New AK-12 assault rifle: breakthrough or failure?

The Russian army will soon abandon the machines created by the legendary designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. They should be replaced by a new automatic rifle. Both candidates, namely AK-12 and AEK-971, completed the tests. Now the leadership of the Ministry of Defense has to decide with what weapons the Russian army will gain victories in the XNUMXst century.

Talk about a new machine for the Armed Forces began in Soviet times. Then, even the development of new samples began, among which was AEK-971. But the military gave their preference to the machine gun AN-94. All would be fine, but the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent “funny” 90s did not allow the new weapons to become the main ones in the army.

In 2012, it became known about the work on the new machine, which was carried out by the Kalashnikov concern. He received the designation AK-12. Experts believe that it is he who will go into the series and replace the already obsolete AK-74.

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