The death of the Malaysian Boeing: traces lead to Kiev?

More than five years ago, in the sky over the Donbass, where active fighting was then taking place, a Boeing belonging to Malaysia was shot down. 298 people flew on it, and all of them died. The blame for the tragedy was immediately blamed on Russia. Despite this, Malaysia itself still expresses doubts about the objectivity of the investigation. Surprisingly, now the Netherlands has begun to change its position. What does this mean, and will the truth be established eventually?

Before any adequate investigation, the following questions should naturally arise. How did a civilian flight turn out over an active combat zone where air defense systems had previously been used and aircraft had crashed? How exactly was the Malaysian Boeing shot down? And, most importantly, why, what was the motive of the criminals who committed such a crime?

More recently, the Western investigation team “found” the perpetrators, who turned out to be Igor Girkin (Strelkov), Sergey Dubinsky (Petrovsky), Sergey Pulatov and Igor Kharchenko. They allegedly arranged for the delivery of an incomplete Buk from a Russian military base, which is why:

Although they themselves did not press the buttons, we suspect that they worked closely to get the Buk system and deliver it to the launch site in order to bring down the aircraft.

So, investigators “suspect” that the “Buk” was delivered in order to bring down a specific “Boeing”, based on the literal meaning of the statement. What for? Yes, God knows him, in the West they clearly proceed from the fact that the Russians are frostbitten bloodthirsty monsters who kill 298 people, like slamming a fly, just like that.

Some doubts could have been raised by a message published in the publication “Summary from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov” that at the same time, the Ukrainian An-26 was allegedly shot down by the militia. Say, shot down by mistake. But here we must remember the following circumstances.

At first, this public is not led by Girkin-Strelkov, but completely by strangers who have settled on the resonant topic. On their own initiative, they “wool” all messages from open sources and drag them to their group, including all kinds of information junk. Knowing this, it is extremely simple to “stuff” the necessary information. The public administrators themselves admitted that they received data on the death of the An-26 not from Strelkov-Girkin.

Secondly, a certain “Buk” at the militia really was, but incomplete. Even to use a fully working air defense system, a team of professionally trained specialists is required. Let's see how long the local military personnel have mastered the S-300 systems in Syria.

I would also like to recall that Strelkov-Girkin is a retired FSB colonel and has experience in participating in conflicts in Bosnia and Transnistria. And Dubinsky-Petrovsky is the major general of the GRU special forces. People trained and adequate, at that time being the top military leadership of the DPR, so expecting from them that they would be allowed to use an incomplete Buk against a certain aircraft flying at an altitude of 10 thousand meters would be open disrespect for them.

Thirdly, we will take into account that not far from the crime scene similar Buk complexes of Soviet production, belonging to the Ukrainian army, were deployed. I don’t want to blame the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces for the intentional destruction of the Boeing, so remember that there is already a precedent for accidentally knocking down a civilian airliner by Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners. As of 2014, the air defense system of the Armed Forces hardly boasted a high level of training and coherence.

So, with two key questions - the motives and the ability to bring down the Boeing by the militia - nothing is intelligible. Nobody is obviously ready to ask them in the West yet. Therefore, in the Netherlands, quite unexpectedly, five years later, they raised the question of how the flight from Malaysia ended up above the combat zone. The Dutch MP, Michil van Nispen, bluntly stated:

There is no clarity regarding the role of Ukraine, although this country was supposed to close airspace.

The esteemed Dutch publication De Telegraaf evaluated the situation as follows:

Foreign Minister, Steph Blok, joined the majority of the House of Representatives of the Dutch Parliament on the need to clarify the role of Ukraine in the MH17 air crash.

An amazing change in position. But why did it happen right now, five years later?

It is likely that the answer must be sought far beyond the ocean. In the US, presidential elections will soon be held. Trump's only real adversary is Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate. The Maidan of 2014, the death of Boeing, the corruption of Biden Jr. occurred in Ukraine under the Democrats. Now all these dark affairs of the times of the previous administration are beginning to rise and be revised in order to “bury” Joe Biden in the political sense of the word. Therefore, Amsterdam suddenly woke up, wishing to clarify the role of Kiev in the deaths of its citizens.

And you look, they will start asking questions about the motives of Strelkov-Girkin and Dubinsky-Petrovsky to shoot down the Boeing. The most interesting thing is that something new can really come to the surface, since President Zelensky is in no way personally connected with the events of 2014, so he can completely help to “bury” his predecessor Petro Poroshenko completely.
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  1. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 3 October 2019 14: 30
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    And consider the version that in Russia there was a “leak” of information that Putin’s plane would fly this corridor, above the combat zone, to see what was there, but how? But at the last moment, this board flew through Belarus, and instead a Malaysian Boeing was launched along this corridor, they say it is very similar to the board of the Russian president. The tsrushniki merged the “secret” with the then leadership of Ukraine, which decided to put an end to the president, as they say, of the aggressor country. But a little was not calculated. And in order to cover up the tracks, after such embarrassment, they stole their dispatcher, repose pilot Voloshin, who knew the details and said the cryptic phrase, “Boeing was at the wrong time, in the wrong place.” What is the plot for the detective film? Mosfilm could have shot if Shakhnazarov did not mind.
    1. Marzhecki Offline
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 4 October 2019 08: 00
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      The death of Putin alone would not solve anything. Rather, on the contrary, the acting President of the Russian Federation would simply be forced to declare war on Ukraine and trample it.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 4 October 2019 09: 17
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    It’s all garbage, and about Putin’s plane, personally examined by a dispatcher at an altitude of 2 hundred km, and about 2-3 dispatchers already found, and 2-3 pilots who personally shot down the plane under direct supervision of Poroshenko personally .. ..

    In total, Ukrainians / non-Ukrainians shot down 12 pieces of helicopter aircraft that they couldn’t bring down An / Boeing as well?
    But more Ukrainians haven’t brought down a single An over the years .... all of a sudden.
    1. Valentine White Offline
      Valentine White (Valentine White) 5 October 2019 12: 52
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      Not "2-3 dispatchers", but one dispatcher - a woman who Ukraine hid for a long time, supposedly resting in the Emirates, and then she suddenly drowned on vacation. In any case, so they wrote ukroSMI. The pilot was also alone and his name is known, but the trouble is, he unexpectedly shot himself last year on domestic soil, according to all the same Ukrainian media. Well, what about side 1, I don’t know who tracked it there, but the Boeing and side 1 courses crossed shortly before the Boeing entered Ukraine ... The coloring of the planes is very similar and the pilot of the fighter could easily confuse and incorrectly confirm after visual contact That the board is Russian. And the fact that the APU fighters were spinning there, which Ukraine stubbornly denies, is a secret only for the most blind and deaf. Therefore, all versions have a right to exist. Well, and to the question: “Who would benefit from shooting down a Boeing?”, The answer is unequivocal - only to Ukraine. No options. So, Serge, you are deeply wrong and poorly informed on this topic.
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 October 2019 09: 18
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        As soon as I read in the cheers-media about 2 dispatchers (the first was a man), who saw an 8-km height and 200 km sideways presidential colors, about 2 pilots, + 1 mechanic spoke on TV. Most likely, there were even more.

        And on the super-photo on TV there was one al-fighter attack aircraft, and not "APU fighters were spinning there."

        Well, and that Poroshenko as if personally called, asked "to tag better," unequivocally proves everything ....

        Moreover, since then, Ukrainians have not shot down any of the rebels !!!
  3. Marzhecki Offline
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 4 October 2019 10: 42
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    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    It’s all garbage, and about Putin’s plane, personally examined by a dispatcher at an altitude of 2 hundred km, and about 2-3 dispatchers already found, and 2-3 pilots who personally shot down the plane under direct supervision of Poroshenko personally .. ..

    In total, Ukrainians / non-Ukrainians shot down 12 pieces of helicopter aircraft that they couldn’t bring down An / Boeing as well?
    But more Ukrainians haven’t brought down a single An over the years .... all of a sudden.

    Everyone evaluates the situation to the best of their understanding.
  4. beeper Offline
    beeper 7 October 2019 21: 40
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    Somehow everyone forgets that the Malaysian “Boeing” Dnepropetrovsk air traffic controller sent away from the international air route, which was too lively then, 50 km luring him, as in a street gop-stop, “around the corner” - “away from human eyes” and "more comfortable" for a robbery interception ?!
    How else to explain this, if not by deliberate "attack" ??!
    The coloring of that Malaysian Boeing was very similar to the Russian "board number one", with which he crossed on radars shortly before the Ukrainian border!
    Although the number of engines on the underwing pylons is different - 2 and 4, respectively, but the excitement of the battle (or the execution of a deliberately criminal order for the massacre of civilians and the president of a neighboring country, associated with life threats to the performer or his relatives for disobedience ?!) even experienced fighters "bridges" and vision "tunnels" - primitive images, not logic, come to the fore - appearance and color play a greater role than the mental counting of the number of dots under the wings, and the strict order to "destroy the liner", because then canceled ?!

    Very then (and after all the Natsuki still do not stop "wet dreaming" - the murderous "mriyas" of the released Sentsov’s bail!) The maydaunas were angry specifically at Vladimir V. Putin and dreamed, at all costs, to avenge him fail with Crimea and Donbass!
    Zh / Bandera believed that “America with them” and any of their heinous crimes would approve, as it had already approved the mass brutal killings of “wrong” fellow citizens in Kiev and throughout Eastern Ukraine!
    Therefore, in impunity and reckless anger, even the Russian "board number one (not without reason, remembering 08.08.08.-believing that in this case, assuming the duties of acting president Prime Minister Medvedev, would be deliberately less decisive and belligerent, would have been knowingly , a priori the weaker leader of Russia, as a much more compliant liberal pro-Western, or even hoping for a possible brawl for power in Russian politics and the vile surrender of the country to US oversight, as was the case with the EBN!) ", which they thought (well, quite possibly Well, the American curators deliberately misled their puppets, because they knew for sure "all hands" and could manipulate this, how much more profitable ?!), he went into their hands!
    But at that time, the Russian presidential "Il" safely escaped danger and landed in Moscow, and the Malaysian passenger "Boeing" turned out to the evil aomer puppets "at the wrong time and in the wrong place!" ....
    So, most likely, “the last Boeing to take“ around the corner ”was shot down!” - this is the first thing that should have occurred to any smart and honest investigator ?!
    And then, as soon as the wreckage of the unfortunate Boeing had not yet burned out on the ground, the United States and their puppets used it loudly, it should have at least alerted sane people, and to impartial professional investigators to identify a very narrow circle of those who was most interested in the death of the airliner .... is fecit, cui prodest! winked