New emergency in the Russian army: a soldier hanged himself in the office of the unit commander

Recently сообщалосьhow a 20-year-old soldier Ramil Shamsutdinov from Tatarstan opened fire from a machine gun at his colleagues, killing eight people and wounding two in the Trans-Baikal Territory. And now, it became known that in the military unit (military unit 54055 Strategic Rocket Forces - missile division as part of the 27th Guards Missile Army) in Kozelsk (Kaluga Region), in the office of the commander of this unit, a 21-year-old military man Sergey was found hanging from a belt Safonov.

It should be noted that the body was discovered on October 16, 2019. At present, the military investigative department of the Investigative Committee for Strategic Missile Forces has opened a criminal case to bring to suicide (Article 110 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Details reported by the publication Kommersant.

According to the publication, the relatives of the deceased do not believe in the suicide of a soldier, since he was a believer. However, in the death certificate issued by the Kaluga Regional Bureau of Forensic Medical Examinations on October 18, 2019, the cause of death was called “asphyxia” through “intentional self-harm by hanging.”

Relatives call Safonov "a cheerful young man incapable of suicide." He grew up in a large family of an Orthodox priest, who died in 2011. The family had ten children.

When we brought him to the morgue of the Botkin Hospital in Moscow on October 21 to prepare for the funeral, it turned out that Sergei’s face was made up. Morgue workers rubbed Sergei’s face and it was bruised

- said the cousin of Safonov, Julia Guslyakova.

After that, Safonov’s relatives turned to human rights defenders for help and ordered an independent forensic medical examination. On October 26, 2019, an independent forensic expert examined Safonov’s body and, as lawyer Aleksey Pryanishnikov said, “found on his face, under the makeup applied to his relatives, the hematoma around the eyes, on the chest, as well as abrasions, which are characteristic of the effects of blows with blunt objects on hands that can testify to the struggle. "

Moreover, the deputy commander of the regiment for militarypolitical Dmitry Buryakov said that he could not divulge information, citing the secret of the investigation.
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 1 November 2019 14: 45
    I am not at all surprised about this particular military unit. He served in 1985-87. just nearby in the construction battalion. Our units stood in the vicinity of the points of the missilemen (which they had previously built). I happened to serve in an amazing part. Someone once established a high (almost statutory) level of discipline there, but his followers had enough intelligence and ability to support all this. In other WZOs, discipline was worse. But I haven't seen such a mess like that of the rocket men. In the dwelling-town club at the disco they were just herds. Our patrols could not touch them, but our own did not care. AWOL is the norm. Once, closer to demobilization, I was sent with personnel on a mission to a rocket training to do repairs of the premises. When I first brought my men to the dining room, as it should be, in formation, in front of the dining room with the transition to a drill step, the sergeant stopped the formation, commanded "at attention, align to the right" and reported them to the duty officer about the arrival of personnel for eating, I went nuts from the sight of this attendant. He did not know how to react and what to answer to the sergeant. He goggled his eyes, mumbled "well, come in." I did not understand what was the matter, but then I saw the "arrival" of the missilemen. Some pale semblance of a column of three was moving, with conversations, smoking and laughter in the ranks, in front of the dining room all this mixed into a crowd and ran through the door past the attendant, as if past an empty place.
    The contingent is not at all what we have (we have Kazakhs + Uzbeks 80%, the rest are the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, civilized Russian-speaking units per company) and so dissolve the personnel ...
    It seems that for more than 30 years, little has changed there. And not for the better.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 1 November 2019 19: 51
      - What the fuck ...
      - Everything is written exactly the opposite .., i.e. swapped the battalion and rocket launchers ...
      - And how did it come to mind such a ha ... whether ... ma ... tew ... to write ... is an absolute lie ...
      - Personally, I had to hear about the construction battalion for the first time ... Just to hear ... - Now, in my opinion, there are no such units in the Russian army (they were under the USSR) ...- maybe someday they will create ... again...
      - Here are the details about the construction battalion:
      - The contingent was recruited there mainly with reduced social responsibility ... - with a criminal record; with poor education; with poor knowledge of the Russian language ... etc ...
      - The discipline in the construction battalion was very low; weapons to the construction battalion were not issued ...- even bayonet-knives and those were not ...
      - And the construction battalion didn’t go to any patrol ... - those were not the troops .. to patrol somewhere ...
      - Booze, fights, AWOL, very low discipline (none at all) ... these are all signs of a construction battalion ...
      By the way ... - rocket launchers ... these are military troops, they take up real combat duty ... - and the discipline there is much higher than in the construction battalion ...
      - When I personally was at the training camp and in the classroom, if someone did not do something very well, then the instructor in preparation for jumping ... called us "construction battalions" and "partisans" ... - Here, actually, there I found out about the construction battalion ...
      - Do not write any garbage here ...
      - It just amazes me ... - Nobody, perhaps, served in the army here ... since you perceive such nonsense ...
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 1 November 2019 20: 29
        Did you serve there?
      2. Yuri Filippov Offline Yuri Filippov
        Yuri Filippov (Yuri Filippov) 2 November 2019 15: 41
        Totally agree with you.
      3. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 3 November 2019 13: 22
        About exactly the part about which in the article, Boris, to put it mildly, wrote incorrect information, and not on one point, and about the points, and about who built them and when, and about training, and about patrols, and many more what, but about biennials - they called them then, what now - "jackets", now rather out of habit, it is now extremely rare in general as a phenomenon.)
    2. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 2 November 2019 05: 53
      When I first brought my men to the dining room, as it should be, in formation, in front of the dining room with the transition to a drill step, the sergeant stopped the formation, ordered "at attention, align to the right" and reported them to the officer on duty about the arrival of the personnel for eating, I went nuts from the sight of this attendant.

      It sounds unusual, but I'm not surprised. I saw a construction battalion in the dining room. For lunch, they went in formation under the drum. belay (I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere else), but from lunch, for some reason, we lined up and ran. request With a drum for lunch, of course, it’s exotic, but you can understand, but why running back, it remains a mystery.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 2 November 2019 23: 29
        Yeah ... We didn't have a drum in the unit. And as for jogging - maybe they messed up during lunch and the one who led the dinner arranged a little educational work. There are, after all, various non-tiring methods to strain soldiers under the guise of drill training. You lead the formation and you do not like how they go to the front step. Sometimes a specialist scoffs: the foot is not placed on the entire foot, but first on the heel and the sound turns out to be idiotic. If suddenly the unit commander walks by - then he will troll. Then you stop the formation, make a turn around and command "disperse, stand in a column of three to me." If this is a whole company, then you will have to run backwards. And after 30 steps you repeat this procedure. And so that life does not seem like honey to the front, you let the company go ahead, stop and - the same thing. The main thing is not to strain yourself. And one of my acquaintances in such cases led the company to a puddle and transferred to the drill step. I gave 5 minutes to put myself in order - and again ... After that, the drill step was - you will admire.
        So, maybe running after dinner - from the same opera.
        1. marciz Offline marciz
          marciz (Stas) 3 November 2019 10: 23
          Well, yes, so the USSR collapsed !!! Here are such as you, brought to exhaustion of soldiers !!!! It’s scary to imagine what such commanders, your modern followers, are doing with the soldiers, all the more now they are promoting homosexuality everywhere. I won’t be surprised if the current commanders, after some time after retiring, go to the fashion to peel on every corner, they will hide where they earned their pension and how.
          1. 123 Offline 123
            123 (123) 3 November 2019 11: 40
            So, maybe running after dinner - from the same opera.

            Perhaps, but as many as they saw, so much they ran. Either they screwed up severely, or it came to them tightly.
          2. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 3 November 2019 11: 54
            You write nonsense. Did you serve in the army? What I have described is the most harmless method of influencing soldiers who DO NOT FULFILL THE ORDER. By the way, the soldiers themselves perceive this with humor. When I (at the very beginning of the service) commanded for the first time "disperse, stand in columns of three to me" (they got out with behavior in the ranks), they ran laughing, and one threw on the move "Well, that's another matter!" And the "democrats" like you, just lead to escapes from the unit and the hanged.
          3. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
            akarfoxhound 3 November 2019 19: 28
            What kind of white-ticket is howling?
  3. kos984st Offline kos984st
    kos984st (Konstantin Stepanov) 2 November 2019 16: 27
    He said everything correctly, but a woman and a woman in Africa! He doesn’t fumble about the royal troops when I served on the new one, there was a part of the special building nearby, so there’s crazy discipline there!
    1. plabu Offline plabu
      plabu 3 November 2019 13: 28
      Well, if "a woman is not fumbling about royal troops," then you are clearly NOT fumbling about the Strategic Missile Forces, but the article is about them.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 3 November 2019 07: 24
    - A strange impression is created about ... oh ... oh ... about some Saytovites ... -and did they ...- served in the army ...
    - This is necessary ...- the most sloppy, generally no ... building troops ... to cite as an example ... units of high discipline and order ...
    - I was just here to find out about this "branch of the military" ... - so it sucks ... - it really sucks, not the troops ...
    - And they didn’t bother with drill training, usually went almost in crowd; they didn’t have weapons .. only shovels and other trench tools ...
    - And no one ever appointed a patrol from the Strabatovites ...
    - The barracks of the construction battalions were similar to the hostels of guest workers (95% of the "bakhtiars"; many had a criminal record); where a complete mess reigned (fights, drunkenness, AWOL, etc.) ...; where the officers were afraid to go ... there could be no question of any discipline ...
    - Only for fun can you call the construction battalion the troops of high discipline ...
    - The only way you can still understand ...
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 3 November 2019 12: 27
      I was always struck by the craving of women to teach others what they themselves have no idea about.
      The patrol is assigned from the guard platoon at the guardhouse. I personally went with them when I was on duty on guard, this is a crown outfit for beginner two-year-olds.
      Just engaged in drill training constantly. This is one of the softest methods of influencing personnel. And in their guardhouse, in their free time from work, they were just a drill and drove down the parade ground until they fell. Every day, divorce to work after the general construction of the part.
      Damn them weapons? They are not even military personnel. Everyone on the military ID records, such as: private, sergeant, etc. And in the construction battalion: a military builder-ordinary, a military builder-sergeant. The state did not spend money on them, they received their salaries as civilians and from it they paid for food, uniforms, etc.
      Our barracks were perfect, cleanliness is a sight for sore eyes. It all depends on the foreman.
      (As you put it) "bakhtiyars" did not have any previous convictions. We had one convict in our company, a Kievite, foolishly, because of his youth, he stole the tape recorder somewhere. We weren't happy with him. Calm, decent, conscientious.
      You simply (due to complete ignorance of the subject) do not understand that in the battalion the commanders are forced to work hard to maintain discipline, precisely because of the quality of the personnel. There are no other soldiers, I had to work with those who were sent. And if you don’t do this, it's a nightmare at all. Of course, not everyone succeeded.
      And the same rocket launchers have a strong temptation to score on discipline, the soldiers are normal, so it’ll take it all. As a result, people are dissolved, in which case - uncontrollable. But in peacetime, it was the sanity of the contingent that protected from extremes. And now the call has come not only from the Unified Generation, but from the Second Generation, the children of the Unified Generation. But the army is not ready for this, the building battalion is gone and no one knows how to maintain discipline in extreme conditions.
      I tried to insert some photos, but something didn’t work out.
    2. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 3 November 2019 19: 53
      Part of the part is strife, including the construction battalion. And the part of the military special construction is a completely different song, it is not about your "hearsay".
      About 10 years ago, in St. Petersburg, one individual similar to you, well, very fond of aviation (though all this is at home at a computer desk, a warm cat, a glass of kefir in his hand) and half Monday was not present in the army, he proved to me with righteous anger and full of enthusiasm, that the MiG-31 "does not work that way" and we are using it incorrectly. Moreover, no arguments interrupted him from a stubborn rut, the main thing is that I read, I heard, that's why that's the only way! The laughter of the “colleagues in the shop” was serious. To know something with confidence - you have to be there, use iron, live in it, know the specific nuances in a particular place, about which even "over a glass of tea" you can't tell and describe everything, but everything else, albeit an opinion, but an outsider , little corresponding to a specific reality. About the troops of the Strategic Missile Forces, the Aerospace Forces, the Navy and others have their own opinion and steelmaker, teacher, water carrier driver and client of the mental hospital. Why not? The same opinion. Not corresponding to reality, reality, but opinion.
      1. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 3 November 2019 20: 26
        But only in this case, the builder, and even the jacket), writes about rocketeers and such that neither in a fairy tale nor a pen to describe ...
  5. plabu Offline plabu
    plabu 3 November 2019 13: 12
    There are already several days the comments of a certain Boris hang, who wrote that he served there and everything, everything in that part of the Strategic Missile Forces was bad, and now bad ...
    Boris, I will not argue that you served, BUT obviously NOT in the part about which it is written in the article - oh, how many details, and everything is past)) - you, and about the points, and about who built them and when , and about patrols, but I especially liked your tales about training))), more precisely - their dining room.
    Especially taking into account the fact that I was there myself at the same time and saw everything with my own eyes, the only thing I will not argue with is that some parts of the builders, though special builders), actually had discipline but it is so rarely come across ...
    So, either you served NOT in that part, or you come up with.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 3 November 2019 15: 47
      I haven’t written anywhere that I served in the missile forces. He served in the unit included in the GUSS (Main Directorate of Special Construction). GUSS built facilities in the interests of the Strategic Missile Forces. Stroybat, after the construction of the facilities did not go anywhere, was engaged in civilian facilities. And then, if necessary, he again worked on the Strategic Missile Forces. In 1966 part was sent to Tashkent to eliminate the aftermath of the earthquake. Then the son of Rashidov served (was listed) in it. Then they returned it back.
      After Penkovsky, all positions were changed on the run, as a result of which there were many unused points and they were either eliminated or used for another purpose. Sometimes it’s not the Strategic Missile Forces at all. One of these points was then used as a training of the Strategic Missile Forces. And I remember well the number and where it is. Why they connected us to the repair - I don’t know. We had a part, albeit in the GUSS system, but not general construction, motorists, car repairmen, security of two bases (clothing and building materials). If you served there, you must remember cars with BM numbers. This is just our part. The people called BAM. And still nearby was a unit under the UPR mechanization, colloquially - Cap. It was worse with discipline, although there was only one contingent. The cap is obedient, of course, funny, but if you find a Berezichi glass factory near Kozelsk on the Yandex map, there is a road from it to the south-west (which was not on Soviet-era maps). And across this road is the river Chepchik. There stood the UPR mechanization. And we are a little closer to the glassworks. Once again I say that there are even pictures (I can’t fasten them) of drill-lessons, which Gorenina does not believe in, and an element of educational work - an explanatory note about the pulled out wallet. This is generally an extravaganza, you must see. The original has disappeared for almost 30 years, a photocopy has remained.
      1. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 3 November 2019 20: 48
        Read the article carefully to you what interferes or interferes? A specific number is indicated there and it is there, in that part, and there could not be all that you wrote here earlier, in THIS, the specific part, and what was happening on the sites at you and not only at your place is quite another history, and on the road about which you wrote here, I had to drive, at least not every day, but more than once), so I don’t need a map) I visited both Deshovki and Belev, so the edges were familiar, and in the vicinity there are many many places))
        And about Penkovsky - to look at what years this happened, again, what's stopping you? So, by the time of your service, oh how much had changed, why? Do you have access to the relevant information?)
  6. ss29 Offline ss29
    ss29 6 November 2019 17: 59
    I support Boris. Those who drown for the Strategic Missile Forces, you generally know that bad things are happening there with constant frequency. When they took me to serve, I was assigned to the Strategic Missile Forces near Odintsovo, November 2007. There, just at that time, an conscript died from rupture of the spleen and I was easily transferred to the Ministry of Emergencies at the military enlistment office.
    1. plabu Offline plabu
      plabu 7 November 2019 00: 08
      Once served, then it would be time to understand that the parts are assigned numbers, and if the numbers are different, then this is NOT the part, the other)
      And judging by your post, in the Strategic Missile Forces you still failed to serve? And then how can one know at least something about the Strategic Missile Forces, not to mention the specific unit in the Kaluga Region?)
  7. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 24 November 2019 01: 56
    I don’t understand something ... in comparison with the dashing 90s, the Russian Armed Forces appeared - military priests, military psychologists, political officers, military police, and soldiers, as they hung themselves, they hang themselves, why the hell are superfluous parasites, especially taking into account that in the dashing 90s the RF Armed Forces were larger and the military budget was smaller, who will be responsible for everything?