USA "punish" Europe with duties on planes, wine and cheese

The United States began another round of trade war against the whole world. This time, European planes, agricultural and industrial products will become victims of the introduction of American duties.

The US sales representative, Robert Lightheiser, said the United States would impose a 10% duty on aircraft that the EU brings to the United States and a 25% duty on a number of European agricultural and industrial products.

The reason for this decision by the Americans was the WTO permission to introduce trade measures against the EU for $ 7,5 billion.

Earlier, the World Trade Organization saw violations in the European subsidization of the aircraft company Airbus.

As follows from a statement by Lighthazer, the main victims of US duties will be France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, which, according to him, are responsible for illegal subsidies.

In addition, as follows from a statement by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, duties can be imposed on European wine and cheese.

In turn, it should be expected that the European Union will not leave unanswered the introduction of duties by the Americans. This is evidenced by the statement made earlier by the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Malmström, that the mutual imposition of duties would be detrimental to both parties.

Recall that the WTO has previously recognized that subsidizing Boeing by the US authorities was also illegal.
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    123 (123) 3 October 2019 16: 37
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    Everything was gone, now the poor American people, oppressed by the Washington dictatorship, were left without jamon and parmesan. It remains to ban sprats and Polish apples. lol It’s time to export our undernourished hedgehogs from the Moscow region. laughing
    We have "sanctions" for the Crimea, and what is this? Sanctions for Kosovo? laughing
    Trump is OUR. yes laughing laughing laughing
    There is a simple folk wisdom -

    Deal with people the way you want to be treated.

    But some have not yet understood this.

    Merkel said that it is too early to lift sanctions against Russia.