And things are still there: Why the sunken float PD-50 still lies at the bottom

More than a year ago, a serious maritime disaster occurred in Murmansk. On the night of October 30, the largest floating dock, the PD-50, sank in Russia, almost drowning the only aircraft carrier in the Russian Navy Admiral Kuznetsov. People suffered, one died, another went missing. More than a year has passed, but the dock is still there, at the bottom of the sea. Why is no one in a hurry to pick it up?

The importance of the PD-50 for the Russian Navy is difficult to overestimate. This is one of the world's largest floating docks, designed to repair strategic nuclear submarines and the largest surface ships of the Northern Fleet. Actually, the tragedy occurred during the repair of our only aircraft carrier. The dimensions of the PD-50 are impressive: 330 by 60 meters, carrying capacity - 80 thousand tons, each of the two tower cranes can lift up to 50 tons.

Structurally, the floating dock cannot sink. However, he sank, almost pulling along the Admiral Kuznetsov. From the outside it looks like a sophisticated sabotage, but the cause of the disaster with human casualties is banal and has a "peaceful" character. Who is to blame, and now what to do? Why is the PD-50 still at the bottom?

On that fateful night, there was a power outage due to sticking wet snow on power lines. One of the towers of the floating dock began to dive uncontrollably due to the inflow of sea water. A dangerous roll has formed. The dock began to sink with our only aircraft carrier, which the Russian Navy could shamefully lose in peacetime.

The situation could be corrected by not allowing tragedy. It was enough to use emergency diesel generators that would pump water. And here in the story appears the notorious "effective private owner." Shipyard No. 82, where everything happened, was acquired in 2015 by Rosneft. The new owner “optimized costs” on everything that, in his opinion, was unnecessary: ​​fuel was not purchased for generators, and minders were fired. There was already nobody and nothing to save the dock with the aircraft carrier.

Only by the incredible efforts of the crew of the Admiral Kuznetsov managed to save the ship, but he still could not avoid damage. One of the heavy tower cranes collapsed onto his deck. The largest floating dock sank, leaving the Northern Fleet without the ability to carry out repairs.

More than a year has passed since then. The dock still lies at the bottom of the Kola Bay, and no one is in a hurry to lift it. After the tragedy, authorities said that the PD-50 would be raised on its own, the budget of the operation was estimated at around a billion rubles, but things are still there.

Have questions to technical side. The task is very nontrivial due to the gigantic size of the floating dock. Initially, the idea was to turn to the Swedish manufacturer, Arendalsvarvet shipyard. However, she ordered a long life. Could handle the legendary Special Purpose Underwater Expedition (EPRON). This organization successfully lifted hundreds of sunken ships from the bottom, but back in 1956 it was transformed into a civilian and subordinated to the Moscow Podvodrechstroy.

Now there is a Research Institute for Rescue and Underwater Technology. His most famous project is the Kursk submarine lift. Cope, but the implementation may stretch for years. The question is, at whose expense will the banquet. For some reason, Rosneft does not see its fault in the disaster, and so far it is not torn into battle.

Meanwhile, the PD-50 lies at the bottom and rusts.
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  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 November 2019 13: 19
    The efficiency of a private owner and all these "optimizations" rarely have a common interest with the state. The private owner's interest ends where his own profit ends. And in this sense, private companies are generally not interested in defense capability - it does not bring them money. They receive money from the purchase of weapons, spare parts, government orders, etc., and not the actual maintenance of the country's defense. And these are very different things. They are interested in buying their product, and not in how it will actually ensure the security of the state. These are parasites that live on the body, killing it with their vital activity, but not realizing that with his death their own will inevitably come ...
    But this case - laughter through tears: well, how much, I wonder, saved such a giant corporation as Rosneft on FUEL FOR THE GENERATOR ?! And what is the damage to defense capability? I'm not talking material ... And here the question of state control over the economy really arises, and the stupidity of statements that, they say, "the market will regulate everything" comes up - now, it has regulated ...
    Yes, and one more thing - Rosneft is not just a private company, it is a STATE CORPORATION, and this investigation should focus on: is it more a private structure or a state one? Whose interests does it follow? Who does it really work for?
    Roughly from the same series, the recent news here on the website about Gazprom chartering a unique Russian gas carrier Marshal Vasilevsky for the transportation of liquefied gas from the United States to Europe. The vessel was built for emergency gas supply to the Kaliningrad region, and now it carries American gas, against which our country is "fighting", to Europe. Well, like, so as not to be idle ... What is this? Where are the state interests? And I will not be surprised at all that if something happened and it would be necessary to urgently send him to the place of his original destination, he would not be able to do this, because under some very lucrative contract, he would just carry American gas ...
    It would be necessary to deal with these "state corporations" ... tough ... And put everything in its place - either they and their leadership "GOS" or not "GOS" ...
    If GOS, then it is necessary to answer, for such things as for GOSizmenu, and if not GOS, there is nothing to cut loot from the state property and use state support, monopolists hr ... and super-managers ... I would look at their successes without this GOS support at all levels ... In a truly open market and under general conditions ...
    1. Cetron Offline Cetron
      Cetron (Peteris) 22 November 2019 23: 58
      It is necessary to raise the dock, it seems to interfere with shipping, but like scrap metal. And Vasilevsky must be dealt with - there was information that under the guise of American gas, Lithuania and Poland are being sold Russian gas, but at the price of American gas (that smells like democracy, while Russian gas smells like totalitarianism).
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 24 November 2019 22: 48
        ... no, it’s just the one with the smell of democracy ... It’s evident that Gazprom has grown too much - on the one hand, one unit is building a SP-2 in spite of the Americans and their gas, and the other unit on its own ship and American gas is transported to Europe ... It’s like ... Well, if only they had taken it from Qatar, well, to hell with it, but no ... American. Well, not idiocy is all ???
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 22 November 2019 14: 03
    Why raise an old rusty trough? No.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 22 November 2019 14: 24
    They wrote so much, tried, but all in vain, the article will go unnoticed, here, like, the Chinese submarine exploded.
    1. General Black Offline General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 22 November 2019 16: 43
      The Chinese "Draloscope" will not bring good results.
  4. fevralsk.morev.75 (Sergey Morev) 22 November 2019 14: 26
    Why haven't you raised the dock so far? So it was the president’s order to raise the dock. And instructions have the property not to be executed. Trait, damn it.
  5. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 22 November 2019 16: 46
    Quote: 123
    Why raise an old rusty trough No.

    Yeah, well, you first build a new one.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 22 November 2019 20: 08
      Yeah, well, you first build a new one.

      What for? They were not built with us and, in my opinion, are not going to. Drowned, if not mistaken, the Swedes did, in the Far East, Japanese. A float dock is needed, if not usual, they do the same job. For Admiral Kuznetsov, the dock is being modernized. Lift the old rusty vessel from the bottom, and even damaged by flooding, then expensive repairs. As a result, we get not particularly needed patched, darned structure at the price of a new one. I think it’s easier to sprinkle it with sand. I do not recall the economic justification of this dubious enterprise. True, here on the website, some experts say that Putin gave such an order, but this seems to be their own parallel reality.
      1. bobba94 Offline bobba94
        bobba94 (Vladimir) 22 November 2019 22: 48
        This is called "Manual Control". Until they kick from above, or, which is "more effective", they put a couple of dozen managers (Vostochny cosmodrome) in jail, no one will move.
  6. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 22 November 2019 16: 47
    Quote: 123
    They wrote so much, tried and all in vain, the article will go unnoticed, here it seems like the Chinese submarine exploded

    This is called offtopic, no?
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 22 November 2019 20: 12
      This is called offtopic, no?

      I think you are right, in my defense I can only say - I did it unknowingly. hi I just thought that the main attention would be switched to the nuclear submarine accident, but, apparently, I was mistaken, here I look, life is in full swing too. laughing
  7. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 22 November 2019 16: 48
    Quote: Pyshenkov
    If GOS, then it is necessary to answer for such things as for GOSizmenu, and if not GOS, there is nothing to cut loot from the state property and use state support, monopolists hr ... and super-managers ... I would have looked at their successes without this GOS support at all levels ... In a really open market and under general conditions ..

    by your mouth ...
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 November 2019 17: 11
    And everyone is afraid to voice the conclusion !? What, did someone expect a different result from the Putin-Medvedev rule? Putin is always limited to half measures. Unfortunately, he rules like that.

    What a pop, such a coming!
  9. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 22 November 2019 18: 03
    Already said one character:

    There is no money, but you hold on there.

    Well this is how much money these characters need to tear from themselves.

  10. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 22 November 2019 22: 07
    So kayuk floatingdock. Anyway, sorry.
    1. fevralsk.morev.75 (Sergey Morev) 25 November 2019 12: 22
      In Russia and with education like that, medicine, salary and the future of the country. This is a four-letter word.