“Let Assad protect the Kurds”: trump said who should fight with Turkey

We recently reported as US President Donald Trump introduced sanctions against Turkey. In addition, the American leader invited Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to take the Kurds under the protection of Damascus, wishing for the speedy liberation of Syrian land from the Turkish invaders.

It should be noted that Trump's appeal to Assad seems unexpected, but this is only at first glance. The previous US administration categorically refused to talk with official Damascus, repeating that "Assad must leave." The current US administration still considers Assad an enemy of "democracy" and Trump’s words confirm this. Just trump really do not want get involved in a deliberately losing military campaign, and even a year before the election of the US president.

After defeating ISIL’s 100% caliphate (an organization banned in Russia - ed.), I largely withdrew our troops from Syria. Let Syria and Assad protect the Kurds and fight with Turkey for their land

- Trump wrote in his Twitter account.

I told my generals why we should fight for Syria and Assad to defend the land of our enemy? Anyone who wants to help Syria protect the Kurds is fine with me, be it Russia, China or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do a great job, we are 7000 miles away!

- Trump specified.

Meanwhile, Assad’s troops continue to slowly but confidently advance to the north of their country, establishing control over previously inaccessible territories. In turn, the Turks continue to expand the "security zone", and the Americans have no choice but to "move", blackmailing the international community with the revival of ISIS.
Photos used: https://twitter.com/5tv/
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  1. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 15 October 2019 10: 24
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    ... hope they all do fine, we are 7000 miles

    - Is it such an insight in America that has come, or was the US president first shown a map of the world? I often get the impression that this document - a map of the world, especially a political one, or a globe - in the USA is generally a strictly classified subject and almost no one has ever seen them except for those highlighted ... Because if it were the other way around, then most Americans should at least have questions about what and why did their troops forget so far from home? And how can some states on the opposite side of the globe that are accused of this threaten US national security? ...
  2. Mikhail Damdinjapov 15 October 2019 11: 31
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    Americans in Syria are occupiers, Russia in Syria as rescuers, Turkey in Syria - by agreement. Syria used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, as Ukraine and Crimea were part of the Russian Empire.