US attempts to ruin the Russian auto giant failed

The Russian government decided to allocate more than 8 billion rubles to support the GAZ Group. Due to US sanctions against the assets of Oleg Deripaska, which owns the automaker, the concern was on the brink of ruin. At the same time, 40 thousand of its employees could be left without work.

Despite the fact that the Russian businessman’s interference in the American elections was never proven, the United States did not cancel the restrictive measures and refused to discuss their mitigation. However, this is not surprising. As it turned out, the reason for the “pressure” on the domestic auto concern is not so much political, how economic background.

GAZ controls 44% of the Russian market of commercial cars. At the same time, the closest competitor to the concern is the American Ford. Thanks to the imposed sanctions, the release of new products by the GAZ Group was in jeopardy. For example, a significant part of the components for the same "NEXT Gazelle" car was supplied from abroad. Thus, according to experts, it was Ford who became the main lobbyist of restrictive measures against the Russian company.

Naturally, our country could not allow the collapse of the backbone enterprise, which would inevitably cause a surge in unemployment with all the ensuing consequences. Including the loss of positions in their own market.

Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation decided to help GAZ, and this has already borne fruit. Thanks to subsidizing group loans and support through other financial instruments, according to the results of the first three quarters, the domestic producer managed to fully maintain its market position.

Next year it is planned to establish serial production of the new Gazelle. In addition, the export of Russian cars to other countries, in particular Africa, is growing, where our country competes with the same Americans.

But Ford does not matter. The net profit of the American concern by the results of three quarters was halved.

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  1. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 4 November 2019 14: 17
    Built into the economy! To prevent the "businessman" from going broke, the state will give him 8 billion rubles. to help. How did this businessman help Russia? To help me like that. I would not only steer "GAZ" !!!!
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 4 November 2019 15: 12
    A strange story. When aluminum plants were squeezed out of Deripaska, they helped, but there the shares in VTB were transferred. And here is free, that is, for nothing? sad Of course, maintaining production and jobs is important, but what are the differences? What has changed since then? The decision among the people will not be very popular. repeat The government and Medvedev -10 more from karma. sad To distribute budget money to private owners is the breadth of the Russian soul ??? fellow What will start on the Internet now? belay All "fighters with the mode" of feces on the fan will start pouring buckets. laughing And the funny thing is - they will be right. repeat On the other hand, 8 billion is 126,5 million bourgeois money, but not so much money on a state scale. In general, we stock up on popcorn and see how Medvedev will kick out. lol
    Still interesting, Ford will become more difficult to live with us or what? sad
  3. Paphnutius Offline Paphnutius
    Paphnutius 4 November 2019 17: 53
    And why is this news presented as the greatest achievement of the Russian-bear economy? For normal people, the meaning of the article is that the mediocre Deripaska was given budget money so that he would continue to fatten at someone else's expense, not being able to manage the enterprise in difficult conditions. He knows how to privatize the profits, which so far bring him the assets received for free in the 90s, and to nationalize the losses.
    I think it is necessary to forcibly redeem a loss-making plant from Olezhka for a symbolic amount and send this gentleman to Israel to retire for treatment with mud from the Dead Sea.
  4. Paphnutius Offline Paphnutius
    Paphnutius 4 November 2019 18: 14
    ... "received for free in the 90s" through the Yumashevs' bed (just an addition to what has been said) ...
  5. misanthrope Offline misanthrope
    misanthrope (misanthrope) 4 November 2019 20: 26
    Half will be stolen by Deripaska along with the "family".
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 November 2019 21: 02
    Yes, Deripaska transfers the issue of a car over a hill, (to Turkey, they wrote), and the friends of the Kremlin throw money to him ...
  7. DPN Offline DPN
    DPN (DPN) 4 November 2019 21: 10
    In general, the people threw themselves together and scraped 8 billion for imported spare parts, but Rusnano what? Chubais could not help Deripaska? I wonder how much Americans chipped Ford? Or sent further, so the profit has halved?
    The most delicious, used to work for that guy, but now for the poor oligarch just (hurt yourself !!!!)
  8. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 4 November 2019 22: 20
    There is such a concept of palliative care when they try to support the hopeless patient as much as possible, knowing well the inevitable outcome. For sick people, this is mostly justified. Well, that’s okay, but to roll up 8 billion state money to a private enterprise, and to present this as a grand victory, one still has to think of such an interpretation. Interestingly, and Ford, who, judging by the article, came full kirdyk, the US government will roll over more than 8 billion?
    1. unholyknight Offline unholyknight
      unholyknight (UnhloyKnight) 5 November 2019 12: 05
      Roll off. Suddenly, government support for certain private enterprises, which may close due to the crisis, is a perfectly normal policy, which the United States is undertaking. This takes various forms - for example, the state buys out the debts of an enterprise, or gives loans at a low interest rate ... but it’s done. Because there are no idiots to produce unemployment, and it’s easier to give some money so that the enterprise goes through a difficult stage than to lose important production. But mother's socialists cannot understand this.
  9. Zefr Offline Zefr
    Zefr 4 November 2019 22: 59
    Wait. What nonsense?
    Deripaska lost assets. Sanctions, yes, who does not have them. Well, buy GAZ from him! At residual value. For the ruble.
    What is going on?
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 5 November 2019 10: 52
      I agree. If

      our country could not allow the collapse of the backbone enterprise, which would inevitably cause a surge in unemployment with all the ensuing consequences

      - then it was just necessary not to buy even, but to nationalize. Business is business - burned out, your problems. These same "super-businessmen" themselves, out of greed, flooded into international capitalism, and there the sharks turned out to be better than them. These are not Soviet enterprises to "privatize" for free, people have different dispositions there. Well, they started getting Russian "oligarchs" in the face from the West, and now what, to save them all again for state funds, having stolen which, in fact, they all "rose"? ...
    2. unholyknight Offline unholyknight
      unholyknight (UnhloyKnight) 5 November 2019 12: 03
      Yeah - they'll buy it, and then what? As if the enterprise will work until all the perturbations take place with the change of ownership and the hell of people will not be on the street. And then again all the mother’s revolutionaries and folder’s socialists will shout that "the state is doing nothing to protect the workers!" Sergey Viktorovich - please comment.
  10. Elephant Offline Elephant
    Elephant 5 November 2019 10: 38
    And what about our sanctions against Ford ??? And it’s time not to impose retaliatory sanctions, but to work in advance, so that it is unexpected, like snow on his head ...
  11. aries2200 Offline aries2200
    aries2200 (aries) 5 November 2019 13: 15
    Allocate an amount of more than 8 billion rubles to support the GAZ Group ... and if African debts were sold at a low price, then there would be 8 BILLION DOLLARS ......
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 9 November 2019 09: 27
      ... and if Africa’s debts were sold at a low price, then there would be 8 BILLION DOLLARS ......

      And to whom, if not a secret? request Decisions to write off debts were taken not just by Russia alone, but by the organizations to which it is (or was), the IMF, the Paris Club, and the G8. How do you imagine that? No. For example, Germany, within the framework of this decision, writes off debts, and here we are so "pragmatic to the bone" offer them to buy back exactly the same African debts from us. repeat
  12. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 5 November 2019 14: 01
    Puff puff, that’s how the US sanctions against Russia. Everything ended, the American effective pressure on its competitors, in particular Russia, is over. Still, our government was not saving up a coin for good reason, this allowed us to support the country's auto industry. And Ford is in flight. And the point is not that the country helped Deripaska, but that the company was saved, there will be no large layoffs and job cuts.
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 5 November 2019 17: 21
      And why is it so difficult, maybe this money is simply distributed to GAZ workers? Just the same effect.
      1. chemyurij Offline chemyurij
        chemyurij (chemyurij) 6 November 2019 11: 28
        Quote: Arkharov
        And why is it so difficult, maybe this money is simply distributed to GAZ workers? Just the same effect.

        If only at the labor exchange, after the closure of enterprises, thanks to your proposal, and then what? Further there will be no cars, military equipment, hundreds of thousands of employees and workers of related enterprises will not work, demand and, accordingly, turnover in trade will drop, dozens of cities, most of which are large, in which these enterprises are city-forming, will fall into a financial hole. I read comments here and am horrified. People write without thinking about the subject of their condemnation. For them, the worse Russia is, the better. Outcasts, provocateurs and simply trepaki, who do not think at all about what they are doing.
        1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
          Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 6 November 2019 13: 58
          Yes, they all have enough of this money for the rest of their lives, and even the children will. And in no way imitations of activity, dances with a tambourine and organizational torment. And the fate of GAZ anyway, rather, is predetermined.
  13. DPN Offline DPN
    DPN (DPN) 5 November 2019 14: 08
    Why break up? VOLGA is not and is not expected.
    1. anderlint Offline anderlint
      anderlint (Andrei) 5 November 2019 18: 36
      But what, do you dream of and only about the Volga?))
  14. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 5 November 2019 14: 27
    Our government needs to talk very convincingly with Deripaska about the transfer of his GAZ shares to the state, if Deripaska is now so "toxic" in the West and at the moment the enterprise can no longer remain his property in order to avoid bankruptcy and the dismissal of a huge number of people working for it. ...
  15. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 5 November 2019 23: 14
    In a normal world, Medvedev should be sued for state subsidies to a loss-making enterprise. If the state of Russia buys shares of sinking GAS, this is another matter, but a direct subsidy is robbery. The state is stealing itself. The government really considers people to be idiots! And they do nothing and thus become accomplices.
  16. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 5 November 2019 23: 29
    Brothers, do not worry, Rasputin also warned - "The world will be ruled by fools", in Ukraine the decisions of the government and the president are even "more fun" than yours, Lukashenko showed how, in short, he is leading us all to the Big Trouble !!!! (((
  17. mivmim Offline mivmim
    mivmim 6 November 2019 10: 50
    I see, here many were upset that the US attempts to ruin the Russian auto giant failed. Doubts creep in, and whether they are Russians.
    1. chemyurij Offline chemyurij
      chemyurij (chemyurij) 6 November 2019 11: 45
      Quote: mivmim
      I see, here many were upset that the US attempts to ruin the Russian auto giant failed. Doubts creep in, and whether they are Russians.

      What doubts, the students of Ukrainian education, calculated only on the ability to put their signature on the payroll sheet.
      1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 6 November 2019 14: 08
        And what does Ukraine have to do with it, is it guilty of the inefficiency of the enterprise? But at the entrance to you, did Obama impose, or is Trump already?
        1. mivmim Offline mivmim
          mivmim 10 November 2019 10: 13
          I don’t know how it’s in your staircase, but we have clean flowers on the windowsills.
          1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
            Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 10 November 2019 10: 15
            I didn’t ask you.
    2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 6 November 2019 14: 07
      True, from the article and its, as always, big name, I did not understand what these attempts consisted of?
    3. marciz Offline marciz
      marciz (Stas) 6 November 2019 19: 44
      So go and ask the Russians, and just adequate people!? And why should Deripaska help, besides the fact that jobs, such as, will remain!? And where is the myth that capitalists are good owners !?
  18. The comment was deleted.