Scandal in France: Macron sharply spoke about "Ukrainian gangs"

French President Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with the French conservative weekly news magazine Valeurs Actuelles in Paris, said he prefers to see “legal immigrants from Guinea or Côte d'Ivoire in his country instead of illegal Ukrainian or Bulgarian gangs.” Macron stressed that he is trying hard to fight against parallel societies and illegal immigration in France.

It should be noted that the words of the French leader caused a violent reaction in Kiev. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already rushed to call the French Ambassador Etienne de Ponsen to provide clarification on this matter.

In connection with the appearance of media reports about words attributed to French President Macron, the French ambassador to Ukraine was invited to the Foreign Ministry to provide clarifications. The Ambassador of France noted that the French side has no complaints against the citizens of Ukraine who travel across France. Consequently, Macron’s words regarding migration and legal employment were taken out of context.

- said in a comment by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry assured that between Kiev and Paris there is complete mutual understanding regarding the arrangements for the movement of citizens of both countries.

It should be recalled that on October 18, 2019, during the summit of the European Union (EU), Macron blocked negotiations on the entry into this organization of Albania and Northern Macedonia. Moreover, Macron insisted on the need to reform the process of admission of new members to the EU.
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  1. Nymp Offline Nymp
    Nymp (Boris) 2 November 2019 17: 13
    Well, Macron, as a statesman, cannot say: "We got these ukroshlёpy all, do not let them into France!" I had to leave a clause about illegal immigrants!
  2. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 3 November 2019 10: 57
    After all, they have not even entered Europe yet, and all of Europe is already moaning and spitting from them.
  3. Sergey Freeman Offline Sergey Freeman
    Sergey Freeman (Sergey Freeman) 5 November 2019 19: 20
    Do not discourage migrants from Ukraine to the West. Let the West drown in the shit of migration flows, including from Ukraine. Such migration should be sponsored. This is a better deal than forgiving debts to African Papuans.
  4. Alex 171163 Offline Alex 171163
    Alex 171163 (Alexey Lavrov) April 7 2020 17: 05
    Macron, what about tolerance ???