American submarines advanced in search of Russian submarines in the Norwegian Sea

Recently we Reportedas the admirals of the US Navy are making efforts to correct the opinion of Americans about their submarine fleet, which has stained itself with outrageous scandals. And so, the Norwegian online newspaper The Independent Barents Observer, published in English and Russian, describing events in the Barents Sea and the Arctic region (edition in Kirkenes), informed the public that the Americans began to search for Russian nuclear submarines (NPS) in the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans.

It is noted that the sixth fleet of the US Navy has already loaded torpedoes into its Minnesota submarine of the Virginia type for playing cat and mouse with the Russian Navy submarine at the Haakonsvern base in the municipality of Bergen (Norway). The material states that NATO, with the help of patrol marine aircraft from Keflavik (Iceland) and Andoya (Norway), is not only monitoring the current activities of Russian nuclear submarines in the Norwegian and Barents Seas.

It must be recalled that the Norwegian publication was somehow expressing optimism about the “awesome power” of NATO. After which the Norwegian Navy "valiantly" drowned Helge Ingstad’s own frigate (built in 2009) worth about $ 500 million, which was also based at Hawksvern. By the way, the mentioned Norwegian publication in February 2019 was blocked by Roskomnadzor "for propaganda of suicide."

It should be added that the Vikings regularly excite the planet’s public with statements about the “excessive” activity of the Russian Navy’s nuclear submarines. For example, in October 2019, the NRK television and radio company, citing Norwegian intelligence data, stated that at least eight nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy were deployed from bases located on the Kola Peninsula.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 23 November 2019 14: 50
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    When reading about all these alarmist anti-Russian provocative "messages" from the Norwegian, Swedish, German, Polish, Baltic, .... other "Western media", you must always remember that all of them, one way or another, are controlled by Washington and work on " American training manual ".....
    Now, as if "in response to the concerns of the Norwegian public (agitated and" warmed up "precisely by these" escalating the situation ", systematic provocative" messages "of the Norwegian pro-American media!)" American submarines and patrol planes and other NATO PLO forces, as it were " protecting the Norwegian civilian population "from allegedly" Russian machinations (although the role of the "unknown submarines" identified by the NATO-committed, American-dependent, Norwegian command as supposedly "Russian" could well be played by the submarines themselves NAT ?!) will, no longer hiding, but as if “righteously”, in the eyes of the “world public”, hunt (up to a “random shot” ?!) for Russian submarines in the Arctic Ocean and throughout the Arctic - which is exactly what enters the new doctrine of "hegemony" of the United States to fully capture this part of our planet!

    It is still unknown whether the US nuclear submarine died in the South China Sea without “help” (how did the mystery of the death of the Russian Kursk nuclear submarine with the active “fuss” of Russian and American top officials around it remain ?!)? !
    I feel that I was probably mistaken when I considered the American provocation in Ukraine to be the most probable “cause” of the NATO aggressive gang attack on the Russian Federation — it turns out that such an anti-Russian provocation could well be inspired by Washington and in the Arctic ?!
    At least, demonstrative, now (since earlier such a search was conducted by the Americans and their allies more or less secretly and did not advertise for the "wide world public" in order not to give it any reason to doubt the declarative "peaceability" of the NATO aggressors!), "Search Russian submarines in the Norwegian Sea "suggests such thoughts ?! winked