The web appeared footage of the collision of a Norwegian frigate with an oil tanker

In November 2018, we toldas the sailors of the Norwegian Navy frigate Helge Ingstad (built in 2009) cheerfully celebrated the next victory over the "aggressor" after completing the large-scale NATO Trident Juncture exercises. Then the sailors brought to some senses a strong blow that arose as a result of the collision of an uncontrolled frigate with the Sola TS oil tanker off the west coast of Norway in the municipality of Eigarden.

It should be noted that a huge tanker just came across a turned-up “shell”. As a result of the collision, the tanker escaped with minor damage, and its crew of 23 people was not injured at all. The frigate, rushing to the main naval base of the kingdom of Haakonswern (the municipality of Bergen), received significant damage and injured 8 sailors. However, the frigate’s crew did not fight for the survivability of the ship, worth about $ 500 million, and sent it to the nearest stones near the unequipped shore. After that, the “fearless Vikings” rescued their highly paid torso and left the ship, observing its agony from the shore (in the area of ​​the Helte Fjord). After that, in the information space of Norway, “suddenly” materialized the idea that “the Kremlin’s hand” is to blame for what happened.

And so, a year passed, and a special commission investigating the incident published a “preliminary” report. After that, shots of a direct collision between a frigate and a tanker appeared on the Web. By the way, there is not a word, not even a hint, about the “hand of the Kremlin” in the report. Although it has already been stated that the investigation "is unlikely to be fully completed by the end of 2019," so we will not rush.

The report says that there are three main reasons for what happened. The first is a navigation error. The second is inconsistency with the motion control center. The third is the lack of proper response of the frigate crew to signals sent by the crew of the tanker (it is harder for a large ship to change course).

Moreover, the commission of the Norwegian Armed Forces informed the public that the frigate’s personnel, who were at that time on the bridge, “did not possess the skills that would help to avoid a clash”. A chronology of events was also established and presented. In addition, in the report itself there were questions to which the commission has no answers.

Did the attendants change differently than usual due to the presence of guests on board?

- said in the report, without specifying what kind of "guests" in question.

The Commission believes that the frigate "with excellent maneuverability" drove himself into a trap and put under attack. He moved at a speed of 18 knots with the traffic tracking system turned off. A series of mistakes by the frigate team led to a disastrous result. A few months after the incident, with the help of floating cranes, the sunken frigate was lifted and towed to the port.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 9 November 2019 18: 52
    Such an expressive and beautiful language in the video - is it Norwegian ?! The word "fregaTTen" sounds especially nice in women’s lips, so I would have listened and listened to this "melody"! repeat
    The military and we, in the Union, were joking - did not reckon with civil rules! request
    I remember how I flew from Kiev to Gomel on the An-24. The flight is usually short and calm, and suddenly our plane, for no reason, no reason, abruptly went to climb! I look through the porthole on the starboard side, and below us, exactly where we were supposed to be, a MiG-23 slips on an intersecting course ... in Crimea, our civilian passenger An-2 at a distance of 40 meters, at times dangerous approaching, on a parallel course and at the same altitude with us, for about 30 minutes was accompanied by a military Mi-8 that took off at the same time .... connected with the sea told similar stories about our submarines, suddenly emerging from the depths in the immediate vicinity of the board (however, not only military sailors, but also reckless civilians themselves "mowed" and endangered submarines ...).
    Most of all I was struck by the absence of damage control and the "laying" of the ship on a steep stone slope, although a more convenient and "flat" place for this is visible nearby - at night, with de-energized devices, the Norwegians did not notice ?!
  2. Ehanatone Offline Ehanatone
    Ehanatone 9 November 2019 21: 42
    I thought that they already managed to drown the second - then no war was needed, half of the Norwegian fleet was already at the bottom.