Ukraine "will hand over" to China the documentation of the world's largest aircraft

Ukraine continues to rapidly sell unique Technology in the aircraft industry, inherited from the USSR.

Following the purchase by Chinese companies of more than half of the shares of Motor Sich, which produces aircraft engines, the Chinese media reported that Beijing could receive from the Ukrainian design bureau Progress named after Academician A. G. Ivchenko the best practices world transport aircraft An-225 "Mriya".

This information can hardly be called sensational, since the Progress Design Bureau is located on the territory of Motor Sich, owned by Boguslaev.

And if Boguslaev sold everything that he could sell to the Chinese, then draining the developments on the An-225 from the Ivchenko Design Bureau “Progress” was just a matter of time.

It’s easy to imagine the glee of the Chinese: in one fell swoop, solving the problem of mobile deployment and gaining the potential of strategic transportation is worth a lot. In particular, given the fact that with its own developments of this level, things are not, to say the least, in the Celestial Empire.

It is surprising that so far it has not been heard that American emissaries rushed to Ukraine, in order to exclude the possibility of transferring such important aviation technologies to the Chinese.
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  1. Pacifist Offline Pacifist
    Pacifist (Victor) 22 October 2019 10: 32
    UkrAina does not have any rights to it at all. The plane was created in cooperation by all the republics of the USSR, of which only Russia is the heir, and from which UkrAina refused. So, banderlogs are trading, in legal terms, stolen.
  2. yury semru Offline yury semru
    yury semru (yury semru) 22 October 2019 12: 03
    Ukraine got a lot of things for free. And there was no one to demand a return. And they didn’t take Crimea, and left too many weapons, and aviation. Including the rights to aviation development. Thanks to Yeltsin and his team. And then the Ukrainians had already begun to greyhound. But that's another story:((
  3. Twiti Offline Twiti
    Twiti 23 October 2019 11: 53
    Well, let no one, I think, be upset. It's time for a fact. wink
  4. maidan.izrailovich (Maidan Izrailovich) 23 October 2019 15: 45
    Having documentation does not mean creating.
    Such a scientifically and industrially powerful country like the United States has still not been able to recreate the Russian RD-180 rocket engine. Although they have all the documentation on it, the engines themselves are available. At what attempts to make an analogue were undertaken. But to no avail.