Arctic icebreaker launches reactor installations

At the promising Russian nuclear-powered ship "Arctic" launched a reactor installation. Both RITM-200 reactors are brought to the minimum power level. This was reported by the agency the day before. RIA Newsreferring to a source in the Rosatom corporation.

It is worth noting that the installation launch is one of the main stages in the icebreaker construction program. Initial testing of reactors is carried out at minimum power. Then the installation will be transferred to the energy level. And only after that full-scale sea trials of the vessel will begin.

Recall that the Arctic icebreaker is being built under project 22220 (includes the creation of 5 ships) by order of Rosatom Corporation. The ship is planned to be commissioned in 2020.

The dimensions of the promising icebreaker are 173,3 x 34 x 15,2 meters. Displacement is equal to 33,5 thousand tons. The vessel will be two-draft (8,55 and 10,5 meters), which will allow breaking thick ice at maximum speed and navigating ships along frozen river channels with shallow draft.

The life of the RITM-200 reactors is 40 years with a complete restoration of energy every 7-10 years. The integrated circuit of the units involves the placement of 4 steam generators in the core body, which reduced the size of the reactor itself. Each of the RITM-200 installed on the icebreaker provides a capacity of 30 MW.

The Arctic will become the third vessel of Project 22220 (after Siberia and the Urals). It is assumed that this class of icebreakers will operate in the Pechersk, Kara and Barents seas, as well as on the shallow estuaries of the Yenisei.
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    The good news is ... It's time to update the fleet.