Autopsy air defense: Americans do not just “raid” Russia

The United States makes it very clear where NATO’s military clash with Russia is possible. This is the Kaliningrad region, our "splinter" in Europe, and the Black Sea region with Crimea. Moreover, if anything, the Americans are ready to bomb them with the use of nuclear weapons.

Last spring, the Pentagon deployed a link to the B-52H strategic bombers capable of carrying bombs and missiles with a nuclear warhead at an air base in the UK. Since then, they have become frequent with flying around our borders, most of all being interested in the above regions. “Stratospheric fortresses” openly provoke the Russian Ministry of Defense, simulating an air attack.

Last week, two B-52H Stratofortress during a joint exercise with allies from Ukraine, Romania and Georgia "depicted" the nuclear bombing of the Crimea. Today, another US Air Force bomber repeated the same trick over Kaliningrad, where the Russian Baltic Fleet naval base is located. What are the Americans doing this?

At firstThis is how the Pentagon interacts with European control points. The selection of participants in the exercises in the Black Sea region shows who Washington is counting on as cannon fodder in the event of a real start of hostilities and the possible occupation and cleansing of Russian territory.

Testing the strike on the Crimean peninsula

Secondly, an imitation of bombing reveals the air defense and missile defense system of the RF Ministry of Defense. The B-52H Stratofortress usually does not carry bombs on the suspension, but what is inside its hatches is not known. Of course, even some sort of "ingot" does not drop, just a bomber enters the line of attack. But the Russian air defense system is forced to turn on, and in the sky there is always some kind of foreign reconnaissance aircraft or drones that monitors and collects important data.

Testing the strike in the Kaliningrad region

ThirdlySuch military exercises cause artless joy for candidates for joining the NATO bloc, who sincerely believe that they can count on the military power of the United States. True, recent events in Syria show on the example of the Kurds that this is not entirely true. And the ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili will not let lie that everything is not so simple.

Should Russians be afraid of these imitations of nuclear bombing? The question is not entirely clear.

On the one hand, there is little pleasant. The Americans actually showed that dropping an atomic bomb on a peaceful city is not a problem for them. Moreover, let’s not forget about their hellish plan for the nuclear bombing of the USSR under the name “Dropshot”. But, on the other hand, thanks to the “damned scoop”, the Russian Federation inherited the “nuclear shield and sword”, the presence of which translates the practical plans for the destruction of our country by the enemy into the category of theoretical reasoning.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 October 2019 16: 11
    This is the topic "not a plowed field" for Lavrov and other talkers in PACE. Let them prove that something can be achieved by talking. But the world respects the strong, and only then they listen to the words.
  2. Screw Offline Screw
    Screw (Gennady) 25 October 2019 16: 22
    American flyers know that no one will save them, because for what court are they needed?
    They will hit hard and painfully if they find it - no Metaproptisol will help.
  3. Pacifist Offline Pacifist
    Pacifist (Victor) 25 October 2019 16: 55
    The United States is now in such a political and economic state when only war can be the only real solution. What happens says only one thing - they are looking for a reason and probe. It is not necessary that this will be a war with us, but they will put pressure on everyone they reach.
  4. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 25 October 2019 23: 36
    Moreover, if anything, the Americans are ready to bomb them with the use of nuclear weapons.

    They are just not ready that they will be bombed, so as long as the "nuclear shield" is strong, we live in peace.
  5. Artie Offline Artie
    Artie (Artyom Korolev) 26 October 2019 12: 21
    If at least one nuclear head flies towards Russia, then Russia will immediately begin to erase American cities from the face of the earth, one after another. Pundos know this, and are afraid.
  6. Dzafdet Offline Dzafdet
    Dzafdet (Sergei) 26 October 2019 17: 09
    Ours, too, graze them and work out measures for their destruction by electronic warfare equipment. And it's time to enter the coordinates in the missile warheads ...
  7. DPN Offline DPN
    DPN (DPN) 27 October 2019 11: 18
    They open with us, we have them. The routine work for both the Air Force and VKS garbage all this. We have almost the entire wealthy part of the population are citizens of the world, that is, dual citizenship, and children are citizens of other countries: where they were born, then citizenship. And according to T.V. just talk - left to give birth in the United States. So we sleep peacefully, the gates to the country will open without us.
  8. Pushkar Offline Pushkar
    Pushkar (Sergei) 28 October 2019 19: 16
    The problem of "opening air defense" is not new. Back in Soviet times, the technique of intercepting reconnaissance flights was developed. It included many measures and restrictions: work on "peaceful" frequencies, the work of only some (specially selected) radars and air defense systems, the lifting of only fighters on duty with missiles of "peaceful" letters, etc. So, it's not all that bad.
  9. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 30 October 2019 07: 25
    What was the article about? Those who served in the army - this "truth" about autopsy and detention could be voiced right away. And the opinion of couch warriors - dreamers never scratches. Article for article sake?