In the Czech Republic revealed the "Russian spy network"

Recently we Reportedhow British and American departments unanimously accused Russian hackers of allegedly breaking into Iranian hackers and carrying out cyber attacks in 35 countries of the world. And now, the head of the Czech Security and Information Service (BIS), Mikhail Koudelka, claims that the activities of the “Russian spy network” were allegedly exposed in his country.

The head of BIS informed the public that his department, together with the country's police, had exposed the specified “network”. He claims that the “network” operated through the Russian embassy in Prague.

This network was completely defeated and beheaded.

- pointedly emphasized Koudelka.

Koudelka added that "the network was created by people connected with the Russian intelligence services," and they allegedly financed it directly from the embassy. However, he did not provide any evidence.

According to Koudelka, the “network” was part of an even larger organization (structure), which operates in the vastness of Europe. The members of the “network” were supposedly going to carry out some kind of attacks “against targets in the Czech Republic” via the Internet. However, he did not explain what exactly is meant. Perhaps Koudelka had not yet come up with at that time.

By the way, the “head” of this “headless network” was never shown. This seasonal aggravation is so covered in secrecy and mystery. So we will follow the development of events with undisguised interest.

By the way, the Russian embassy in Prague has already issued an official statement that the information about "exposing the Russian spy network in the Czech Republic" is untrue. Moreover, the words of the mentioned chapter of BIS Koudelka have nothing at all to do with reality. The Russian Foreign Ministry is also outraged by unsubstantiated accusations.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 21 October 2019 19: 26
    Looks like now the Czech Republic is yapping at Russia. The conductor from America waved his conductor’s stick and yapping poured.
    1. Sake Offline Sake
      Sake (Sake) 21 October 2019 22: 01
      What righteous indignation, instead of Chepiga and Mishkin, other "Russo Turistos" were slapped, but from the same collective farm from Khoroshevskoye Highway 76. Of course, the Czechs are right, Prague has long turned into a spy coop for General Averyanov. And instead of the Salisbury spire, spies are huddling on Wenceslas Square, providing direct assistance in the collapse of the EU, they are raving about this in Moscow, but they themselves copy the EAEU with all their might.
      I often visit Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they defiantly do not understand Russian speech, try to speak English or German ...
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 21 October 2019 22: 12

        defiantly do not understand Russian, try to speak English or German ...

        - this, as they say, is not without its black sheep in the country. The overwhelming majority of Czechs are absolutely normal and adequate people. And they treat Russians normally, and try to speak Russian, those who still taught at school, remember different jokes, such as "I walked in the park on vacation" - this is their favorite phrase in general and for any reason laughing ...
        Maybe they just don’t want to communicate with you ??? wassat
  2. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 21 October 2019 19: 51
    ... to be precise, his name is still not Michael, but Michal Koudelka.
    All this action in reality, most likely, concerns pure hacking, and not any intelligence activity that was actually carried out in Prague by immigrants from Russia (or the USSR). Initially, it was a police operation under a criminal article, in which, at the suggestion of its boss, counterintelligence suddenly joined, apparently seeing there a hint of something anti-state. But Koudelka's Russian theme is generally a fix idea, so he sees Russian spies everywhere, and where they are not. That is, apparently, only where they are not. No real Russian spies, so that with evidence, etc. For more than 3 years in office, he has never caught it anywhere, although he sees them literally around every corner. That is why in March 2018 Czech President Milos Zeman said that Koudelka is literally "a person in the wrong place." In addition, he was promoted four times to the rank of general, and four times he did not receive it for various reasons. While the colonel ... That is, Zeman, apparently, knows what and why he says. But the head of the BIS in the Czech Republic is appointed not by the president, but by the parliament, at the suggestion of the superiors to NATO, and this is the United States. Those, in turn, are appointed to such positions, apparently, according to the degree of development of Russophobia ...
    Now, probably, Koudelka wants to try to become a general on the fifth attempt ... There are enough Russians in the Czech Republic, far from all of them are respectable citizens, so there is a field of activity. There is also a current request from the United States for Chinese espionage in Europe. This Koudelka also tried, but disgraced himself - he began to look for Chinese spies in the local Vietnamese diaspora, apparently he thought that it was the same thing ... laughing
  3. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 21 October 2019 20: 11
    Better to drink beer with sausages and not get into big politics. There seems to be nothing to do - boring. The glorious times of Gus and ижižka are far in the past. Or they think that the bloody trail of the whites on the Trassib, for all our perseverance, was completely forgotten.