Are they turning Russia into a radioactive burial ground again?

If you believe the statement of the environmental organization Greenpeace, Russia will again begin to turn into an international nuclear garbage dump. According to them, 3,6 thousand tons of “uranium tails” have already been sent from Germany to our country this year. In total, until 2022, the Germans will dump us 12 thousand tons of waste. The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, in turn, rejects these allegations. On whose side is the truth?

Unfortunately, the de facto Russian Federation has long been turned into a landfill for storing radioactive waste delivered from abroad. We are talking about the so-called DGFU (depleted uranium hexafluoride), obtained by creating fuel for nuclear power plants. It was more profitable to send hazardous materials to the German uranium enrichment company Urenco to Russia than to independently dispose of it. Today, as part of this rather cynical, but very “efficient business,” about 1 million tons of “uranium tails” have been brought to our country for storage. For comparison, according to some estimates, the total global volume of such radioactive waste can be 1,5-2 million tons, that is, most of it is already on Russian territory.

What can not but strain people with developed imagination, depleted uranium is stored openly in steel containers at several specialized enterprises. That is, there is no question of any underground bunkers flooded with tons of lead. Fortunately, so far there have been no cases of container depressurization.

In 2009, under pressure from a worried public and environmentalists, the import of radioactive waste into Russia was banned. This victory gave hope that at least one million tons of depleted uranium would be limited. But, apparently, a loophole was found in the law "On the Use of Atomic Energy". According to him, the import of nuclear waste for storage is prohibited. But for "enrichment" - it is possible. Industry expert Alexander Uvarov enthusiastically explains:

Depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUHF) is not radioactive waste, but a valuable raw material for nuclear energy.

Uvarov assures that these projects pose absolutely no threat. Rosatom is also outraged, saying that after enrichment, depleted uranium will turn into a valuable commodity that will be sent back abroad. However, there are other opinions on this subject. The representative of the Russian Greenpeace, Rashid Alimov, explains that only 10% of the waste after its enrichment again acquires the required properties as fuel and is exported, while the remaining 90% remains in Russia.

If his calculations are correct, then out of 12 thousand tons of “valuable radioactive raw materials” 1,2 tons will be exported after its processing, and 10,8 thousand tons will remain in our country in addition to the million tons that are already available. Unless, of course, the Germans nobly take them away. After all, it’s so safe, according to experts, at least have a picnic nearby.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 October 2019 14: 57
    There are two types of disposal: near-surface disposal, i.e. located at the same level with the surface of the earth, or at a depth of up to 100 m, and deep burial at a depth of more than 100 m. Radioactive waste does not pose an eternal threat, if only because its radioactivity decreases over the years. Only the half-life is measured, because complete decay does not occur. It remains constant at any temperature and pressure. For example: Radon 222, which exists in nature for only 3,8 days, iodine-131 - 8 days, cesium -131 - 9,7 days, cesium 137 - 30 years, plutonium 240 - 6500 years, plutonium 239 - 24100 years. Now about the storage. PPZRO Novouralsk is designed for 55 thousand cubic meters. Storage area: length -140 m, width - 24 m, depth - 7 m. RWDF in Ozersk is designed for 214 thousand cubic meters. PPZRO Seversk - for 140 thousand cubic meters The article indicates the figure until 2022 - 12 thousand. Now compare the capacity of our storage facilities? Waste storage is also a lucrative business and should be done by the pros for overall safety. And Greenpeace is a CIA structure, and you cannot trust it 100%!
    1. Elena Zimina Offline Elena Zimina
      Elena Zimina (Elena Zimina) 24 October 2019 15: 24
      Thanks for the comprehensive answer. Indeed, it is forbidden to import rao to us in the Russian Federation. And uranium tails are not equal to radioactive waste. Only those who do not understand this difference can sow panic. In this case, Greenpeace.
  2. Pacifist Offline Pacifist
    Pacifist (Victor) 24 October 2019 18: 06
    Greenpeace, managed by the State Department and the CIA, structure. Everything that she says is, in principle, uninteresting. The technologies developed at the moment in the coming years will turn this waste into fuel and we will receive not only money for disposal, but also a free resource for nuclear energy. So let them bark what they want.
  3. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 24 October 2019 19: 55
    - Yes, everything would be ... as it was ...- neither good nor bad, if ... if ... would ... everything would be under the strictest state control ...
    And when there are only bribes around, corruption .., the security forces from the government commit treason and give the fagot for the hill ... -When the propertied oligarchic layer does not give a damn about the fate of Russia ...- they are not going to live here ... with them and villas abroad, and accounts in foreign banks ... what do they care about Russia ...
    And in Russia, with "simple" garbage dumps, there are such gigantic problems and the same problems with cattle burial grounds ... -And they are not being solved ...- because the oligarchs don't give a damn about it ...
    -So, personally, I’m absolutely not sure that with radioactive waste it won’t be exactly the same ...
    -Who will be responsible for this ... who ??? - If in our country Chubais is known to the whole world for the fact that he is absolutely unchallenged, he can do anything and nothing will happen to him ... - Chubais in general is probably immortal ...
    - So ... our traitors and robbers and scoundrels will receive huge bribes and bury our "strontium-90" and other radioactive waste, anyhow, and you will not find those responsible for this afterwards and day after day with fire ... ... -And ends in water ...
  4. Joe Cook Offline Joe Cook
    Joe Cook (Joe Cook) 25 October 2019 16: 06
    And also Russia takes the leading place in the world in terms of nuclear power plants. He is engaged in the construction and operation of these stations. And this includes the supply of fuel, and the disposal of waste, and after the end of the use of the nuclear power plant, reclamation of the territory. And also the disposal of nuclear submarine reactors (Russian), which is paid by the United States at the Zvezda plant.
    When there is awareness and knowledge, then such "news" does not pass from over the hill.
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