The State Duma refused to send deputies to the United States because of the actions of the FBI

The Russian State Duma has responded to a recent incident with interrogation by FBI employees Inga Yumasheva at the airport in New York.

As the adviser to the speaker of the lower house of parliament, Anastasia Kashevarova, said on her Telegram channel, the Russian State Duma decided to suspend missions of deputies to the United States.

According to her, the deputies refused visits to the United States until the American side explains its actions and apologizes for the detention and interrogation of Inga Yumasheva.

The speaker’s adviser noted that in the light of recent events and the decision of the State Duma, the trip to the US of the chairman of the State Duma committee on the financial market, Anatoly Aksakov, was canceled.

Recall that State Duma deputy Yumasheva was heading to the Russian-American forum “Fort Ross”, but upon arrival at New York Airport she was detained by FBI officers who held her in a separate room and interrogated her for more than an hour, which is a gross violation of international standards and agreements .

Earlier, the American side had already thwarted the participation of Russian representatives of the foreign affairs agency in the meeting of the UN General Assembly, refusing them to issue visas.

Thus, the US administration deliberately goes to reduce the number of contacts with Russia, which will inevitably lead to further complication of bilateral relations and increased tension between the countries.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 9 October 2019 13: 24
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    The State Duma refused to send deputies to the United States because of the actions of the FBI.

    This is right, and even better, to stop flights there altogether.
  2. Hooligarh Offline
    Hooligarh (Anatoly) 9 October 2019 16: 50
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    Deputies are not suckers for you.
    Do not fly to where it is bad!
    1. Digital error Offline
      Digital error (Eugene) 9 October 2019 17: 43
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      But what about inter-parliamentary dialogue in the name of peace and harmony between countries - sideways for the sake of personal security? They, if I’m not mistaken, represent the interests of voters, and not their own - and voters are interested in international peace and international harmony ...
      Or could the "Duma" not come up with anything but the most primitive ("prohibit and not let go" - even in its own respect)? And what about the travel expenses fund now - will they cut the budget for next year if they don’t? smile
      1. Hooligarh Offline
        Hooligarh (Anatoly) 16 December 2019 17: 29
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        We do not know the cuts:
        We confirm the estimate ourselves!
  3. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 9 October 2019 17: 04
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    Less than 30 years have matured. Now we must renounce citizenship and return the money to Russia! So that Putin does not announce another financial amnesty.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 10 October 2019 09: 04
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    The State Duma of the Russian Federation decided to suspend the trips of deputies to the United States.

    They go to their hacienda and to sales at public expense. Well, take a picture of the granddaughters ...
  5. And it is true - let the deputies sit at home - they work for the people!