Cracks found on 40 Boeing aircraft

The black line of trouble continues, in which the American aircraft building corporation Boeing fell after a series of catastrophes of the 737 MAX model.

Ongoing inspections by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration reveal more and more problems with aircraft that Boeing launches.

According to CNN, as a result of the next check, a problem was identified in the aircraft of the Boeing 737 Next Generation series: cracks were found in the part that is used to attach the wing to the fuselage.

As specified in the message, the case is far from an isolated one. This defect was discovered in 38 aircraft. In total, to date, more than 800 aircraft manufactured by the company and in operation have been verified.

The discovery of more and more problems leads to the fact that airlines are forced to stop flights of cars in which defects are detected.

Thus, Southwest Airlines, an American airline, said it had banned two of its aircraft from taking off, the Brazilian Gol Transportes Aereos - 11.

It is not difficult to guess that decommissioned Boeing aircraft will be replaced by aircraft of the closest competitors, primarily European Airbus.

Recall that on the first day of the international air show in Le Bourget in June 2019, the American company was unable to conclude a single contract, while its European competitor sold a hundred of its aircraft.
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  1. Pishenkov Offline
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 11 October 2019 11: 11
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    Good is all that is bad for the USA. good
    It is clear that all airplanes have defects and problems in real life, but Boeing now just “fell under the ice rink”, well, well ...
    The only negative is that the company may try to block profits lost on civilian aircraft by lobbying for an increase in military orders. And this, in turn, is another dollars in the “piggy bank” of the arms race ... And we, unfortunately, have nothing to replace Boeings on the world market and thus earn ... Airbas can only be envied ... Europeans got revenge for the "diesel gate" that the Americans staged Volkswagen ...
  2. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 11 October 2019 11: 37
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    Cracks found on 40 Boeing aircraft

    And if you dig even deeper on other aircraft, they will also find defects. The Polosatov aviation industry has already slid for a long time, which it is high time to write off. Now there will be another reason for Don to lower the Democrats to the earth from their throne. In this way he will be elected for a second term.