Lukashenko: Kaliningrad is our region, we are responsible for it

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko continues to actively attract the attention of the Russian public to his person. On November 25, 2019, the Belarusian leader, at a meeting in Minsk with the governor of the Kaliningrad region of Russia Anton Alikhanov, said that his country had been responsible for the Kaliningrad region since Soviet times and still has this attitude.

Why do I say "our Kaliningraders"? I often say to Yeltsin and Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin - ed.) When we discuss some problems: Kaliningrad is our region, we were responsible for it and we are responsible, first of all, not Russia. Putin says: “I do not mind”

- said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko noted that in Soviet times there was a lot of talk about which republic of the USSR to join the Kaliningrad region. According to the president of Belarus, it may even be good that the Kaliningrad region was not joined to anyone. After all, Crimea was annexed to Ukraine, but it turned out to be wrong.

Lukashenko emphasized that Belarus still turned out to be practically responsible for the Kaliningrad region, as it was the closest, therefore there are enough potential points for growth. After that, he turned to investment issues and discussion of further interaction.

It should be recalled that earlier Lukashenko said that Moscow could give away weapons to Minsk for free and call condition for refusing integration with Russia.
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  1. Nymp Offline Nymp
    Nymp (Boris) 25 November 2019 23: 11
    Lip will not crack in Belarus? Kaliningrad is Russia, period. And Putin is not against in the sense that - Answer, if you like, but he did not say that "yes, the Kaliningrad region is Belarus."
  2. Lu, apparently, is looking for a throne under his bastard.
  3. valeriy7 Offline valeriy7
    valeriy7 (Valery) 26 November 2019 01: 37
    "Old Man" suffered, like Ostap Bender in his performance in the chess club Vasyuki.
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 26 November 2019 10: 55

    How cleverly "wraps"! LAG just "burns not like a child" - what is it with him ??! wassat
  5. chemyurij Online chemyurij
    chemyurij (chemyurij) 26 November 2019 11: 32
    The usual conversation of people showing the proximity of neighborly relations, sometimes trying to raise their significance in the eyes of others, routine and everyday life, I don’t understand only, why is fuss? These media have already completely degraded, they cannot find what is between the lines, they climbed into the need and are looking for. Hey, where are you? The real unexpected news is not there. They don’t talk about those present, laid out this resource, news for discussion and that's all? So, in this short note, she is - this black cat in a black room without light, and, by the way, such a normal cat, knows its job, catches rats.
  6. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 26 November 2019 19: 17
    Russia is lucky in any age with the Old Men, apparently, something free then or at a discount you need again ....
    I respect all Belarusians and love Belarus, I worked with them .... hospitable and cordial people without falsehood ...
    A question to this "Guardian" of the Kaliningrad region, how is he going to defend Kaliningrad against NATO ... God forbid, if that ...
    No aviation, Morflot, Nuclear weapons .... As long as he agrees with the Kremlin on his joint actions, there will be no need for his help ...
    And reality, whatever happens, God forbid that you need to place any Russian military base + airbase .....
  7. Screw Offline Screw
    Screw (Gennady) 27 November 2019 17: 45
    Yes, let him speak. The main thing is that he does not flinch at a dashing age, and does not fail his ancestors. Zmagars are not Belarusians and do not belong to their ancestors.