US will work out tactics of attack on Russia and Belarus

The Defender 2020 exercises, which the US plans to conduct in Europe from April to May 2020, will be the largest exercises that Americans have ever conducted in this part of the globe.

According to data published by the US command in Europe, about 37000 personnel from 18 countries will be involved in the exercises.

Only from the side of the Pentagon will there be three armored brigade combat groups, an artillery brigade, a logistics brigade, as well as a marine corps and air force at the European training grounds.

One of the main topics of the upcoming exercises will be the development of logistics for the transfer and supply of units using local infrastructure.

In addition, the planned relocation of the command of American troops on the eastern flank of NATO from Germany to Poland Poznan looks quite provocative.

All this makes it obvious that the main goal of the Defender 2020 exercises will be to develop a strategic offensive operation to the east: first to Belarus, and then to Russia.

This “peacefulness” of the Americans forces them to take adequate retaliatory measures, both within the framework of the union group of Russia and Belarus, and within the framework of the OKB.
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  1. It would be necessary for Pope Lou to accept the Russian base - he himself will not repel OTAN!
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 9 October 2019 12: 14
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      Quote: BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine
      It would be necessary for Pope Lou to accept the Russian base - he himself will not repel OTAN!

      The most correct act would be.
  2. kartalovkolya Offline
    kartalovkolya 9 October 2019 11: 50
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    Something tells me that it would be nice for the United States and its allies to work out the tactics: "drape tries", especially since almost all of their NATO allies have experience!
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 9 October 2019 12: 23
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      ... it would be nice to work out the tactics: "drape tries west"

      They have it and not small, every year it only grows.

      ... moreover, almost all of their NATO allies have experience!

      And minke whales also have.
    2. Yes, Hitler also drove the Wehrmacht to Moscow through Belarus.
  3. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 9 October 2019 11: 51
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    Never fight with the Russians. For each of your military tricks they will respond with unpredictable stupidity.

    It is useful for the Americans to at least get acquainted with Bismarck’s opinion about the war with Russia. Training on cats and war are far from the same thing. In Vietnam, the Russians only helped, but here "themselves, all by themselves."
    1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 9 October 2019 12: 24
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      Never fight with the Russians. For each of your military tricks they will respond with unpredictable stupidity.

      He wrote beautifully, well done, and most importantly, everything was said in essence.
  4. Victor N Offline
    Victor N (Victor n) 9 October 2019 12: 25
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    Does anyone else consider Lukashenko and Makey smart politicians? From the side, their position is perceived, at best, as short-sighted. And even treacherous in relation to his people. It cannot be called allied with respect to Russia.
  5. beeper Offline
    beeper 9 October 2019 23: 39
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    But who will count them - 37000 NATO troops are involved, or 100500 ?!
    Already in these six years (starting from the summer-autumn of 2013, when the transfer of equipment and weapons from the United States to Europe increased many times), a lot of American military equipment was removed from storage, repaired, put on alert and delivered to Europe - it is in close proximity from the borders of Russia! Just now, in the era of global tracking and information flows, other forms and methods of hiding and camouflaging mass transfers of military equipment and troops are used, including “selective silence” and “obscuring protrusion (using“ information noise ”)!”
    By this time, April-May 2020, perhaps the “common people” will find an acceptable “consensus” with Makey and the “lame duck” Lukashenko (which is quite likely, even then the Minsk “euromaidan” from the “zmagars” and “Litvinians” will not have to organize to push anti-popular coup) ?!
    The declared goal of the "exercises" may well be false-distracting, since the pro-American forces-APU mobilized, armed with American weapons and trained and controlled by NATO instructors are already actually concentrated on the front lines of Russia and can at any time go on a provocative attack in the Donbass!
    The armed forces of NATO, under the inspirational pretext of "obstructing the armed intervention of Russia", without any concealment, will openly enter the borders of Ukraine and freely move through its territory, will quickly reach the Russian borders.
    At the same time, they will carry out a blockade of the Kaliningrad exclave with the presentation of an ultimatum on "demilitarization" - the disarmament of the RF Armed Forces and the admission of "international observers and UN peacekeeping forces to the territory of the city and the region (before this, the UN Security Council will deprive Russia as an" aggressive aggressor " veto and vote). " In Kaliningrad, among the townsfolk, allegedly “unbiased enthusiastic historians, researchers of the region’s traditions,” pro-European-pro-German sentiments are being propagated according to the type known from the time of the Gorbachev “disaster”, “drinking Bavarian beer” and a purely “civilizational” character of a new order "brought to our land by bloody murderers-Nazi" pan-European "!
    In Russia itself, “sleeping agents” will be activated at the same time and additionally “aroused (perhaps a new“ sacrifice ”from among“ representatives of the progressive public ”) a liberal“ fifth column ”with its media - to overthrow the current president of the Russian Federation, as clearly possessing outstanding consolidating and organizational potential!
    Biological laboratories of the American special services densely located near the Russian borders will certainly not be left idle and will also make their vile contribution (in the form of "obscure" mass epidemics among people, cattle and domestic animals on both sides of the border) into the "big picture" of the military political opposition of this period.
    The escalation of tension will be quick, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at this time, will violently wipe away from the face of the earth the cities and villages of the rebellious Donbass with all their inhabitants!