The European Union decided that Russia is to blame for corruption in Ukraine

Recently we Reportedhow the European Parliament (the legislative body of the European Union) recognized the USSR as the culprit of the outbreak of World War II. Therefore, it is not surprising that there were individuals in the European Parliament who believed that Russia was to blame for corruption in Ukraine.

It should be noted that over the past three decades in Eastern Europe, a whole population of "patriotic unrebounded people" has grown. Over the years, “philanthropists,” such as George Soros, have been breeding them. So, real corrupt European integrators simply will not blame those who allowed them to “play pranks”. But Russia can be blamed, because Russophobia has been in fashion in the West for several centuries.

So, in the European Parliament, “suddenly” they wanted to hold hearings on Ukraine (a country outside the EU). Before the assembled deputies, in the half-empty hall, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs addressed policy security, Federica Mogherini. The theme of Ukraine worried many so much that they simply could not be present in the hall due to strong emotional excitement. During the discussion, the deputy from Bulgaria, Alexander Alexandrov-Yordanov, representing the faction of the European People's Party (this is a bunch of nationalists from different countries in the European Parliament) also spoke. It was he who explained corruption in Ukraine as “Russian influence”. He was literally eager to speak immediately after Mogherini.

He did not dwell on the “Steinmeier formula” for a long time and talk about how important it is for Europe and Ukraine. His conclusion was more concise and interesting. It turns out that the “formula” is important and beneficial, first of all, to Moscow. The fact that it was not Russia that proposed this very “formula” and it was named after the name of the German Foreign Minister, the Bulgarian “patriot” does not care much. When the Bulgarian "patriot" began to run out of vocabulary, and the stream of consciousness did not stop yet, he switched to the topic of corruption, because you can talk about it forever. This is where the next accusation against Russia sounded. Moreover, peremptory and unproven, which, however, is not surprising.

Corruption in Ukraine is a Russian product.

- stated the Bulgarian "patriot".

By the way, when nationalists in Europe begin to “procrastinate” the topic of corruption in a country, it means that something there is not going according to the scenario of Washington.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 10 October 2019 16: 19
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    hi Honestly, somehow the brain “whirled” the original (completely “machine” ?!) copywriting “find”:

    .... began to run out of vocabulary.

    - After all, it would have sounded easier and more understandable in human language: "... the supply of words has run out" ?! No, well, I, too, am not in a blow and “it’s difficult to build phrases” ... and, Bulgarian ones, the translators also blamed me for this. wink

    And so, on the topic of News - after the "pan-European" indiscriminate accusation of the USSR in unleashing WWII, one no longer has to be surprised at the egregious, to put it mildly, "illogicality" of the "anti-Russian" resolutions of the "European Parliament"! wassat
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. pafegosoff Offline
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) 10 October 2019 17: 54
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    I hate all of Europe for its cannibalism and dumb bloodthirstiness.
  4. pafegosoff Offline
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) 10 October 2019 17: 56
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    The motto of the European Union: "Russia is to blame for everything! Kill the Russian and you will make the European happy!"
    Europe is a territory of cannibals!
  5. Digital error Offline
    Digital error (Eugene) 10 October 2019 18: 39
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    ... in the European Parliament there were individuals who believe that Russia is to blame for corruption in Ukraine.

    It would be interesting to find out what Lisa Peskova, who recently underwent an internship with one of the European Parliament deputies Emerik Shoprad, thinks about this.
    It would be clear whether she trained well or not.
  6. Oh, go to hell with the dogs.
  7. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 10 October 2019 22: 35
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    Well, Federica Mogherini has long fallen under the United States and uses hard drugs, so the nonsense that she brings to order is not worth voicing ... Just take tough retaliatory measures against people like her (do not issue visas to enter the Russian Federation for example; the US act, regarding diplomats of the Russian Federation, is a precedent, which is not a sin for the Russian Federation to use) and for states with Russophobia, whose citizens in the Russian Federation should not be allowed either!