The end of NATO and friendship with Russia: Macron prepares a "European revolution"

The recent statements by the French president about the possible future of Russia and the “brain death” in NATO provoked a sharply negative reaction in Berlin and Brussels and frankly boorish in Poland, where Emmanuel Macron was called the “useful idiot of the Kremlin”. What is this “bipolar disorder” of Europe or, on the contrary, a recipe for its recovery and Eurasia as a whole?

More recently, Donald Trump publicly "drove like a kid" to his French counterpart. The US president behaved in the worst traditions of the American high school, when a popular student, some quarterback in a football team, has the right to abuse the imposted rookie with impunity. It seems that the head of the Fifth Republic touched such a maneuver for a living and he remembered that he was nevertheless the first person of a leading European power with a long history. In addition to the subjective factor, do not forget about economic component. With the efforts of Trump, the globalist project has ordered a long life; France is looking for its new place in a rapidly changing world. Objectively, the time is right to reconsider our relations with Berlin, Brussels and Washington.

So what is it, Macron is preparing a pan-European revolution?

Escape from NATO?

The French president has sharply criticized the current state of the Alliance. “Death of the brain” - this is how he described the situation in which the USA itself, the leading power in the bloc’s military might, doubts its necessity. Turkey, the second most powerful country, conducts independent military operations in Syria, in one way or another cooperating with NATO opponents in the person of Russia and Iran. Great Britain, the fourth strongest member of the alliance, which also has a nuclear arsenal, is undergoing the process of withdrawing from the European Union. Given that membership in the EU automatically means NATO membership, there are some doubts that London, if the opportunity arises, will not “make a handle” to Brussels.

In addition, the President of France, the third largest power in the Old World, clearly dislikes Article 5 of the NATO Charter, according to which an attack on any of the participating countries automatically means an attack on the entire bloc. Obviously, Paris does not like candidates for new alliance members, such as Georgia or Ukraine, who have big problems with Russia. Obviously, the French would rather calmly make good wine and cheeses than fight the Russians on the Eastern Front for Kiev or Tbilisi.

Perhaps this harsh rhetoric is an attempt by Emmanuel Macron to win ratings among a patriotic public. But France today has a real chance to regain its former greatness, having squeezed eternal rivals in the person of Germany and Great Britain. This is an old idea of ​​the European Army.

This combined military structure of the Old World, by definition, will do without the overseas USA, which Europe can no longer count on. Obviously, Turkey will not be there, as well as a number of other “problematic” NATO members. It is likely that continental Europe would prefer to do without “renegades” from the UK. An alternative NATO military alliance will be able to ensure its own security, given that in fact no one is going to attack it.

The creation of a European army will mean the actual death of NATO. After the collapse of the USSR, the military and ideological meanings of its existence disappeared. The participants of the block with a creak allocate funds for its maintenance. Hardly anyone will tolerate a double financial burden. Having opted for an alternative to the North Atlantic Alliance, the countries of Western Europe will free themselves from the mass of problems that the States have imposed on them, such as the need to arm themselves against the Russian Federation.

It is not surprising that the United States and Eastern Europe oppose the European Army, and from NATO headquarters stated in the spirit that "the brain was not injured." What is President Macron counting on?

Russia at the crossroads

It is noteworthy that the French president’s sharp attacks on NATO went in conjunction with his discussions on the three ways that Russia could go.

The first scenario, in his opinion, is the most unrealistic - the restoration of superpower status on its own. The estimate is not very pleasant, but quite realistic, given that Russia's contribution to world GDP is less than 2%, and the country was unable to get out of the demographic pit. If we add to this that the “rising from the knees” is led by the liberal government, then you should not tune into special economic miracles.

The second scenario is essentially the very “U-turn to the East,” which in 2014 was declared almost a panacea for us. Understanding that an industrialized and overpopulated China awaits us in the East, President Macron believes that moving in the opposite direction means turning Russia into a Chinese vassal:

I cannot imagine for a second that his strategy could be like that.

Finally, the third option, the closest to the heart of the French president. In his opinion, both Europe and Russia should reconsider their attitude to each other, building mutually beneficial relations. Only an alliance with Russia will allow the Old World, compelled to come into direct competition with the United States, to build a "European strategic autonomy." Well, this is quite similar to the popular formula of the hypothetical “union of Russia and Germany”: Russian resources plus German Technology. It just looks like France’s place is not against taking France itself.

Theoretically, the restructuring of the European security system on the basis of the US army independent of the United States and the “dumping” together with the “toxic” members of NATO, which became unnecessary, can create a new axis of development for Berlin - Paris - Moscow.
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  1. Artie Offline Artie
    Artie (Artyom Korolev) 9 November 2019 18: 22
    You cannot blindly believe them. Like the States and China. You need to trust only your army and navy, and become stronger yourself, and not rely on Europe or anyone else.
    1. marciz Offline marciz
      marciz (Stas) 14 November 2019 09: 23
      Believe the Army and Navy !? Where our children are being shot !?
      With such success, you can surrender to enemies, they will also kill us !!!! Or maybe not !?
      1. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 14 November 2019 12: 22
        Those who do not want to feed their army will feed someone else's

        - if you have a desire to plow around the clock only for food, this is YOUR desire, so not everyone)
        1. marciz Offline marciz
          marciz (Stas) 15 November 2019 02: 32
          So, it turns out that ordinary people just work for food !!!
          In Ukraine, what happens is when the Army and Navy are not popular with the people, since they behave not humanly. Well, there were, of course, scumbags who gladly went to shoot their people, but although they have a beast, they have a motive !!!!
          What is the motive of the Russian Army to call in the service of 8 of their young citizens and to KILL them, and 9 to put them in !?
          Do you know how it is to raise a child !? Well, of course, if your wife was doing this around the clock and you never woke up at night and straightened a child’s blanket, then how do you understand how to raise them and how much work is invested in the child !!?
          Have you ever been with a child in the hospital, sitting all night over his bed, you even took out the pot behind him, you were in those departments where mothers spent days with crying children !!!! And I was there and my roommates trusted my children and I dealt with this trust, and my duties were supposedly not masculine, try and understand at least something !!!!
          1. plabu Offline plabu
            plabu 15 November 2019 05: 46
            Now I’ll drop everything and sit down here to write a report like when and how much, what did you do with the child and with the child, and you continue to wang on an Internet))
            And what they wrote to you about something completely different - and when such details took you and people like you ...
            Reread again, maybe you will understand what ...
    2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2019 15: 47
      There is no need to "blindly trust" anyone and rely on someone, but at the same time, the process of international cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis has not been canceled. Russia has a unique Eurasian position + resources, capabilities and technologies that are needed just by China and Europe. The Russian Federation, in turn, needs what the EU and China can offer, that is, in this case, advanced technologies and production facilities, respectively. So why not take advantage of this at this stage of human development? The most important thing is to build this triangle of the RF-EU-PRC in a competent manner and ensure the observance of their own interests, and China and Europe, for their part, will naturally ensure theirs. Moreover, it is this triumvirate of Russia with China and Western Europe that has recently been portrayed as the most beneficial for each of the parties, and at the same time, more beneficial and predictable for each of the participants than their own possible interaction of each separately with the United States. And it is in this composition that the Eurasian triumvirate will be able to become not only a full-scale counterbalance to America, but generally a new main force in the world ...
  2. Termit1309 Offline Termit1309
    Termit1309 (Alexander) 10 November 2019 04: 32
    The third option is very tempting. Yes. But perhaps the most impossible.
    The first option is the simplest, but which screech rises when you have to tighten your belts on your belts.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 10 November 2019 14: 00
    The end of NATO and friendship with Russia: Macron is preparing a "European revolution".

    - Yes, who is this Macron ...- the same squalor as our Prime Minister Medvedev (I already spoke about this) ...
    - And this Macron-Dimon is still trying to portray something ... from himself ...
    All his reasoning is just an attempt to enlist the "protection" of a new powerful patron ..., for the reason that the United States today seems to be like ... like ... like ... like ... like "gave the slack" due to for their "internal showdowns" ... -And this creature "Macron-Dimon" has already, just in case, began to try on the role of a servant for a new influential owner ...
    - And who is this new owner ??? - No, not Russia ... - Russia itself has long been servile ... before China .. - And the "new owner" for Macron-Dimon ... is, of course. ..-China...
    - That's so simple, primitive and unpretentious ... -And more here ... here ... here ... here and there is nothing to talk about ...
    - It's just not interesting ...
  4. Sergey39 Offline Sergey39
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 10 November 2019 15: 17
    Putin's "Tricky Plan" for the collapse of NATO in action.
  5. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 November 2019 16: 08
    Good satya for the spite of the day, so to speak. The European army is really not a new idea, in reality in Europe it can only be opposed by Poland and the Baltic states (even at a loss, so to speak) out of pure Russophobia and US bootstraps. The rest is not even ruled out if not an alliance with the Russian Federation, then at least building a common, let's call it, say, Euro-Asian security system. Further, the opinion on the interaction was written in the comment above.
    I’ll only correct the author a little: membership in the EU does not automatically mean membership in NATO and vice versa - for example, Norway or Turkey is a member of NATO, but not a member of the EU, and Austria, Finland or Sweden are members of the European Union, but not NATO. And Britain has already waved a hand to Brussels de facto, meaning the European Union.
    If we consider the creation of a certain project of the "European Army", then given the gradual transformation of the EU in fact into state education, this would be a quite expected path for further integration of Europe. Britain, in this case, unless, of course, itself further falls apart into smaller components, it will remain "under the wing of the United States." Some Eastern European countries may follow her example. But this process is also natural - within the EU there is already an East-West confrontation on many points and has been maturing for a long time, and the opinion about a certain division into a "Europe of two speeds" has also existed, primarily in the West, for a long time. For the Russian Federation, this would be even more profitable, since any business with "Old Europe" without various American "podgavkatel" could be much more pragmatic and mutually beneficial, without unnecessary politicization of purely commercial or technical issues.
    And for the Poles and the Americans, in this way, the worst of all possible scenarios can come true - the alliance of Berlin and Moscow, which they literally fear as death ... And if you add Paris and Beijing to this, then ... hegemon in the world for sure will change ...
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 15 November 2019 22: 06
    ... Europe and Russia must reconsider their relationship to each other ...

    Let them start, remove the sanctions that they themselves have established. And if they tryndet again about the Crimea and the Donbass, establish the sanctions themselves for Serbia, Libya, etc.