas pumping through the Ukrainian GTS stops :))
  3. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 26 November 2019 17: 55
    So, it’s time for Russia to impose a 100% embargo on trade with Ukraine, and to clear Russia of the patriots of foreign states that got lost in the Russian Federation, depriving them of Russian citizenship and deportation to their homeland ... Enough for them to eat our bread and harm us (spy against the Russian Federation to carry out terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation and so on).
  4. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 26 November 2019 19: 10
    I can’t wait until we break off all relations with the landfill. And in the winter we will laugh at how they will bask in a dried dung!
    1. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 27 November 2019 19: 54
      Quote: zenitovets
      I can’t wait until we break off all relations with the landfill. And in the winter we will laugh at how they will bask in a dried dung!

      I think that maybe you won’t wait. Perhaps most of this territory will have to be taken into account. Nevertheless, most Russians live there.
      1. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 27 November 2019 21: 02
        If they - in the sense that the Russians living there, take the initiative, you can still think about this, but by any other means - DO NOT, then they will howl until the end of time, "here you have taken us, now feed us" - this is not needed "happiness" ...
  5. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 27 November 2019 22: 59
    Here and Russia taught a lesson. You can not bend under Ukraine, you can not underestimate the enemy. And the guilty Gazprom lawyers who drafted such an agreement would fire one and all.