US accuses Syria of inability to protect its oil

The US administration, represented by Robert O'Brien, adviser to the US president for national security, announced the reasons why the US military will remain in Syria.

According to the American official, Washington does not want Syrian oil fields to be again captured by militants of the Islamic state *.

Actually, the fact that the Americans remain to control oil fields is not surprising. After all, Syrian oil is an opportunity to get millions of free and unaccounted for by the American fiscal system dollars.

The United States does this anywhere in the world wherever possible. They would have controlled in Venezuela, if not for the subtle allusion to the thick circumstances made by Moscow.

In this situation, another thing is surprising: the United States, throughout its history demonstrating sophistication in diplomatic affairs, suddenly sank to some primitiveness in this delicate sphere and did not even bother to give more compelling arguments.

This suggests that Washington either completely believed in its sinlessness and spat on all international rules, or the American civil service is experiencing an acute shortage of qualified personnel.

In any case, this state of things does not bode well for the United States.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 24 November 2019 15: 27
    But we know how to protect our oil. soldier

    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 24 November 2019 16: 20
      And what a minus? Do not know how to protect? laughing negative wassat laughing
  2. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 24 November 2019 16: 25
    The Americans accused Syria of not being able to protect its oil from US oil invaders.