Russia cut off coal supplies to Ukraine via Belarus

Over the years of "independence" in Ukraine, a special kind of "patriotism" has formed. It is enough to pay attention to the main "miner of the nation." So, the Ukrainian "patriot", the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, and part-time people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the "Fatherland" party, Mikhail Volynets, is very worried that Russia cut off the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine, which was delivered through Belarus.

Exactly so, Volynets worries about “daily bread” for Ukrainian miners. In theory, he should rejoice in the possibility of earnings for compatriots. But not Volynets, the trade union "activist", since 1985, from the Vinnitsa region.

Volynets said that even before that, the situation with filling up the coal depots of Ukrainian TPPs was frankly unsatisfactory, but now it could even become disastrous. After all, 300-400 thousand tons of coal from Russia (not necessarily of real Russian origin) were supplied to Ukraine monthly.

To this end, the senders submitted applications to Russian Railways with a request to transport in the direction of Belarus. Since yesterday, no application has been confirmed. This means creating a huge shortage of steam coal at a dangerous moment - in winter.

- Volynets laments in his Facebook account.

It should be noted that Volynets regularly scares the “nation” with a catastrophic lack of coal. This is a seasonal exacerbation. It always coincides with the start of a new heating season. After that, Volynets disappears from the information space of the “nation” in order to reappear in a year. Although, according to some Ukrainian sources, in this case, “Volynets was sitting on the“ father’s coal scheme ”. In addition, about the supply of coal directly from Russia to Ukraine, Volynets absolutely did not say anything. So it is not surprising that Ukraine has somehow managed to pass the winter for five years without any particularly serious consequences.

For example, at the end of September 2019, the Ukrainian “patriots” literally beat and then detained other Ukrainian “patriots” from the group of the former people's deputy Semyon Semenchenko. This happened when the "twin" Semenchenko tried to block the train with "Putin's coal" near Lviv.
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  1. 123 Online
    123 (123) 4 October 2019 08: 54
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    A subtle hint of gas transit and the Minsk Agreements.
    I didn’t fulfill the agreement, there is no coal, we haven’t agreed on transit, there is no coal.
    And this is industry, and electricity, and heating.
    And ahead of winter, and then Khmelnitsky NPP stood up. And they can also slow down petroleum products.
    Trump will not help even with words, out of principle, until Biden is surrendered. Merkel and Macron, too, for someone Trump had recently complained about. no And then there is the "Maidan" pecking, the tires smelled. belay
    Life ceases to seem beautiful and amazing. recourse
    Think Pan Zelensky. good
    1. Victor N Offline
      Victor N (Victor n) 4 October 2019 10: 29
      • 4
      • 1
      They slowed down oil products from Russia. Now fuel is almost twice as expensive as in Donetsk. While Lukashenko rescues them - THE FAITHFUL ALLY OF RUSSIA - an underwater snake.
      1. 123 Online
        123 (123) 4 October 2019 11: 47
        • 0
        • 0
      2. 123 Online
        123 (123) 4 October 2019 14: 11
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        I apologize for such a peculiar answer. wink There was no time.
        Oil products from Russia - they are not “slowing down”, rather, they are trying to reduce it. Russia has introduced a rule for deliveries under individual permits, like coal, as if they were giving out, probably, they were waiting for the right moment, and the harvesting all the same. And then they will again say "famine" arranged. laughing
        And yes, you are right, most of it goes through Belarus. Briefly the numbers at the link:

        This is their data, the reliability is in question. winked
        Ukraine gasoline and diesel. It doesn’t provide itself with fuel, it is gradually increasing gasoline production, they began to buy more from Lithuania, but they cannot completely refocus on other sources. It takes time and investment in infrastructure. For example, to transport oil by sea to Odessa, and then build the pipeline, because the "slug" was decently decoupled, there won't be enough wagons.
        But Lukashenko ..... this is a separate issue. hi
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 October 2019 09: 04
    • 1
    • 4
    Right. Nefig income for the resale of Belarus to give ....
    Our oligarchs will leave ...
  3. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 4 October 2019 09: 56
    • 3
    • 0
    Instead of talking in Kiev, "ATO veterans" could go down to the mines and chop coal for nenki! Or among them there is not a single Pavka Korchagin?
  4. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 4 October 2019 13: 34
    • 2
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    These fascists must be strangled "on all fronts." And the people should be helped to arrange the "Maidan". Not all Americans are there to steer. You must show your strength!
    1. 123 Online
      123 (123) 6 October 2019 04: 11
      • 1
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      Maidans to arrange is not our method, stop we are white and fluffy. good So we run into a guerrilla war, and to restore the whole country. It remains to wait until life in Ukraine becomes completely bad and hatred becomes stronger than fear wassat. And then it would be wonderful to help the rebellious people get rid of usurpers and fascist shortcomings. good In this case, the army soldierthe population will be greeted as relatives. love drinks To interfere in all this, just to "show power"? request Come on. laughing Is there a more serious justification?
  5. Sapsan136 Online
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 4 October 2019 19: 47
    • 3
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    The embargo must be introduced to trade with an independent ... embargo!