Amazing nearby: Sobchak “ran over” the collective West

The secular lioness of post-Soviet Russia, Ksenia Sobchak, being in the stronghold of international “democracy”, the “hero” city of Washington, allowed herself to express sedition towards the West, for Russophobia. Breathe out, you have to evaluate it.

Amazing nearby: Sobchak “ran over” the collective West

From the candidate for president of Russia from the party "Civil Initiative" went to the United States and Europe. She told the amazed public that the tactics of isolating Moscow were, in the first place, destructive for the West itself. And I found strong distortions in their media.

She even branded the West a shame for the fact that Russia is again considered the number one enemy, having squeezed China into second place. She spoke out against Russia's accusations of meddling in US elections. Amazing right?

While in Russia, she spoke, more recently, in general, other words. Opposite. Including that Crimea is Ukraine. And now in the USA she arranged this!

“The Americans are building a negative image of such a distant snowy country, where barbarians live, from whom you can expect anything. I am against this, it is completely unconstructive. Our countries will not lead to anything good, ”said Sobchak, and someone became ill.

Moreover, Sobchak called the “Kremlin report” harmful for further Russian-American relations. Sobchak stood up for the oligarchs as if she had laid her breast on the embrasure. It was immediately felt.

And she finished the speech with the fact that if the United States continues to behave not in sports, Russia will be very offended and even embittered.
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