Ukrainian energy system collapses on the eve of winter

The coming winter may be very difficult for Ukraine. On the eve of the heating season, the collapse of the country's energy system was not spoken by Russian propaganda, but Verkhovna Rada deputy Mikhail Volynets, head of the Independent Trade Union of Ukrainian Miners. In Kiev, Moscow is traditionally blamed for the whole of Moscow, is it only in the “machinations of the Kremlin”?

Starting January 1, 2020, Nezalezhnaya will have the right to turn off the valve, blocking the transit of Russian gas to Europe, unless a new agreement with Gazprom is signed by then. The Ukrainian side is actively accumulating “blue fuel” reserves in its UGS facilities in order to extend the winter, twisting its hands in negotiations to the domestic monopolist. However, everything is somewhat more complicated.

In addition to gas, Ukraine’s energy depends on nuclear power plants and coal generation, and this is already a big problem. Nuclear power plants are gradually developing their resources, and there is simply no means to build new ones. At the same time, Ukrainian “effective managers”, despite the objections of specialists, transferred the second power unit of the Khmelnitsky NPP to the system of neighboring Poland. Because of this, immediately there was a shortage of electricity in Ukraine itself, about which we told earlier. It got to the point that the Verkhovna Rada was simply forced to give permission to buy electricity in “aggressive” Russia.

It is not easy with coal. Having failed in five years to find a common language with the DPR and LPR, Kiev lost the source of coal from the anthracite group. Instead, it was decided to switch to using coal from the gas group, which TPPs are not designed for, and to buy fuel abroad. Ukrainian expert Igor Korolchuk asks the following questions:

The question always arose - how can a thermal power plant be converted to coal of a gas group and not immediately support domestic coal production, but say that we will buy this coal somewhere? Of course, we will buy, but at what price?

Indeed, you can buy coal abroad. It is sold with pleasure by the distant USA, South Africa, and even the “aggressive” Russian Federation. But such "economic activity" has a high price.

On the one hand, Russian coal is mined in a quarry way and transported closer; therefore, it is cheaper than other competitors. In addition, the “secret of the open door” is that coal from the Donbass is re-exported to Ukraine through our country. On the other hand, Kiev has relieved itself of responsibility for maintaining and subsidizing domestic production. The logic of the “effective managers” of the Ukrainian spill is this: if this is not profitable, then why support it?

The fate of the local miners is destined for an unenviable one. The representative of President Zelensky Andrei Gerus proposes to put up for privatization PJSC "Centrenergo" along with state mines. The mentioned Igor Korolchuk explains:

But there, out of 32 objects, only five mines are normal, promising.

We ask ourselves, what will an “effective private owner” do with mines that are profitable only with subsidies from the state? True, he will close them, and the miners will join the ranks of the unemployed. Ukrainian ex-deputy Yevgeny Muraev estimates the number of people who can be dismissed from closed mines at 50 thousand. It’s strange that the former parliamentarian blames “cheap Russian coal” for this. Perhaps the reason is still different?

As a result, currently in Ukraine coal reserves are 54% less than a year earlier, when they were enough tightly. Mikhail Volynets warns that this winter there may be restrictions on the supply of electricity right up to the shutdown of enterprises. Shipments from Russia and Belarus, where the NPP will soon start working, can save from the collapse. In this situation desire Kiev move to European standards in the energy system looks like a complete gamble.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 28 October 2019 22: 33
    All the right politicians want their state to grow in territory. Poland, Hungary are already dreaming, the US is ready to buy, who would sell it? There is nothing to say about China and Japan. Only in Russia rulers squander their land. And Ukraine is 80% Russian land, as is Crimea. There were so many opportunities, and now there is, if not to join, then to be loyal to Russia. Not! AFRICA is more expensive than Russian people! This winter there is an opportunity to put everything in its place.
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 29 October 2019 09: 33
      Yes, everything is correct ... -All this "sovereign Dill" ... is a temporary, ephemeral phenomenon of a kind of one of the types of illusions of an independent separatist statehood ... -It's like once upon a time very long ago ... -flashed in the history of Germany and the GDR ... - now just a united Germany ...
      - But, nevertheless .., during this ephemeral "sovereignty", Dill may have time to lose vast territories that Russia once acquired with such difficulty ...
      All this Ukrop nationalism is also so dangerous that it can start up the territory of Dill itself simply "under the hammer" ...
    2. YUG64 Offline YUG64
      YUG64 (Yuri) 29 October 2019 21: 03
      Well, what exactly were squandered ?? Aby blurt out ..
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 October 2019 09: 21
    As always, it was all over. Every week, a similar scarecrow-scarecrow ...
  3. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 29 October 2019 09: 34
    Not gloating, but also not surprised. This is when it’s warm, Ukraine is invincible.
  4. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 29 October 2019 21: 19
    From January 1, 2020, Independent will be entitled to wrap the valve ...

    Strange statement of the question. And why on earth will the Russian Federation pump its blood gas into an independent pipe, without a legal basis? In Ukraine, there is simply no one to talk to. There is no certified company for gas transit. Moreover, certified twice: in Ukraine and in the EU. And if they can find in their place the Vice President Pound, who will sign the certification on the basis of an audit by a German company 4 years ago (and even then the degree of depreciation of the GTS is estimated at 80%), then the EU is well aware that, in case of problems, extreme it will be the signatories. If 4 years ago the depreciation rate was 80%, then how much now? 90%? Do they need it? And besides a certified company, there is also an Open Season procedure. If anyone did not know, then, according to European law, Gazprom should not participate in the procedure for preparing contracts. A transit service company develops transit conditions and puts them up for auction. The auction participants (and there will be many of them: Gazprom, ... more Gazprom, again Gazprom, again Gazprom .....) have 2 months to evaluate these conditions. During this period, each participant may agree to the proposed conditions. Or disagree. Well, Gazprom did not agree. So maybe that Gazprom? or this one? If the conditions are not satisfactory, the auction is considered invalid. And it's all.
    It’s not me joking, they have such legislation. And if Kobolev hit Gazprom in September with a demand for transit of at least 90 billion cubic meters, then it’s DB. Well, you understand, from Lavrov. According to the notorious third energy package, one gas supplier cannot occupy more than 50% of the pipe capacity. The capacity of an independent gas transportation system is theoretically 140 billion. Therefore, Gazprom has no right to submit more than 70 billion for transit. The rest are other suppliers. Which are not.
    Kobolev for the entire time of work did not understand what Ukraine got into. No wonder Shefchovich had a tantrum yesterday. And it was not in vain that Novak warned in June that it would be fun for the New Year.
    And Ukraine can rely on its reserves as much as desired and compare them with last year. If there is no transit, no one will give them a cube. And last year there was transit and gas was taken from there under the guise of transit. And it’s just technically unlikely that they will be able to start gas from west to east. It was necessary to prepare for this.
    1. Syoma_67 Offline Syoma_67
      Syoma_67 (Semyon) 29 October 2019 22: 00
      You are probably a "lawyer" because You know exactly who has what rights, who owes whom, and you even know the wear and tear of the GTS, it's a pity that you are not working at Gazprom, the situation would have been settled long ago and everyone would have been brought to their knees.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 29 October 2019 23: 19
        It's just that this question is interesting to me, and I'm listening to Boris Martsinkevich. A very serious expert on energy issues, Russian and not only. Tells interesting and understandable. And not only on gas. According to the situation specifically in Ukraine, Zemlyansky and Marunich speak well. The ratings all agree. Since June, the programs have listened to the situation with the implementation of the third package in Ukraine as a comedy of idiocy. I listened - and could not believe it. Then it turned out - the truth.
        And Gazprom resolves the situation very competently. And Ukraine will be put not only on its knees, but also ...
      2. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 29 October 2019 23: 31
        And his pigtail remarked: they took it not under the guise of a transit, but under the guise of a reverse. This is at the very end.
  5. master2 Offline master2
    master2 (Zhora) 29 October 2019 21: 52
    On the eve of the heating season about the collapse of the country's energy system ...

    - this is the sixth year in a row on all sites, on all channels - and she (Ukraine) by no means. Even Volynets said, and still nothing. I want to upset "Hurray for the patriots" - everything will be fine, no one will freeze - once again you can relax until next fall.
  6. Vladycat Offline Vladycat
    Vladycat (Konstantin) 30 October 2019 17: 25
    Ahhh, everyone will die. And already the fifth year. But in the end they get out, due to the same Mykola - a locksmith.