Zelensky answered Kolomoisky to his words about rapprochement with Russia

On November 20, 2019, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, barely made it to the city of Ochakova due to a plane crash and lack of roads. Then for some time he made his way through the city itself to the place (base of the Ukrainian Navy) where the “strongest on the continent”, which had been spoiled by the Ukrainian military, were located transferred the Russians.

During the visit, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the "Father of the Nation" reporters asked various questions. The Ukrainian "patriots" were particularly interested in the details that Zelensky had promised to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in exchange for sailors and ships. Zelensky frankly admitted that they were simply given to him, just like that, which caused disappointment among the audience.

At the same time Zelensky quite sharply commented on the last question (25:40 in the video below). The question concerned a recent interview oligarch Igor Kolomoisky American edition of The New York Times. Then Kolomoisky rebuked the United States and said that he was ready to be friends with Russia, and at the same time told what the American president Donald Trump asked Zelensky about.

I would like for me, as president, to think about international relations and the vector of Ukraine nevertheless, and not some businessman in Ukraine.
It seems to me that this is correct. I, the government, society - we can talk about it. But these are still state-level decisions

- said Zelensky.

The video clearly shows how Zelensky changes in his face and shifts from foot to foot, holding his hands in his pockets. At the same time, the head of state abruptly cuts off the questioner.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 21 November 2019 22: 18
    Well, just a circus on the dart, not a VAZ! smile Is everything bothering him and Co.? winked
    It seems to me that the "aircraft breakdown and lack of roads" were caused by three main reasons:

    1) The unwillingness of the Americans, the neocolonizers of the post-Maidan Ukraine, to show in daylight the disposition of their Ochakovskaya naval base (naval base), within which, to give it the appearance of legitimacy, the pitiful "naval forces of the" unraveled " Square ";

    2) Consequence of the first reason - The limited admission of unauthorized persons to the territory of the foreign naval base did not allow gathering a crowd of "grateful Ukrainian residents" on the berth with moored "heroic ships" ?! But the absence of a crowd of aborigines in the daytime (and even when meeting "their" Maidan president on the very, that neither is, the "richest euromaidan-anniversary of the Euromaidan"!) Would have been taken with bewilderment and "ferment in the minds" even by the most "Svidomo- deliberately Ukrainian ", the most" patriotic "of the Ukrainian TV viewers, and" non-viable "(that is, according to Natsyukov's" concepts "-" wrong "fellow citizens who, even in the conditions of total Nazi terror and rabid Bander-Nazi propaganda, retained their common sense and did not at all share the anti-human anti-state "values ​​of the Maidan"!) "would give additional grounds to assert that the" independent "territory of the ex-Ukrainian SSR, after the coup d'etat -" Euromaidan ", inspired by the overseas curators and the" w / Bandera "kleptoligarchs, was completely openly occupied by Washington;

    3) Apparently, those on board these fragile "pelvis" (this is about "Poroshenko's" conventionally "seaworthy" "sea armored boats", since the "decommunized", still Soviet-made, harbor tug "Krasnoperekopsk" is not a "pelvis" in comparison with them) "the provocateurs did not manage to finish raskurochivanie transferred (according to the acceptance certificate, confirming that all parts and equipment of the boats and the tug are in the same" original form "in which" received "from the Ukrainian Navy in 2018, when transferred to the Ukrainian side responsibly signed by representatives of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, as there are on the Web, a Russian video of the "interior" of the transferred boats, which also shows the preservation of the "toilet bowl", which has already become a familiar snag trap and a symbolic object of desire for the farmers' "maydanolokhtorat" - after all, on the alleged "golden toilet bowl of Yanukovych "sly" w / Banderas "already have" pidmanuli "of gullible skakuas in 2014, so why shouldn't arrogant" mendel "try to play on the wretched" Svidomo "of marginalians with the same wound" fet ishem "more ?! smile ) Russians of material values ​​and these mazuriks allegedly "stolen" (for understandable human "reasons" dismantled in the very last place, already before the very arrival in Ochakov, could not, as, probably, the alleged "gyrocompass" broken by the Russians "would-be ukrvoenmores smashed only upon arrival, already in view of the Ochakov coast, or else when they were "preparing" their boats for delivery immediately after Poroshenko's provocation in 2018 ?! winked ) Russians "unload toilets on the pier in broad daylight in front of local eyewitnesses and specially arrived journalists ?!"

    Therefore, it was necessary to "wait until dark", not forgetting about the "toilet" info "warming up" Svidomo "spilota (" the public "in Ukrainian, and not what many probably thought ?! wink ) "provocative" statements "by the chief military officer .... ??! winked
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 22 November 2019 02: 09
    It was striking at this, narrowly (probably, it was forbidden to "panarom" a video picture to the right and left ?!), snatched by a TV camera, a meeting, which was clearly liked by the "all-European" ambassador and afterwards the humiliated, obsequious appeal of the "Yukrainian" "Maidanoprez" to them.
    The pleasing, a priori dependent on the mood swings of the "clients", the profession of the artist of "lower-waist humor", apparently, so organically fits with Ze's spineless nature, since he does not even notice these Chaldean antics behind him and being already in the "image of Maidanoprez" ??! winked
    Almost all the "servants" stood in ostentatiously arrogant bored poses with their hands in their pockets, but the VAZ held his hands, as the Fuehrer should hold them in front of the crowd (influencing his "bashful pose of a naked man" on a subconscious level - by the way, the beginning Adolf Schicklgruber always takes such the pose was suggested by knowledgeable German psychologists - this is in the descriptions of his biographers) - with folded brushes in the area of ​​their mudes ...
    It has already become a commonplace and, it seems, has become part of the custom of "Maidanoprez" Ze to answer any burning questions "I don't know - I will study this question tomorrow" ?!
    One gets the impression that he is not particularly interested in the life of "his country", and that he is hardly able to absorb large amounts of information related to his current position ??!
    We must pay tribute to him, "MOV" for these six months, VAZ "pulled up" a little against the previous one - will make the "Svidomo" laugh less ?! It makes me laugh, but not like "Pan Azirov" with his "bloodsuckers" and "Dishli"!
    Although, of course, the Russian accent remained and an obvious inhibition with "internal translation into MOVA and from MOVA (like the majority of the" Ukrainian "Ameroholuyevs who situationally adhered to the" helm of power "and want to" feed "on the" patriotic wave "for life)", and, all the more, he will not be able to adapt to the reprimand of the "racially correct" Galitsaans (unless he can imitate in some rehearsed individual short scenes, exorbitantly straining his "parrot" abilities?) ?!
    Apparently, it was so conceived by the directors of this "press conference" that the most interesting question was raised at the very end and his (like the Maydan-presidential "answer" to it) "servants" tried to cut off and "grease", and then immediately - round off " ?!
    I have "seen enough" of such things, looking at these "servants" and representatives of their "masters" - "common people".
    According to "Kolomoisky's answer to his words about rapprochement with Russia" I will only say that Igor Valerievich, albeit with a huge delay, is beginning to understand what is happening with the post-Maidan Washington colony "Ukraine" and is trying to get out of this disastrous "trend" ?! But, apparently, the fact that the "lightweight" Pan Ze is already sticky stuck in "claws" ...
    Honestly, if I knew that the question of Beni's "American interview" would sound only at the very end, I would not waste my time on this miserable svidobalagan with gloomy trampling on floating "toilets"! No.