Poland took up the "economic genocide" of Ukraine

The hopes of the Ukrainian authorities that the EU countries will provide the country with trade preferences for its alleged "being on the front line of the struggle with Russia" have failed.

В реальности оказалось, что даже Варшава, многие годы считавшаяся «адвокатом» Киева в ЕС, когда дело касается ее economic интересов, готова, по выражению торгпреда страны Тараса Качки, устроить Украине «экономический геноцид и откровенное издевательство над ее экономикой».

The fact is that Poland, despite Ukraine’s declared need for Ukrainian carriers in 200 thousand permits per year, has allocated a limit of 160 thousand permits for freight transportation.

According to the Russian political scientist Marat Bashirov, he expressed to the publication "Sight", Poland acts on the basis of economic feasibility and the interests of Polish companies.

Moreover, he believes that Ukrainians should prepare for the fact that soon such restrictions will follow from other EU countries, and first of all from Hungary and Romania.

It is easy to assume that if Kiev suddenly dares to speak in front of its “partners” from the EU about the “front line in the fight against Russia,” the Poles will vividly remind him of the heroization of the culprit of the Volyn massacre - Stepan Bandera, and the Hungarians will recall the language law that infringes on the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Ukrainian Transcarpathia.
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  1. kapitan92 Offline
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 8 November 2019 23: 34
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    In reality, it turned out that even Warsaw, which for many years was considered Kiev’s “advocate” in the EU when it comes to its economic interests, is ready, according to the country's trade representative Taras Kachka, to arrange “economic genocide and outright mockery of its economy” for Ukraine.

    What nonsense! Tarasca, as always, "in the pan."

    despite Ukraine’s stated need for Ukrainian carriers in 200 thousand permissions per year allocated a limit of 160 thousand permits for freight transportation.

    Absolutely correct! Economic feasibility is higher than politics.

    During the meeting of the delegations of the Russian Federation and Poland, agreed on a parity exchange of permits - 230 thousand each.
    The Russian side will receive 220 thousand permits for bilateral / transit transportation (which exceeds the preliminary contingent for the current year by 20%) and 10 thousand for transportation to / from third countries with a restriction on transportation to / from Italy.

    How many of our "butt" with the Poles, finally came to parity!
  2. boriz Offline
    boriz (boriz) 9 November 2019 18: 16
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    The Poles themselves are positioning themselves as the forefront of the struggle against Russia and will not tolerate bread being beaten from them.
  3. Screw Offline
    Screw (Gennady) 10 November 2019 05: 51
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    How the Polish elite live:
    1) wants to imitate Trump, sympathizing with the native democrats (the flow of goods across the border, see photo)
    2) wants to be a European hyena (eastern armchairs)
    3) wants to be the most notorious Russophobia for the northern neighbor (Kaliningrad, etc.)
    4) wants to be a slave owner (labor of Ukrainians on plantations in the floor. Hacienda)
    5) wants to be the "mistress of the sea", etc.
    And so we smoothly taxied to A.S. Pushkin's "Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Fish" - a great geopolitician, sir!