NATO fighters took aim at the Russian Su-34 bomber

After NATO decided to patrol the airspace of the dwarf “Baltic tigers,” the sky over the Baltic Sea became a place of confrontation between the aviation of the North Atlantic Alliance and Russia.

Fortunately, this confrontation is so far limited to maneuvering the combat aircraft of the parties and putting photos and video materials into the network.

The Belgian Air Force on their Twitter page posted a photograph of the Russian Su-34 bomber taken through a thermal imaging sight.

In the commentary accompanying the photograph, it is said that during the month that the Belgian air force guarded the Baltic airspace, they made 109 sorties with a total duration of 191 hours.

The record notes that during this time, the Belgian Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft took off 16 times on alarm and carried out eight interceptions.
The post also noted that on the eve of the Belgian pilots discovered the Russian Su-34 and Su-24.

According to tradition, in the near future should appear photos or videos with shots of interception aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance, made by Russian pilots.

By the way, our combat pilots do not sit idly by: only during the week they made 27 sorties, during which they intercepted or escorted foreign aircraft near the borders of Russia.
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  1. Nick Offline
    Nick (Nikolai) 5 October 2019 09: 25
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    Both sides are trained. Thank God that it’s not in real clashes.
  2. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 5 October 2019 10: 33
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    • 2
    ...... adult bewilderment, shooting for children.

    This is the result of the policies of our leaders, but so far no assessment has been given of their activities. Stalin is still being harassed, but we are building all kinds of centers, hanging memorial plaques on houses.

    Presidents and kings and leaders are different,
    since they allowed the people to live in poverty, to flee,
    nature is not to blame, you are history
    write down in the column enemies of the people.
  3. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 5 October 2019 18: 00
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    This does not mean anything at all. It's one thing to take on the sight, and another thing, you still need to be able to get there. Since our pilots have much more experience, in combat conditions it would be the other way around.