Gorbachev called the guilty of the collapse of the USSR

The German publication Der Spiegel published an interview with the first and only President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, which marked the beginning of the unification of the two Germanys.

During an interview, a Soviet statesman indicted the organizers of the 1991 coup.

According to him, it was they who were guilty of ending the perestroika process and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, as they took advantage of the weakened position of Gorbachev himself, who was then the president of the country.

The politician believes that at that time it was already "impossible to live as before," and he was aware of the possible risks of perestroika.

Gorbachev also emphasized that an essential part of perestroika was the new foreign policy thinking, which encompasses both universal values ​​and nuclear disarmament, as well as freedom of choice.

At the same time, he said that he did not regret it, but acknowledged that there were mistakes and mistakes on the path of reforms.

Recall that the August putsch occurred on August 18-21, 1991 in the Soviet Union and was the last attempt to stop the collapse of the USSR.

The coup was organized by a number of Soviet statesmen who were unhappy policies Gorbachev, however, failed to achieve his goals, and was suppressed, and his participants were arrested.
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  1. plabu Offline plabu
    plabu 10 November 2019 09: 16
    He did not try to start with himself?
    1. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 10 November 2019 10: 05
      Quote: 321
      He did not try to start with himself?

      Of course, Gorbachev is indirectly to blame for the collapse of the Union. It was he who began those processes that led the USSR to collapse. The fault of Gorbachev in the fact that he lost control over the processes taking place in the country, and the fifth column that existed in the power structures, used the moment of losing the levers of control of the country by M. S. Gorbachev, and led the country to collapse.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 10 November 2019 22: 48
        Gorbachev is indirectly to blame for the collapse of the Union

        - wrong. In Russia, as in the USSR, a leader “indirectly” cannot be guilty. In our country, almost everything has always depended on the will, decisiveness and abilities of a particular leader. It is clear that by the end of the 90s the need for some changes in the country was ripe, but Gorbachev was clearly not the person who was able to plan and implement them. Nevertheless, the fact that he was in the wrong place in the wrong place does not absolve him of his guilt. And moreover, if in the internal affairs of the state some of its decisions can be interpreted with a stretch as some mistakes - he wanted, they say, the best, but did not work out, then on the external contour of his actions, nothing but the word "betrayal" can be described. And this cannot be forgiven, no matter what the motivation is - stupidity, misunderstanding of the situation, the desire to please someone, etc. The collapse of the army, strategic industries and agreement on a unilateral withdrawal of troops from Europe is a betrayal.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 10 November 2019 23: 41
          PS ... I will correct myself - by the end of the 80s, of course ...
        2. Nick Offline Nick
          Nick (Nikolai) 11 November 2019 01: 57
          Quote: Pyshenkov
          In Russia, as in the USSR, a leader cannot be “indirectly” guilty.

          I disagree with you. "Indirectly guilty" because Gorbachev had no intention of destroying the USSR. In legal terms, there was no malice. The usual story, we wanted the best, but it turned out as always. The only thing that, perhaps, can be accused of M. S. Gorbachev is criminal negligence and improper performance of his official duties ..
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 11 November 2019 22: 49
            Some nonsense ... and even the same criminal negligence, etc., is that not fault? He did not want to destroy the USSR, you see ... But what difference does it make that he wanted there in his sore head! What is important is what I did! Do you think the captains of the ships that drowned drowned them on purpose? Or, say, the bus driver who ditched the passengers is not to blame, since he did not initially want this? He just fell asleep / got drunk / did not know how to drive a bus / talked on the phone, etc. - what's the difference? There is a result, and there is one who brought the vessel entrusted to him, a bus with people or an entire country to this result!
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 10 November 2019 12: 50
    Mikha Mechenyi, I see, has never repented, but now he is already openly and does not flaunt (as he once did before British interviewers) that his "life's dream was to destroy the Soviet Union" - apparently, this Juda is counting on an honorary funeral and memorial (or even the "Gorby Center"?) in Moscow (and from the founders of "EBN-centers" will become) ?!

    The fact that the "putsch of 1991" took place with Gorbachev's knowledge was admitted by the "putschists" themselves, it was not for nothing that they were immediately "gagged", and it was lethal to many (including literally thrown out of the window!)!
    As everyone knows, there was no such "isolation at the dacha in Foros", ultra-modern and equipped with the most advanced communications and strategic control facilities at that time, including the presence of a "nuclear briefcase"!
    The KGB officers themselves, from the security of this "last president of the USSR", admitted that no one had "isolated" Gorby and no "old radio set accidentally found in the attic of the dacha", according to which he allegedly (like "who is hu" himself and Raikhon (by no means swearing, but "Raechka" in Uzbek!), with a tear in their voice, they told Soviet fellow citizens on TV at the gangway of the Crimean plane, staging a hypocritical masquerade - "lonely", in a refugee way, wrapping themselves in a blanket!) "I only recognized about the putsch taking place in Moscow ", in a brand new (just built!) building," licked "at the whims of a capricious and arrogant friend of life - an accomplice of the" best German ", it would have been impossible to" accidentally find "!

    And the patrol boats of the KGB Border Troops, guarding the government dacha from attacks from the sea, had all the necessary means of communication on board - “friend Michael” had unlimited access to communications, and he, like a spider spreading a web, was quietly waiting for the results "restraining", by him, and incited, "local perestroika", who had already become so crazy that they swung at the central government of Gorby himself, doubted his "need" - this he did not like and made him hastily improvise, organizing this " the August putsch "with the help of second-rate degenerates like himself -" apparatchiks "! And everything, as usual with Gorbachev, went awry - not the way he had intended! wassat

    Obviously, Gorbachev's calculation was that in his absence, the "putschists" appointed by him "would do all the" dirty work "for Mikha, and he would come from rest" to the ready "and" with a blue eye "would disown" excesses on the ground. "(which would be required of the central government to try to" tighten the screws "in the national republics, where" sovereign national lawlessness "has already been observed in relation to Russian residents and representatives of other" non-titular nations "of these" union republics ") ?!
    By the way, all these "national ruhs", after all, were created under the supervision of the republican KGB at the direction of Gorbachev, who sought to break the resistance of local statesmen to his destructive for the Soviet Union, treacherous "catastrophe"!
    We all remember the article by Nina Aleksandrovna Andreeva, published on March 13, 1988, by Nina Aleksandrovna Andreeva, "I cannot compromise my principles," published in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Rossiya".

    The "putschists" turned out to be just as weak-willed, pompous losers (intrigues and meanness that rose much, much higher than their "level of competence" in the career ladder!), Like Gorby himself, and could not achieve their goals - they only exacerbated the situation and "unleashed hands "to all republican" tsars "who scaredly hastened to consolidate their position" by banning the CPSU (thereby knocking out ALL "levers of power" from the weak "general secretaries"!) "- after knocking out this" all-Union fastener "the Soviet Union began to fall apart on artificial , "cut in a lively way by the Bolsheviks", borders, while capturing a considerable part of the primordially Russian land !!!

    I really hope that the Fair Trial of Mikha Labeled - "friend Michael" will still someday be in Russia and this hypocritical vile "Mr." will "deservedly" lose all Russian and Soviet regalia and honors ?! Our, already dead, Relatives and Compatriots, devoted to them, are also waiting for this !!!
  3. zenitovets Offline zenitovets
    zenitovets (Ivan) 10 November 2019 21: 15
    This animal is still looking for the guilty? I would have strangled him with my own hands for the death of the USSR!
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 11 November 2019 10: 34
    The man is so arranged, any cattle will always find an excuse.

  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 11 November 2019 10: 38
    Judas Gorbachev among the perpetrators of the collapse of the USSR should have named himself among the first on the list.
  6. Oleg Kalugin Offline Oleg Kalugin
    Oleg Kalugin (Oleg Kalugin) 11 November 2019 22: 48
    He slept and saw the Union fill up, now others are to blame .. Misha Marked! Live and absorb all our love for you!