China is preparing to end Western domination

According to the French daily Le Figaro (Figaro, owner of the Dassault Group), the current leader of China, Xi Jinping, is "the most authoritarian leader since Mao." He is going in the foreseeable future to provide "Celestial" world leadership, putting an end to the century and a half century domination of the West. Currently, he is allegedly preparing the ideological ground for this.

It is specified that the plenary session of the Chinese Communist Party, which ended on October 31, 2019, demonstrated the unity of its participants around Xi Jinping. For example, the Chinese state news Xinhua agency has already called the last plenary session, which was attended by 370 members of the Central Committee of the party - “historical”. Prior to this, the plenum was held 20 months ago. By the way, for the first time in the final document, the advantage of the Chinese management system was described.

It should be noted that such a long break between the plenums gave rise to a lot of rumors. It was even reported about an internal split. But the final statement of the plenum dispelled all doubts and rumors.

The "Red Prince," as Xie Jinping called Le Figaro, continues to establish control and "builds an authoritarian fortress that can challenge the West." French newspaper believes Xi Jinping decided to put an end to three decades policy "Indecisive openness."

According to Le Figaro, the final statement of the plenum has a "pompous" tone, which is designed to "set in motion a machine of ideological struggle against the West" in the midst of trade and other frictions with the United States.

The companion son of Mao seeks to go down in history, having achieved the nationalist revival of the Middle Empire, and put an end to one and a half centuries of humiliating Western supremacy, starting the battle for values

- says Le Figaro.

The publication hastened to interview experts who declared in unison that China could “give rise to a regime capable of competing with the Western democratic system by 2049.” They worry that “in Hong Kong it didn’t work out” and now Beijing will take control of the education system to form “national self-awareness” - primarily among adolescents, who usually lead convoys of demonstrators.

At the same time, Xi Jinping is sure that socialism has proved its viability and effectiveness, therefore only this ideology is needed by China and the Chinese people.
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  1. Alien on this holiday of life 3 November 2019 20: 20
    Teenagers walk in the yard, they are joined by the "new" - "bespectacled man" and clearly a wimp. As usual, local authorities immediately “run over” him:
    - Hey, four-eyed! Do you want to row?
    - Well, who is on me?
    A hefty kid comes forward and says:
    - Well, I'm on you ...
    - What is your name? - asks the "brand new".
    - Vasya...
    The bespectacled man approaches, embraces Vasya by the shoulder and addresses others:
    - Well, who is Vasya and us?

    In 10-15 years, we will desire Western domination as manna from heaven. When Vasya specifically deals with us, in full.)
    In the meantime, nirvana. The rotten West will rot completely.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 4 November 2019 09: 23
      - Yes, today many are simply delighted that "China is preparing to end Western domination" .... - just some kind of euphoria ...
      - And what is the result .. ???
      - It's like a pseudo hope that if fascist Germany would have defeated us then, today we would all be drinking "Bavarian beer" ...
      - In the same way, the Chinese can "feed and water" all of us in such a way that it will not seem a little ...
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 November 2019 17: 53
        I think that the key concept in all this, which many do not notice, but was clearly noticed by the author of the article in Figaro, is that China is going to win over the West not even so much economically or militarily, but

        starting the battle for values

        which in modern Western society are really degrading. And many, including in the West itself, do not like this at all. I would even say to the overwhelming majority, to whom a certain minority imposes these very strange "new values" ... hegemony of the West. The economy and the military will follow. And right now the Chinese have the first, and we have the second. Plus, in principle, more or less general human values. Isn't it a platform for allied relations?
        And no one says that the Chinese are going to "feed and drink" anyone. As for the supplies of the very same food, we still feed them more than they feed us. You just need to pragmatically build a foreign policy with everyone, including the PRC.
        I very much hope that the experience of Russia in the late 80s - early 90s, when many for some reason believed that the West would "feed and drink" us, and what this led to, will not be forgotten. If you can't really hope even for some kind of help from the "fraternal" peoples, our former "cohabitants in the USSR," then you definitely need to keep your eyes open with the Chinese. As with the same Turks, too. But this does not mean that it is impossible to enter into situational alliances with these peoples and states to achieve their own goals. And at the moment, the same United States with its imposed "values" for Russia is definitely a more obvious and dangerous enemy than China.
        1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
          gorenina91 (Irina) 4 November 2019 18: 37
          - I didn’t want to answer ... - but the time has fallen ...
          Why are you "fooling around" with "feed and drink" ... - I think that I expressed myself quite clearly with this "feed and water" ... about China ...
          - Personally, I explain to you that "feed and water" should not be taken literally ... how to feed some food and drink ... something ... - And you don't have to ... .va ... be ... about that ...
          - As for spiritual values, the people and the state should have their own unique spiritual values ​​... and they should not be adopted from someone ... - And no one will ever "impose" them .. if everything is stable in the state with the standard of living and well-being ... - Otherwise, the West itself would have completely and completely adopted our "spiritual values" ...
          - And no alliance with China will save Russia from "imposing" Western values ​​...
          - Today, Russia ... is a huge state .., as always in all ages ... - alone ... - And Russia itself must establish its life and comfort ... - Russia has everything necessary for this ... - even beyond that .... - even an overabundance of that ...
          - And in this matter Russia no "friends", "partners", "comrades-in-arms" and "fellow travelers" are not only unnecessary for Russia, but even harmful. aim to take advantage of the values ​​of Russia and harm it at any time ...
          - And China today is one of the main (if not the most basic) such "partners", "employees" and "fellow travelers" ...
          - Nothing more to add ...
          1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 November 2019 21: 07
            Russia no "friends", "partners", "associates" and "fellow travelers" are not only unnecessary for Russia, but even harmful. aim to take advantage of the values ​​of Russia and harm it at any time ...

            ... this is the case with each state, each for itself. About the same thing was during the Second World War, also each for himself, only against the background of a common danger even those who were considered sworn enemies united. They united, overcame a common problem, and then again returned to the position of enemies. But at the same time, both sides benefited from the jointly won war.
            Nobody says that it is necessary to adopt other people's values, but, as in the times of WWII, even the "alien" values ​​of the Chinese are now closer to us than the West is heading towards. On a planet where we are not alone, living in a vacuum, as you suggest, still will not work. And you still have to choose someone with whom at a certain moment to get closer for the sake of something useful for yourself. At the moment, this is the PRC. Why not?...
            1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
              Pishenkov (Alexey) 4 November 2019 21: 11
              PS The Chinese, by the way, do not impose their values ​​on anyone. Rather, like us, they are against someone from outside imposing them ... and us ... and everyone else.
            2. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
              Alexander Ra (Alexander) 5 November 2019 16: 13
              Quote: Pyshenkov
              ... get close for something useful for yourself. At the moment, this is China. Why not?

              Need to distance yourself. Recent decades have shown that China is a super specialist in assimilation from outside, while dissimilation (decay) processes prevail in our country. Continue to feed the dragon further?
              1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                Pishenkov (Alexey) 5 November 2019 16: 52
                How did this decay process turn out? Who initiated it? If you look from the outside, then, in my opinion, they are exactly those who today recorded China as enemies. And they are trying with all their might to continue this process of our disintegration, since they still did not succeed in it to the end. Yes, China can definitely be called a specialist in assimilation from the outside. But give me an example of at least one country where the Chinese are assimilating, and at the same time it is falling apart, dissimilated, as you say? Or maybe the economic situation in these countries is somehow worsening? Are wars or revolutions starting? I do not know of such examples. Although the PRC has already very tightly entered many African countries, South. America and Asia, and the CIS. But I remember how our "friendship" with the West ended. I see. how the attempts of "assimilation from outside" carried out by the same Western countries end. There is collapse, wars, economic collapse, and everything else ...
                I do not idealize China at the same time. But returning to the example of World War II and our cooperation with the West, I believe that in this historical period, Russia and China are mutually needed and beneficial to each other, especially given the current confrontation with such a strong and dangerous enemy as the United States, compared with which Hitler Germany and its capabilities are just babble.
                So why, as you put it, not "feed the dragon" if he answers us in the same way. Well, now the Russian Federation does not have the industrial capabilities that are required, and China is replacing them at this stage. Including, and thus raising our own industry. A striking example is the Zvezda shipyard, which is capable of building the largest-tonnage vessels and ships in Russia, which was not previously available, where most of the main industrial equipment is Chinese. And there are thousands of such examples. We, in turn, have the raw materials, technology and food that China needs. Today this cooperation is extremely beneficial for both us and the Chinese. And what will happen in 50 years will have to be decided in 50 years, in the situation that will come in 50 years. At the same time, realizing that the foundation of what will happen in 50 years, we are now just building, with the help of China. And the stronger we build this foundation, the stronger in 50 years our positions will be in dialogue with anyone, and with China ...
                1. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
                  Alexander Ra (Alexander) 5 November 2019 17: 04
                  The motivation of the Chinese government and grew. power is fundamentally different - from "reciprocity" China benefits many times more than our country as a whole. If we "grow" little, then, then, the exchange is wrong.
                  1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
                    Pishenkov (Alexey) 5 November 2019 19: 36
                    The United States also clearly benefited more from participating in WWII than the USSR. Nevertheless, they helped us. Not that this help was cardinal and decided the outcome of the war, but it was, and had a significant impact on the course of the war. As for who and what wins, this is an extremely controversial issue. I gave you one example, and another - look around you, at yourself, and at home. What of this is made in China or from Chinese components? I think there will be a lot of this, perhaps a large part, and in the Russian Federation this is most likely not being done. Or produced in Chinese factories. And for the exchange to be correct, you need the right approach - see Turkish experience. wink They are trading great!
  2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 5 November 2019 17: 43
    China is a police, capitalist clan-dynastic state with a planned system of economy, the main goal of which is: to build a caste-control-distribution state, which they call “communism with“ Chinese characteristics. ”There is no“ socialism ”or“ communism ”there, in reality , and will not smell - it will be a state that completely copies the organizational system of the anthill.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 5 November 2019 19: 44
      Judging by the rapidly growing middle class, it is not so bad for the "ants" to live there. smile And a planned economy with state control + limited capitalism = the most successful economic system that people have invented. And it was not the Chinese who came up with it, but the economists of the Third Reich. It was these people who raised Germany from ruins into superpowers on this system with the most advanced industry and science in the world at that time, in literally 6-7 years. Nobody did this either before or after. In the PRC, this system was slightly "softened" and modified to the conditions of an initially technologically underdeveloped state, so it turned out slower, but still at a record pace ... and it will still be ...