Criminal cases to be opened in Latvia for denying “Soviet occupation”

The leadership of the Baltic republics has long been busy rewriting history. However, previously persons who did not share an official view of history were not prosecuted.

The Latvian prosecutor’s office received a case from the State Security Service (GBS) of the country in relation to the member of the board of the Russian Union of Latvia and the organizer of the “Total Dictation” in Latvia, Alexander Filey.

The activist is accused of disagreeing on his Facebook page with the Occupation Day of Latvia, which is celebrated on June 17, and called this event favorable for residents of the republic.

In his entry, Alexander congratulated his readers on the anniversary of their liberation from the dictatorial regime and expressed the opinion that "Latvia was not against becoming Soviet."

The article, which the Latvian secret service accuses the activist, provides for imprisonment for up to five years, short-term imprisonment, forced labor or a fine.

According to the human rights activist of the Latvian Human Rights Committee, Alexander Kuzmin, they are trying to use a rather vague article against denying or glorifying crimes against humanity, the charges of violation of which will be very difficult to substantiate in a Latvian court, which in the republic is a more independent structure than the GBS.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 November 2019 22: 00
    When I read this news, my brain boils. And if there was an opportunity - the hand would not flinch! But why do our President and the Foreign Ministry react calmly to such news? Or rather, they don't react at all! It's like a game, the bad cop is the good cop. The Baltics are bad - Putin is good. "A raven will not gouge a crow's eye out!", And as a result, one gets the impression that Putin is irreplaceable. But in fact, all this is disrespect for Russia and the people with the consent of Putin! Monuments and graves of our soldiers are being demolished, veterans are mocked, what else needs to be done so that Putin and the government begin to react like citizens who respect themselves and their HOMELAND? Or, again, are emotions unacceptable in politics?
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 20 November 2019 11: 13
    If you consider my previous comment as provocative, then do not write provocative articles - news. Then there will be no provocative comments !!!