Ukrainian Nazis threaten to start a war in the Donbass on their own

After the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky agreed with the “Steinmeier formula”, the Ukrainian nationalists, Bandera, Nazis and other non-traditional “patriots” began hysterics, coincided and aggravated by seasonal exacerbation in individuals with mental abnormalities. So, the next mass putting on pots on the head is not long to wait. It is enough to pay attention to what Ukrainian mass media carry to the masses.

For example, on October 7, 2019, on the air of the “Crimean Tatar” ATR channel in Kiev, the “Ukrainian patriot” Andrey Gerert, deputy commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army (UDA) materialized “suddenly”. He told how volunteer battalions will begin to "quickly" take up the position of the Armed Forces in the Donbass, if there is a withdrawal of troops by order of Zelensky. By the way, the commander of this IAF is Dmitry Yarosh.

He noted that over the past five years, about 20 thousand "patriots" have become UDA volunteers and they are not ready to give up "not a single meter of Ukrainian land." At the same time, he did not go into details about how many of the mentioned 20 thousand “patriots” survived during this time.

As the commander in chief, the president, of course, can give the order for withdrawal, for the demilitarized zone, and we declare that we will not leave the war. Where he will withdraw the troops, we will go in and bring in thousands of people.

- Hergert said, without specifying what and how they will fight, and for how long they will be enough.

After that, Hergert began to give advice to the “father of the nation” Zelensky how to properly love his homeland and to perceive the tactics that Moscow uses in the conflict in the Donbass. Moreover, the “patriot” even demanded a personal meeting with the supreme commander in chief, specifying that the faster it goes, the earlier the “triumphs in this war” will begin. Why the “victory” did not happen earlier, he did not specify.

But he is sure that Ukraine can achieve a “victory” only by relying on its people, its army and its volunteers. About people living in the DPR and LPR, he said nothing. Gergert emphasized that the "patriots" are opposed to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is "whispering" because all he needs is to "ruin and occupy" Ukraine.

In this regard, we will follow the development of events with undisguised interest and inform our readers.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 8 October 2019 17: 42
    Ukrainian Nazis threaten to start a war in the Donbass on their own.

    Here they and LDNR and completely clean. And no agreements there will no longer help them.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 8 October 2019 17: 48
    Flag in hand and drum on the neck!

    Maybe the next truce on the border with Moldova will be signed or even further ?!
  3. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 8 October 2019 18: 00
    Let them start. Or before this shelling was carried out exclusively by the commands of their general staff? If so, then why is their general staff still not in ruins?
  4. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 8 October 2019 18: 27
    And it is not worth joking, guys, and joking about this. They, these fascist Galician thugs, since 1939, from generation to generation, have been rigidly motivated and drilled for the war with the USSR, and now Russia. They had special camps in Western Ukraine even during the Soviet era, where they were taught military and subversive activities by those who were rehabilitated from the camps by Judas Nikita Khrushchev after 1953, and who fought against the USSR in the Second World War, and there were hundreds of thousands of notorious thugs. So, if there are 20 thousand of them, armed to the teeth with both light and heavy weapons, up to tanks and "Grads", then they can do so much grief in the Donbass that no one seems like enough. And also remember how many of them are now in Russia, under the guise of migrant workers, who, on a certain command, will get the weapons hidden by them from their caches in the Moscow region, Belgorod region, Krasnodar region, and arrange a massacre all over Russia, as Chechen fighters did, and such " Bandera "here we have about 200-250 thousand, like the fascist battalion" Brandenburg-800 "..... This, guys, simple arithmetic, and you can't get away from it.
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 October 2019 19: 08
      Firstly, do not underestimate the Russian special services so much - there are no 250 thousand Ukrainian militants on Russian territory. There are so many of them both in Ukraine itself, and in general in nature.
      Secondly, there is no need to compare any rabble, and even trained units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or fired volunteers, with professionals of the highest class - I mean the German "Brandenburg" of WWII times. It's just a completely different level of professionalism, motivation, and intelligence, if you like ...
      And thirdly, I personally think it is a very good idea to take and collect all this audience in one place, not directly advanced, and even with a good pretext to deal with them hard - disobeying the authorities, non-observance of international agreements, terrorism, etc. P. If Zelensky is not a fool, then he should take advantage of this until they have capitalized him. And the Russian Federation and LDNR, for its part, also should not miss such a case ...
      1. Valentine Offline Valentine
        Valentine (Valentin) 8 October 2019 19: 38
        No 250 thousand .....

        According to the latest data from the Migration Service of the Russian Federation, there are now about 4 million Ukrainian guest workers in the country, and even if every tenth of them there, at home, shouted "Glory to Ukraine", then these are already potential saboteurs, and Zelensky is not Salvador Allende, and he does not have any strength and means to confront these scumbags, and Yarosh told him directly that they would simply hang him, if anything, and they would do it, like their grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 8 October 2019 20: 04
          ... in the USSR, almost every first one was a pioneer and a Komsomol member, almost all men uttered the words "I serve the Soviet Union", were patriotic, etc., etc., and what happened to all this in 1991? Where did it go?
          Of the 4 million guest workers or immigrants, about half are from eastern Ukraine. And some others, even if at home they shouted the above-mentioned slogans, then just like we, in our time, Soviet ... real "Bandera" there once or twice and miscalculated. And those with weapons, caches, etc., are from the realm of fantasy. I will repeat once again - you underestimate the special services of the Russian Federation. And besides, you need to understand psychology, these people work to live. It is not clear why they will not go to death. Ukrainians are not samurai. And something like the partisan war you described in the Russian Federation is certain death.
          In Ukraine itself, for 2019, there are less than 100 thousand real combat-ready ideological banderlogs who are ready to die for their ideals, and this, according to their own estimates, since April is most likely overstated.
          And Zelensky just has the strength and means, the question is in their application, and this, in turn, is the question of Zelensky's independence. There are different versions of hypotheses on this score, but the truth is that no one really understands today whose protege the new Ukrainian president is ... As well as what his real goals are. And if such an unpredictable mess reigns in Ukraine now, in which Jews interact with open Nazis and anti-Semites, Russians are fighting against Russians, the aggressor country is the main trading partner, and the USA and the EU, and even individual European countries by themselves, in turn , everyone is trying to fish out their own benefit in this "muddy water", then I personally do not understand at all why and why the Russian Federation is trying in all this to "play by some rules" ... Why? And with whom?
          You just need to solve your own tasks - extinguish the Nazis, for example ... physically destroy. Take territories, etc.
  5. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 9 October 2019 07: 13
    Oh, banderzyanki and bummers, there are no forests there, there are no places to dig caches.
  6. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 9 October 2019 12: 25
    Yes, let them start, their bandit "Outskirts" will soon fall apart.