Denmark Approved Nord Stream-2 Installation

After many months of uncertainty caused by the fluctuation of the Danish authorities, the last obstacle to the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project disappeared.

Information Agency Interfax, with reference to the Danish Energy Agency, reported that Denmark issued the long-awaited permit for the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline in exceptional economic zone of the country.

According to the report, the Danish regulator of the two proposed approved a short route of 147 kilometers, which runs southeast of the island of Bornholm.

The Danish Energy Agency believes that this route carries the least risk to the surrounding region.

According to information provided by the Russian company Gazprom, 83% of the total length of the pipeline is ready to date. The head of the company, Alexey Miller, assured that laying the gas pipes in Danish waters would take no more than 5 weeks.

Information about what efforts and at what price this permission was obtained is unlikely to ever be made public.

However, is it worth it to worry about? In the light of the decision made by Denmark, there is an intrigue surrounding the next round of tripartite negotiations on Ukrainian transit.

Is it necessary to say that after today's news The leadership of the Ukrainian Naftogaz will have a sleepless night about the decision of the Danes?
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  1. beeper Online beeper
    beeper 30 October 2019 20: 19
    With such regular multimillion-dollar "bonuses" and "payments (wages earned, this cannot be called - by no means earned!)", And their general "patriotic" indifference in relation to the final result (for "perennial" Ukrainian citizens!) Of Naftogaz's activities, no "sleepless nights" for these "Central European nesmen" will not be! request
    They are also to profit from the property of the Russian "Gazprom" with the assistance of "common people"! And they will try, so that Pan Miller should not yawn with these "bagating" not only "dumkoyu"!
  2. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 31 October 2019 00: 54
    Somehow suspiciously quiet here. smile Where are you, impartial and fair critics of Gazprom? request Do you have a day off? belay
    1. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 31 October 2019 16: 29
      Quote: 123
      Somehow suspiciously quiet here. smile Where are you, impartial and fair critics of Gazprom? request Do you have a day off? belay

      They have mourning. belay recourse crying
      1. 123 Online 123
        123 (123) 31 October 2019 16: 47
        They have mourning.

        I have to agree with you. laughing
  3. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 31 October 2019 01: 15
    Then I got the opinion of the Danes on this issue ....... They, it turns out, did not give permission:

    ... Europe’s dependence on Russian gas will only grow. Although Russia cannot be rewarded for its aggressive behavior around the world.


    ... seeks to use clean energy, which is actually contrary to a building permit.

    At the same time, they modestly remain silent about the gas pipeline to Poland. smile Apparently, that gas is not like our "totalitarian-Mordorian" gas. request