Polyethylene asphalt: Russian roads will become the most durable in the world

Apparently, the topic of "fools and roads" haunts domestic researchers. So, the day before, scientists from Novosibirsk proposed another new technology modifications of asphalt, which will make Russian transport routes one of the most durable and wear-resistant in the world.

This time, experts suggest using high molecular weight polyethylene as an additive to asphalt. It is worth noting that this material really has incredible strength. In this connection, it is used for the manufacture of articular prostheses, body armor and aircraft.

The only problem that, in fact, was solved by domestic chemists, is the complex and expensive process of processing polyethylene into the final product. However, now, thanks to the new catalyst, it has become possible to eliminate the energy-consuming stages of material production and reduce its cost from 2500 to 150 rubles per kilogram.

As for the new asphalt, scientists propose to form reinforcing mesh of high molecular weight polyethylene directly inside the coating. According to preliminary estimates, such a laying technology will be able to triple the life of domestic roads.

In addition, the researchers are confident that the use of such grids will not be limited to “hardening" of asphalt. Based on them, it will be possible to create protective equipment for cyclists and motorcyclists, as well as sails and cables.
  • Photos used: https://dartrans-bartoszyce.pl/
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  1. beeper Online beeper
    beeper 31 October 2019 12: 08
    Very interesting promising encouraging news! good
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 31 October 2019 14: 47
      I fully share your enthusiasm, now, I hope, the turn of the 1st part of one famous proverb.
      1. beeper Online beeper
        beeper 31 October 2019 15: 31
        Delight - it is said loudly, but the methods found for a significant reduction in the cost of production (and hence greater availability for widespread use) of high molecular weight polymers are encouraging! smile

        I "know" a lot of proverbs and sayings (and not only Russian folk ones)! Therefore, alas, I find it difficult to unequivocally understand which of them is your "one", on the "turn of the 1st part" of which you, dear, so "hope" ??! winked
  2. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 31 October 2019 17: 21
    Novosibirsk scientists fellows, as always. good It remains to introduce into production. Although I personally have no complaints about the roads, the quality suits. I believe rating.


    Better us only "white stone", but it is unlikely to catch up, the distances are decent, and the climatic conditions are different. request Another thing is that not all over the country. repeat So, work is still a lot. fellow
    1. Aleksey Glotov Offline Aleksey Glotov
      Aleksey Glotov (alexey glotov) 1 November 2019 08: 56
      I have made a similar road near the holiday village (though a small section) ... pleased ... well done.
  3. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri Vasilievich) 31 October 2019 18: 05
    I live in Siberia, in Kuzbass. Ask any sensible builder engineer why roads in Siberia quickly collapse. He will tell you that the main cause of destruction is water penetrating the base, the coating and its physical properties expand, turning into ice. This is what you need to proceed from. You can’t even imagine how it suddenly appears in the spring that pits and potholes appear on the freshly laid asphalt (last season).
    Novosibirsk well done. He’s full of only these innovations, but in fact, even on the sidewalks and adjoining territories (where the technology is simpler and the requirements are softer), the devil knows what is happening. But there are many streets in the city that are waiting for just such roads, because the traffic on them is very high.
    Okay, you can figure out the roads - we’ll all over the world and ... And what about the first trouble?
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 31 October 2019 18: 18
      But what, in the world there is only one country with a harsh climate and developed automobile traffic? And there is penetrating water, and frost with ice. And the roads do not fall apart in the spring? Maybe it really has something to do with your question?
      1. beeper Online beeper
        beeper 1 November 2019 13: 20
        Now, I, slow-witted sort of thing (I was absorbed in completely different thoughts and could not see what you were supposed to see, I am ashamed of myself for that!) request repeat , finally understood what our MOST famous proverb (and its "1st part") you, comrade Arkharov, wrote to me about! yes I fully agree with you! wink
    2. 123 Online 123
      123 (123) 1 November 2019 13: 45
      He will tell you that the main cause of destruction is water penetrating the base, the coating and its physical properties expand, turning into ice.

      Here you are right, a small crack in the spring turns into a pothole. fellow They do the waterproofing from below, they used to do it, but now I don't know. We have added to this swampy soil, before the road slabs were laid down, so they, from the "breathing of the earth" 15 centimeters to the sides and up and down, parted.

      Okay, you can figure out the roads - we’ll all over the world and ... And what about the first trouble?

      You can try the first trouble in the second roll. lol
      1. Ehanatone Offline Ehanatone
        Ehanatone 1 November 2019 22: 39
        You can try the first trouble in the second roll.

        The idea is very exciting, and economically viable, and there will always be more than a lot of raw materials in the very near future - so transportation costs will also be minimal!
    3. John Carter_2 Offline John Carter_2
      John Carter_2 (John Carter) 1 November 2019 15: 35
      The fact is that our technology for laying asphalt is outdated. You should learn from the northern developed countries how they lay the asphalt. I saw how they lay with us. Clear business, it spoils next year.
      1. commbatant Offline commbatant
        commbatant (Sergei) 5 November 2019 00: 33
        With technology, everything is fine.

  4. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 31 October 2019 22: 16
    Not bad. Still, we have begun to pay more attention to science. And you need to allocate even more funds so that science does not experience a shortage for a breakthrough in technology for at least 3-5 years.
  5. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) 1 November 2019 14: 51
    The main thing is that such a coating does not turn out to be fire hazardous.
  6. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 1 November 2019 17: 05
    Well done, now if only I did not suffer the fate of previous breakthrough technologies in asphalt.
  7. Alf Offline Alf
    Alf (Vasiliy) 1 November 2019 20: 21
    Such a novelty will not work. One reason, but how to cut the budget?
  8. gennady_2 Offline gennady_2
    gennady_2 (gennady) 1 November 2019 20: 41
    About 30 years I hear that technology has been found and there will be no more problems with roads.
  9. The comment was deleted.