What Putin talked about: Russia is preparing a “quantum leap"

Russia is on the verge of a new era of processing large amounts of data. Russian consortium consisting of Lomonosov Moscow State University. ANO "Digital economy”, The Direct Innovation Fund, Vnesheconombank and VEB Innovations LLC began work on the creation of the so-called quantum computer. The project cost is approaching 1 billion rubles.

Unlike a conventional computer with its bits, a quantum computer operates with the so-called qubits, which simultaneously have the value 0 and 1. As a result, a quantum computer can have a huge advantage over conventional computers in data processing algorithms. To date, a quantum computer is still a hypothetical device that requires breakthroughs in science and technology. The Russian version of this computing device is supposed to be created on the basis of atomic formations held by laser beams in optical traps. The power of the Russian quantum computer starts at a level of 50 qubits. At the same time, teams of specialists will develop algorithms for a quantum machine.

The performance of a quantum computer is expected to surpass traditional computers. Thanks to its power, Russian scientists will be able to more accurately predict the properties of the developed pharmacological preparations and new materials. Also, the accuracy of weather prediction and the speed of cracking ciphers and passwords will increase.

The developers promise that they will be able to create a Russian quantum computer ahead of schedule, not after 5 years, as was originally announced, but after 3 years.

Recall that in his speeches Russian President Vladimir Putin repeatedly mentioned that in the coming years our country will need technological breakthrough. Moreover, it should happen not only in the military sphere, but also in the civilian.
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  1. Tatar 174 Offline Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 7 May 2018 17: 56
    What kind of fashion did they take now to announce everything in advance ??? am And you cannot do all this in silence, and then they would show the result, the effect would be multiple ?!
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 7 May 2018 18: 27
      Well, about the Dagger, and many other new items for the first time heard. So everything is conservative. =]

      Voenka - secrecy, the civilian sector - advertising.
  2. master2 Offline master2
    master2 (Zhora) 8 May 2018 22: 11
    We are waiting for the continuation of the cartoon series. The country is a fairy tale, and in everything. A car with a phone normally does not work, or rather it does not work at all. But we are preparing a "quantum leap".
  3. vladimirasha Offline vladimirasha
    vladimirasha (vladimirasha) 10 May 2018 14: 08
    God forbid. But while kinser surprise with Chubchik participate in scientific developments, alas, they are doubtful. At all times, they reported to the State Department about the collapse of the country and greatly contributed to this.
  4. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 12 May 2018 13: 23
    It is necessary, we really need to be a cut above the West all the time, so that our weapons are feared and only then will we be safe
  5. AlexanderVP Offline AlexanderVP
    AlexanderVP (Alexander Plaksin) 12 May 2018 18: 40
    The author twisted everything.
    A quantum computer is not a hypothetical device - they have been in the USA for 5 years already in different manufacturers.
    And what does a quantum computer have to do with big data processing? :)))
    1. maratkoRuEkb Offline maratkoRuEkb
      maratkoRuEkb (Marat) 9 July 2018 11: 20
      "Almost quantum computers" are now sold in the US. One bought Google, and the second Amazon or something, I don’t remember exactly. Well, the developers themselves say so that our computer is not purely quantum, but only partially.