Russian VKS helicopters deployed to former US military base in Syria

After the Americans left North Syria, the units of the Syrian Arab Army and Russian Aerospace Forces occupy key positions in this region.

The long-suffering Tabka military airfield in the province of Raqqa, which has changed hands several times since 2014, has finally come under the control of Syrian government forces.

Agency TASS, referring to one of the commanders of the Syrian army, reports that helicopters of the Russian air forces are deployed to this airfield, and the Syrian army provides security for its territory and protection from attacks.

Now work is underway to restore it: the runways are cleared, the broken one is removed technique, accumulated on its territory over five years, the remains of the destroyed airdrome structures are sorted out.

Tabka airfield has a strategically important location, allowing the air forces to control vast territories on the borders with Turkey and Iraq.

To date, it is not known whether the airfield will be used as a permanent base of the Russian Aerospace Forces, or whether the placement of helicopters is temporary.

Recall that in 2014, a military airfield was captured by ISIS * militants, who in 2017 were knocked out by pro-American "Forces of Democratic Syria" units, after which an American military base was deployed on its territory.

* -terrorist organization banned in Russia
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 22 October 2019 08: 44
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    We can only congratulate our specialists on another city under their control.
  2. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 October 2019 09: 42
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    Well, they also once entered Shindand, Bagram, Kandahar without a fight .... after the same withdrawal from there of the USSR Armed Forces. Although it is still far, of course, far from a complete "answer" - although it’s nice to observe all this, the scale is still not the same. Now, if the same thing happens with the Americans in Iraq, then it can already be compared with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan ...
    But again, it’s all the same pleasant to watch all this, especially considering that all this was worked by the wrong hands - the NATO forces drove out the NATO forces and entered there as a result of the RF Armed Forces wink
    This is really cool! Well done Vova, he "made" everyone! laughing
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 22 October 2019 22: 19
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      ... if the same thing happens with the Americans in Iraq, then it can already be compared with the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan ...

      You just removed the phrase from my tongue. good
      Although the scale is absolutely not the same, the country is no longer the same and other interests are being pursued. repeat
      Moreover, in this so-called “30km zone” (as part of the fight against “igilas”, laughing perhaps the same Americans will come along with other NATO partners soon. request
      1. Pishenkov Offline
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 22 October 2019 22: 58
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        ... here in the latter I somehow somehow strongly doubt the light of recent events. no At least, while Erdogan is in Turkey, this is unlikely to happen ...
        I rather believe that either the Turks will cease to be "partners" in NATO, or they will cease to be considered as such ... Very recently, Turkey has diverged interests with these same "partners". And the US, NATO and the EU, Turkey, if you think about it, just use it, not only not wanting to give anything in return, but acting directly contrary to Turkish interests in the Turkish region ... I’m silent about the attempted coup with the physical liquidation of Erdogan himself, which was clearly a huge turning point in Turkish relations with the States and the West in general ...
        The Turks, of course, have never been and never will be friends to us, but Turkey and the Russian Federation are simply pragmatically profitable and predictable partners for each other, unlike the official "allies" that the Turks have with us ...
        1. Bitter Offline
          Bitter (Gleb) 23 October 2019 09: 58
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          Let's see, the latest events are covered by different sides at diametrically different angles. recourse

          ... I believe that either the Turks will cease to be "partners" in NATO ...

          There is an opportunity, of course, but you can’t really do such things in a night and without consequences. Political and economic resonances will not be long in coming. Russia is simply not able to compensate for EU investments, in the long run even with a “pipe”. Yes, and the "restructuring" of the Turks, for sure, do not want to.

          ... if you think about it, they only use it, not only not wanting to give anything in return ...

          Turkey is not least indebted to Europe for its level of industrial development. So what about the "nothing" the Turks would be silent in the tube. The fact that they are not given official EU membership is, of course, a bitter pill, not a reason to abandon everything else. American sanctions are rather a symbolic gesture.
          1. Pishenkov Offline
            Pishenkov (Alexey) 23 October 2019 13: 01
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            I agree. BUT...
            You can cover anything and any way, from different angles and refractions, but the objective reality does not change from this - Turkey’s relations with the United States have deteriorated dramatically, and this also affects the situation inside NATO. Where is it seen that the "allies" threaten each other with sanctions and even hostilities? And how in general in this case (of military operations) to react to the other members of the Alliance, whose duty is to participate in these military operations ... Which side? It seems like no one is arguing against the Americans, but Turkey is an ally of NATO, and it is the United States that threatens it with military action, and it is precisely American troops that are illegally located in the incriminated region near the Turkish borders ... That is, how would the Turks be attacked, so whether?
            Thus, Turkey, now inside the bloc, poses a greater threat and instability to it than if it even left it ... And France has already shown that it is possible ... And get out and get in. Yes, with problems, but possible. And Erdogan’s tough foreign policy now inside the country is more likely to bring points than vice versa.
            And no compensation for investments, restructuring, etc. Now neither Turkey nor the Russian Federation is needed. Western investments will not go anywhere there anyway - they were invested in Turkey not out of love for the Turks, but out of economic gain, and it is there as it is, regardless of politics. That investment will remain where it is. Moreover, the Turks now have even more methods of pressure on Europe than the Europeans have, and these methods are very dramatic: millions of refugees whom the Turks simply do not allow further, but they can; gas, again, will already go to the south of the continent through Turkey, due to the fact that the EU “chewed snot” and succumbed to American pressure; Turks can easily replace Western products and the same weapons with Russian or Chinese, and Europe cannot do this with its own imports from Turkey, both for political and economic reasons, not to mention that a good half of all these Turkish enterprises They export Europe, Europeans belong, and you can’t take them out like that once or twice ...
            So it’s all complicated. But the fact is that all these events by the moves of the Russian Federation and Turkey have now put the West in a situation where they must look for a way out of the current situation in which someone else has put them, and this is always inconvenient, and they are not used to it. ... Turkey, with all its behavior, shows that it is NOT a WESTERN country, but, nevertheless, the Middle East. And the West, as a result of all recent events, has already lost its hegemony in both power and political issues, hegemony remains in the economy, but here China is already threatening to take this away ...
            So somehow, in short.
  3. Syria will be ours soon! Beauty!