Russian army occupies largest air force base in Syria

After leaving a number of objects in Syria, the US military launched air strikes against them in order to render them unusable, the Russian command was forced to retaliate.

So, after the Americans left the village of Metras in the province of Aleppo, the military police of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation quickly occupied the airfield and the adjacent military base, thereby excluding the possibility that the Americans would strike at these objects.

As the TASS with reference to the words of the senior inspector of the military police of the Russian Federation, Russian troops have taken under guard the perimeter of the facility. The sappers are working at the facility, which should neutralize the possible "surprises" left by the Americans.

According to the military, the structure created by the Americans indicates that they were going to be in the territory of the Arab Republic for a long time.

The residential complex of the base consists of comfortable modules, equipped with air conditioning, a well-equipped gym and a mobile shower, which can simultaneously accommodate about a hundred people.

It also became known that in the village of Metras on the basis of the Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties (CPVS), humanitarian aid and medical care centers for the local population will start operating today.
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  1. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 15 November 2019 12: 47
    The US Armed Forces leave BV in the APR, therefore, they transferred their field camp to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under the Act, as a result of an agreement between the senior comrades of the Russian Federation and the USA, in principle, there would be more to transfer it and there would be no one ...
    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 17 November 2019 09: 29
      I agree with you. Although at first I set the minus. Then fixed it. The video looked. Some bourgeoisie replaced others. Business something. In the current world order, the main thing is who has more dough. All. There are, of course, still dinosaurs who think differently. But they did not have long. tongue
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter (Gleb) 17 November 2019 18: 24
        Some bourgeoisie replaced others. Business something.

        That's right, there are no ideological and territorial differences, and everything else can be bought, sold or exchanged. Business rules. good
        1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
          Observer2014 17 November 2019 18: 25
          yes drinks Best regards
  2. DPN Offline DPN
    DPN (DPN) 15 November 2019 21: 31
    I didn’t understand, what were they telling us in the face, because they didn’t show bruises, or how did they take it to pay?
  3. Ehanatone Offline Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 3 December 2019 00: 12
    Well, they are the most profitable to leave and are not going to - only business, nothing personal ...