In Ukraine, talked about trying to overthrow Zelensky

The process of breeding the warring parties in the Donbass that has begun may become the reason for the beginning of the impeachment procedure of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Such a statement on the television channel "112 Ukraine" was made by former Minister of Justice Elena Lukash.

According to her, the process will be initiated by a number of politicians, and Zelensky will not be able to oppose this, since he does not enjoy the support of the security forces.

The ex-minister believes that Zelensky’s intentions to follow the path of peace will be extremely unpopular with a certain part of Ukrainian society, however, he called on the president not to leave the chosen path.

Given the fact that in addition to the power-obsessed Petro Poroshenko, Zelensky is opposed by a whole cohort of Ukrainian politicians thrown out of power as a result of the recent parliamentary elections, the statement of Elena Lukash does not look so groundless.

Do not forget that Zelensky himself is compromised in the eyes of his electorate by representatives of his political force, “Servant of the People,” who have occupied key positions in the state apparatus.

First of all, we are talking about Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk, who, even without looking at his actions, does not look quite adequate, and Attorney General Ruslana Ryaboshapka, a protege of the American Amnesty International, covering the killer Sternenko and braking criminal cases against representatives past power.

With such a “team” Zelensky will find it difficult to oppose something to his opponents, who have long proved that they are capable of much for the sake of the authorities.
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  1. beeper Online
    beeper 4 November 2019 12: 34
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    Yes, VAZ’s position, as an amorphous “performer of the role of president-b / Bandera’s,” looks frankly weak with respect to his colleagues and “fellow-workers” - who have grown profound in murder and coup d'etat, half-hearted “Ukrainians,” politicians (what kind of politicians are these goons - “ the privatizers "," swelling up "at the" fed of power ", do not worry at all about the future of" their country "and future generations - they behave like temporary occupiers, they ruined the country with their Amerokholuy plans and Deriban actions and openly spit on their Ukrainians their fellow citizens? !! winked )!
    And this, noticeable to everyone (even in his “ever-guilty” mine), victim Chaldean helpfulness (suitable only for actors and waiters “at execution”!) Provokes even ordinary extremists to the most inappropriate treatment of the Maidanopres “not a sucker” ... .! no

    It is unlikely that in such a "amoeba style" and with such "close friends" - frank Nazis (that’s just the odious "minister of the" Nazis, "sokirs (by the way," sokyrnyks "-" hatchets "- this is the popular nickname of Bandera in 40-50- x years, because they often chopped down their defenseless victims with axes, and they also killed the Lviv anti-fascist writer Yaroslav Galan as their current adherents chopped up victims of the Odessa Trade Union House on May 2, 2014!) Perun, Maidan "prime minister"!)) - militant ..... (here the word is in letter "d", whom the most famous Dnieper "w / Bandera" recently called the performer of the role of the Maidan "Minister of Economics") - "libertarians", who deceived the hopes and aspirations of their voters, anti-people "bandering (and publicly calling the" scum "their unfortunate people killed by Bandera-Nazis, fellow citizens!) "a small-town Jewish guy, a lover of tragicomic roles (his stadium" prosecutor's "looked especially tragicomic -" Poroshenko, I’m your sentence! "IMHO), will be able to stay for a long time" fed the authorities "and in the" ukropolitikum "?? !