Revelations of Minsk: Belarus is turning into Ukraine before our eyes

If anyone else had doubts that not just disagreements were brewing between Belarus and Russia, but very big problems, then several recent speeches by high-ranking Minsk politicians must dispel them completely. This, of course, is not about minor reservations, but about “programmatic” things, such as the recent interview with the Russian RBK by the head of Belarusian diplomacy, Vladimir Makei (on the right in the photo), and the statements of the leader of this country, Alexander Lukashenko, made by him during his visit to Ukraine.

Alas, the fact that Minsk intends to follow the course of this country, moreover, the sample of 2013, is already visible to the naked eye. Need proof? They will be given below.

Why is the minister cunning?

What is striking above all when one becomes more profoundly acquainted with the rather lengthy speech of the main Belarusian diplomat is frank attempts to juggle with words and concepts, replacing and obscuring their true meaning. In the mouths of some regular “expert,” who are invited to take part in domestic television shows, it’s obvious that they would sound organic in order for the audience to laugh at their best. But Vladimir Makei does not at all make the impression of a man who is stupid or incompetent. The more painful impression is formed from some moments when he tries, as they say, to put everything upside down. Military bases are "meaningless", you see, because there are missiles in the world that can reach the "back side" of the planet in minutes. Are there, and what? For some reason, this fact does not stop Washington, which is spreading its own outposts around the world. And now, by the way, literally "stuffed" with his warriors and technique Europe, and especially intensively - just at the borders of Belarus. The Russian military stationed in the country will not contribute to "strengthening security and stability in the region"? But what about, then, the “formidable” statements of Lukashenko about the inevitable “response” to the American military presence in him? The situation has changed? Or, most likely, the foreign policy vector of Minsk ?!

Mr. Makei, in his interview, makes a lot of efforts to convince the Russians that “Belarus will not run away.” You have some kind of wording for you, Mr. Minister ... But what you call the United States “Power No. 1 in the world that will remain such for decades to come” is already “grown-up”. This testifies to a lot. As well as your words that in Minsk, it turns out, they are only “trying to figure out who is right and who is to blame” in the situation with the INF Treaty’s rupture. Already here for you uncertainties appeared? And the ranting on the fact that the conflict in the Donbass should be resolved without fail with the participation of Washington, which has “interest” there, is generally difficult to perceive otherwise than taking a position that clearly contradicts the opinion of both the People’s Republics and Moscow. Here, however, there is nothing new - the rather cynical exploitation of the “Donbass issue”, alas, has turned in recent years for Minsk into something like a profitable business. While in Kiev, Alexander Lukashenko no longer spoke simply about the participation of the military contingent of his country in a certain “peacekeeping mission,” which so far has not been approved by anyone but Ukraine and the USA, but directly put forward the proposal that “armed, mobile, and adapted to modern combat "The troops of Belarus" will close the border with Russia. " Presumably, without any help whatsoever they will solve all the issues in the Donbass ... This, excuse me, what is it ?! What kind of fights are we talking about? With whom?

Integration or operation?

This is the question (desperately trying to stay within the framework of censorship vocabulary) I want to ask when Vladimir Makei begins to talk about the “obstacles” that are being imposed on her, and, of course, exclusively from Russia. About the "glaring and screaming issues" that interfere, in his opinion, with the integration process. He also mentions the “tax maneuver” imposed in his teeth, which looks like a treacherous blow to the back of a Belarusian diplomat the economy his country, and gas prices, which Minsk somehow wants to have at the level of the Smolensk region of Russia ($ 70 per thousand cubic meters instead of the current 127!). Outraged by the problem of "preventing Belarusian goods from entering Russian markets." Verily, nothing is forgotten! In addition to those questions that Moscow has every reason to ask Minsk. Energy resources at domestic prices? And on what, in fact, basis? You yourself, Mr. Minister, are so soulfully broadcasting about “independence and sovereignty” that none of the Belarusians are “ready to put on the altar of fate” today! Well, don’t put it, but why then frankly ridiculous economic claims? Open you a market? But what about the fact that under the guise of Belarus, sanctioned goods from Europe and far from fraternal Ukraine will immediately pour over it? Oil cheap to you ?! So that later you could supply the Ukrainian army with plenty? Such “sharp corners”, as they say, are a dime a dozen, but the Belarusian side categorically refuses to just see them, notice and recognize them.

But all the above-mentioned own claims are declared by the "absolutely unacceptable" position of our country. In general, this wording applied to Russia is found in Makey’s interview with extremely unpleasant regularity. The proposals coming from there to create “some kind of joint structures” are “unacceptable” for the Belarusian side. Moscow’s attempts to bring economic relations to normal are also. And what is acceptable? Apparently, the situation is exclusively within the framework of which Belarus will receive a huge complex of benefits and preferences, which it will enjoy, proud of its own priceless “sovereignty”. At the same time, without incurring absolutely no obligations to partners in such a rather strange “integration”. Like it or not, it turns out that way. Against this background, some Kiev “revelations” of Alexander Lukashenko sound quite organically, not only resembling frank blackmail, but undoubtedly they are. Speech, if anyone did not understand, about the words of the Belarusian president about his ex-colleague, Viktor Yanukovych. According to Lukashenko, Russia itself is to blame for the fact that it “pushed” the Ukrainian leader “to a sharp movement to the West”, raising gas prices. Alexander Grigoryevich even bothered to quote from the conversation, allegedly between him and Yanukovych, in which the latter almost sobbed into the phone: “Well, why are they doing this to me ?!” Sorry, but this already gives away a cheap comedy. Obviously, communication with Zelensky influenced ... Or we see the desire to once again “send a signal” to Moscow: “Here, raise energy prices, but I’ll turn around!”

It will be like in Kiev, only worse

Minsk’s increasingly flirting advances to Washington, expressed in a multitude of moments, from sharp diplomatic rapprochement to threats to “replace Russian oil with American oil,” are, of course, nothing more than an attempt to create a kind of “counterbalance” to Moscow for gaining stronger positions in relations with her. However, following this path, the leadership of Belarus acts in strict accordance with the proverb: “Launch a tiger in the house to drive out the wolf.” Russia is not a wolf and does not want harm to its neighbors, but the United States ... Their plans for this country can be exclusively gastronomic. All statements, both of Makei and Lukashenko himself, that they are "not going to be friends with the West against Russia," are not expensive. For the simple reason that this will not work out now. The modern world is in a state of painful geopolitical “break” and confrontation. Being in it an ally and friend to everyone will not work at once, to what extent do not lower your own social responsibility. Physically, it won’t work out ... It’s surprising that so much attention is paid to Ukrainian issues, Lukashenko stubbornly refuses to accept the fact that it was precisely such “shy things” from East to West that led Viktor Yanukovych to a complete political collapse, and Ukraine - to the "Maidan", the coup and civil war. However, Alexander Grigorievich, who considers Viktor Fedorovich to be an “indecisive person," is for some reason sure that he, with his undeniable firmness and strong character, will go beyond this cup. But in vain ...

I would not want to upset the president, but he apparently either does not know, or simply does not want to know absolutely obvious things. Starting today in his "home" of the American "champions of democracy", NGOs and other similar structures fostered by them, curtsey towards the local "patriotic public" (in reality, nationalists), he paves the way for the "Maidan" in Minsk with his own hands. His confidence in the invincibility of his own power and the inviolability of the political foundations of the country, let’s say, is greatly exaggerated. Yes, “rocking” Belarus will not be easy. But if the West, inspired by its maximum distance from Russia, takes up the matter seriously, then it can succeed. And even then ... As you know, the tighter the spring was compressed, the more force it will strike when it is straightened. Begin the “color revolution” in the former decades long model of calm and obedience to the country, the consequences will be much more destructive than in Ukraine. Yes, and, by the way, here's another thing: Belarusian law enforcement officers are not the Ukrainian Golden Eagle. No, they are wonderful guys, executive, well trained and well motivated. It’s only that they, serving in a law-fearing country, which is practically not aware of crime, do not have the experience and psychological hardening that the militia special forces, which went through bloody battles with numerous and well-armed gangs in the 90s and 2000s. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. To our great regret, official Minsk has lived with absolute certainty for too long: “This is impossible with us!” It is with such confidence that all real disasters begin.

What to do in this situation of Russia? To follow the growing demands of the “integration partners”? Or show firmness, risking to get another unfriendly state, a new hotbed of tension on its borders? Unfortunately, an unequivocal and, especially, a quick answer cannot be found here. Obviously, Moscow should have shown more rigidity back in 2014-2015, when Minsk took, to put it mildly, an ambiguous position on the issue of Crimea and the Ukrainian crisis. However, this is a thing of the past. The done (and, especially, the done) will not be returned. The main thing is not to make new mistakes now. And be prepared for any options for the development of events - even the most negative ones.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 October 2019 09: 26
    • 2
    • 13
    Guys are bargaining. How their oligarchs want. How our oligarchs do not like it. Everyday business.
    Nobody asks in whose pockets the money for coal and humanitarian aid from the LPR disappeared. Money doesn't smell.
  2. Valentine Offline
    Valentine (Valentin) 2 October 2019 11: 18
    • 12
    • 1
    Did someone expect a different outcome? But these are just flowers, and the berries will be, as in Ukraine, after the Minsk Maidan, when tires flare up there and your own "heavenly hundred" appears, we ask ..... Ukraine, now we are doing this with Belarus. This country is also divided into “zapadentsev” and “Muscovites”, “white” and “red”, and there were their “forest brothers”, after which there remained the same descendants as the young Ukrainian Bandera. And we all play in the fucking tolerance and liberalism, only the Biden and the Soros, in spite of Russia, brazenly spud it, like Ukraine, and prepare another hotbed of tension on our borders. Everything goes one on one, the scenario is the same, but this mustachioed collective farmer is already dying from the "European values ​​that the West offers him, and soon where Russia wanted to place its military base, an American one will appear, just like in Ukraine near Nikolayev. But Washington needs to clearly say, and not mumble, that if someone, no matter who, just jerks in our direction, then all of America will be wiped off the face of the earth, and the rest is God's will.
  3. Victor N Offline
    Victor N (Victor n) 2 October 2019 13: 46
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    Belarus is a country completely poor in natural resources. Absolutely and forever. But in this country, ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY was abolished, as a science and a subject of study. Since the creation of this state of misunderstanding, the neighbor has been giving resources. Today it is not permissible to give resources together with natural rent, which, by definition, can only be appropriated by the owner - Russia. It's time to say it loudly and intelligibly. And so that it was clear not only to the boyars, but also to the people. And let yourself live at world prices. Only this pleasure for a while.
    There can be more harm from simpletons than from obvious enemies.
  4. gorenina91 Online
    gorenina91 (Irina) 2 October 2019 18: 38
    • 3
    • 7
    Yes, the casket just opens ..:
    - A very long time ago, at the beginning of this century ... - Russia bought a gas pipeline from Belarus ... - I bought it smartly ... - not only the gas pipe itself, but also the ground through which this pipe (pipes) passes ... - Through this Belarusian gas pipeline, Russian gas goes to Poland, Lithuania, Kaliningrad, etc.
    And Belarus has no right to dispose of this (s) gas pipeline at all ...
    - With Dill, Russia did not succeed like that ... - Ukrainians turned out to be more cunning ... - Alas ...
    - But Belarus itself has been living quite well all this time ... - Russia bought agricultural products from her; refrigerators; mining trucks; textile; furniture; clothes and various consumer goods ... - Yes and so ... - Russia constantly "threw money" to Belarus ...
    - But, obviously .. that over time Lukashenko began to "crush the redneck" ... - they say .. there’s how Ukropiya is positioning herself ... - even Russia sometimes has to walk on its hind legs and fulfill its requirements, though under pressure West Europe ...
    - So Belarus also wanted to become a more "heavyweight player" than it really is ... and use the "additional benefits" ...
    - But it is unlikely that Lukashenko will succeed ... - his train has long left ... - But if he still “tears the roof” and still “bites the bit” and starts asking for NATO (I already wrote about this) .., it will be a very unpleasant "surprise" for Russia ... - We will have to urgently allocate "subsidies" to Belarus and create special additional preferences for it ...
    -Well, do not give Belarus Trump ... - for him it will be just a gorgeous gift ... - But Belarus, unlike Dill, can very quickly be admitted to NATO ... - Alas ...
    1. Bason. Hicks Offline
      Bason. Hicks (Imperialist) 3 October 2019 01: 11
      • 1
      • 7
      Quote: gorenina91
      ..before it, even Russia sometimes has to walk on its hind legs and fulfill its requirements, though under pressure from Zap. Europe ...

      This is when Russia went to the Ukrainians on the "hind legs"?
      You remember the Crimea and the republic of Donbass.
      And "sanctions" only help us ....
  5. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 2 October 2019 20: 15
    • 5
    • 2
    For a long time already ... Finally they began to notice it. Maybe they will make the right conclusions ...
  6. beeper Offline
    beeper 2 October 2019 20: 20
    • 7
    • 1
    The pro-Western, sold-out “Makey grouping” has long been “twisting” the already “spinning” LAS, alas!
    And here, “on the nose”, he also has the “next” presidential elections, when the situation for Butsky is exactly the same as in the famous Soviet film by the unforgettable director Gaidai -

    ..or I lead her down the aisle, or she brings me to the prosecutor!

    In principle, everything was clear and understandable with the “multi-vector” LAS back in 2008, after the events of the 08.08.08 war., But after the spring of 2014 and its overt support of the Russophobic “Maidan authorities”, the Russians should have had no doubts about the political and the "civilizational" orientation of this "partner"! request
    It is sad that those who have clearly exceeded their "ceiling" ("eternal collective farm party organizer" - the maximum - this is the instructor - the "agrarian" of some completely ordinary district party committee and the "eternal zavgar" - respectively winked ) ", career" overgrowths "like LAS and Yanukovych, for their exorbitant power ambitions force millions to pay their impoverishment, broken fates and ruined lives, their fellow citizens sold by them to the cannibalistic Washington Moloch!
  7. DPN Offline
    DPN (DPN) 2 October 2019 21: 40
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    • 4
    Once, Lukashenko suggested that Yeltsin unite and hold elections. Yeltsin did not go for it - he was scared. Now Lukashenko answers the same. How they will live is their business, their heads are no worse.
  8. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 2 October 2019 23: 19
    • 1
    • 9
    You have to be honest to the end!

    Know everything in comparison, compare yourself with others!

    And let's make Makey comparable to Lavrov! Or do you think that Lavrov is not to blame, that Natsik Ukraine is now ruled? And what did Lavrov do from 2004 to 2014 so that there was no Maidan? Has Chernomyrdin Appointed Ambassador? And why doesn’t the article mention the $ 3 billion that Ukraine owes, or does Belarus owe us something too? And when Putin gave gas to Ukraine for free in the winter, they freeze there! And why Belarus for the money? Ukraine a gas discount of $ 225 with an unpaid loan of%, why not give $ 197 to an ally of Belarus? If we need a military base, then it’s definitely not in Belarus! I looked on the Internet to whom Russia has forgiven debts. And Belarus is not there! The economy of Belarus is 90% tuned to the norms and state standards of RUSSIA. Europe does not need Belarus. Putin and Medvedev are blackmailing Lukashenko, demanding the sale of enterprises, because economically Belarus is completely dependent on Russia. Lukashenko is right at 200%. "Give Lukashenko the President of RUSSIA !!!!!!" He quickly put brains in a row Siluanov, Medvedev, Kudrin, Nabiullin!
    1. A.Lex Offline
      A.Lex (Secret information) 3 October 2019 08: 11
      • 4
      • 1
      Lavrov did not appoint Chernomyrdin. He was appointed by the GDP. And about the blackmail - it was OFFERED to buy the MZKT. And if he did not agree, it is his right. But REQUIRING from Russia to sell RB DEPOSIT in exchange ... it's arrogance! Buy (if you can) an enterprise from us - nobody forbids YOU, but ...
      Therefore - do not engage in substitution - it is ugly. This is a lie.
    2. alex1956petrov Offline
      alex1956petrov (Alexander Petrov) 4 October 2019 00: 33
      • 2
      • 0
      How can you not understand the elementary - without Russia, Belarus will simply disappear or again become a slave to Poland. Do you miss the Polish name of the nation? Nothing, the Poles will quickly remember your former name.
    3. Victor N Offline
      Victor N (Victor n) 5 October 2019 15: 23
      • 1
      • 1
      I know for myself: you look at martin for a long time - then a couple of days there are stars in your eyes and it’s difficult with orientation ....... One salvation is to hide from others.
      Lukashenko must be perceived adequately, do not create an idol for yourself. And keep him away from Russia - no need to injure her.
  9. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 2 October 2019 23: 27
    • 1
    • 8
    Do not go too far! Belarus will never be Ukraine !! They do not prohibit the Russian language, they do not destroy monuments. And the people of Belarus will be the first to die for RUSSIA, if the war !!! And about Neukropny A. I had a better opinion !!!!!!!
    1. Bason. Hicks Offline
      Bason. Hicks (Imperialist) 3 October 2019 00: 53
      • 5
      • 1
      Do not lie that the Russian language is not prohibited.

      And that the St. George ribbon and the Immortal regiment - also do not prohibit?

      Read: Stop Russophobia! Follow the link and support the Russian language in Belarus.

      PS Pro-Russian activists are in Belarusian prisons, but Putin and Co. continue to regularly pay for de-racification, author Alexander Neukropny sets out everything correctly.
    2. Neurocrop Offline
      Neurocrop (Alexander) 3 October 2019 02: 32
      • 9
      • 0
      But do not be offended. To offend anyone with my goal, I did not have. I have the deepest respect and love for Belarus and Belarusians. And I am writing what I am writing, precisely so that this beautiful country will NEVER become what Ukraine is now. We, too, you know, thought and believed that "never." Until 2014 ...
    3. Valentine Offline
      Valentine (Valentin) 3 October 2019 07: 05
      • 2
      • 1
      But Ukraine itself does not tell you anything?

      Never say never.
    4. A.Lex Offline
      A.Lex (Secret information) 3 October 2019 08: 19
      • 5
      • 1
      Too much stick? Again, you are writing a lie.
      Ukraine Till 2014 was ALSO SUCH. And the TAM language was also not banned until 2014. And the monuments were not destroyed (spoiled and dirty, but not destroyed at such a pace) until 2014. And about dying - there will come YOUR "year 2014", your own "Maidan" (there, too, although much more slowly, this event is brought closer - it is impossible to be "gentle calves" today, both yours and ours ... all throwing, sooner or late end in collapse - we went through this in the 90s, KNOW) then THEN AND LOOK !!! ... or we won’t see if we take up the mind ... extremism and nationalism-Nazism have not brought ANYTHING to good ...
    5. Jack clubs Offline
      Jack clubs (Eugene) 6 October 2019 11: 56
      • 1
      • 0
      In Ukraine, too, it all started with a struggle with the oligarchs and beautiful words about Europe. In the year 2004. After 10 years, they matured to Colorado and quilted jackets, torchlight processions and tantrums Farion.
  10. Bason. Hicks Offline
    Bason. Hicks (Imperialist) 3 October 2019 01: 01
    • 3
    • 2
    BELARUSIAN STATE DEBT ON SEPTEMBER 1, amounted to 21,8 billion DOLLARS.

    For the period 2019-2023, more than $ 17 billion will be paid on September 30.

    This year Belarus has already paid more than a billion dollars in debt: $ 508 million to Russia, $ 410 million to Chinese banks and $ 176 million to the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development, the Economy of Belarus TV channel reports.

    Over the same period, they borrowed $ 806 million. Of these, $ 521,8 million from Russia.

    Payments in the following years:

    2019: $ 3,2 billion
    2020: $ 3,5 billion
    2021: $ 3.3 billion
    2022: $ 3,4 billion
    2023: $ 3,8 billion
  11. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 3 October 2019 10: 36
    • 0
    • 5
    Below are the states where military contingents are located in accordance with intergovernmental agreements.

    Russian military facilities abroad in 2003 (composition and deployment of military units and formations).

    1 Acting
    1.1 Abkhazia
    1.2 Armenia
    1.3 Belarus
    1.4 Kazakhstan
    1.5 Kyrgyzstan
    1.6 Transnistria
    1.7 Syria
    1.8 Tajikistan
    1.9 South Ossetia
    2 Former
    2.1 Azerbaijan
    2.2 Vietnam
    2.3 Germany
    2.4 Georgia
    2.5 Iran
    2.6 Kazakhstan
    2.7 Cuba
    2.8 Mongolia
    2.9 Poland
    2.10 Baltic States
    2.11 Crimea
    3 Planned
    3.1 Egypt
    3.2 Vietnam
    4 Peacekeeping contingents
    4.1 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    4.2 Liberia
    4.3 Sierra Leone
    4.4 Chad and the Central African Republic
    4.5 Yugoslavia
    5 notes
    6 References
    I read links about the ban of Russian in Belarus. This is all so frivolous. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and our Tatarstan. The question is different. Why such attention to Belarus? There will be no Union State anymore - the economies are different. But for some reason they want to come to an agreement with Ukraine, and our government itself wants to aggravate relations with Belarus? Most likely, Sergey Latyshev is right? And further. While the "Old Man" rules, there will be no Maidan!
  12. Tolik_74 Offline
    Tolik_74 (Anatoly) 3 October 2019 15: 44
    • 5
    • 0
    Moscow needs to make “brotherly” Belarus oil and gas at world prices. Then see what Shurik will sing.
  13. Boris Fabrius Offline
    Boris Fabrius (Boris Fabrius) 4 October 2019 03: 45
    • 2
    • 1
    Why are you all so naive, you don’t understand the obvious moments at all .. Old man is cunning, he understands that his time, if it hasn’t ended already, then tomorrow it will be too late to think and decide something. He personally will give Belarus to reformat the West for a bold piece and security guarantees. He will certainly throw Russia.
    1. Victor N Offline
      Victor N (Victor n) 4 October 2019 10: 41
      • 1
      • 1
      MANY Belarusians are naive, like small children - they need a "Old Man". And this short-sighted, arrogant, cynical figure is not at all worried about the people, but only about personal power and the benefits of it.
      1. Jack clubs Offline
        Jack clubs (Eugene) 6 October 2019 12: 02
        • 0
        • 1
        It’s just the Russians who ceased to be Russians. And they became fools who think others are dumber than themselves. At least in the media and the public on the Internet.
        And then they ask a moronic female question: why does nobody love me? Yes, because no one has long connected Russia with the ideas of justice and peace. An ordinary vulture, like everyone else.
        Both Belarusians and Kazakhstan. And the Syrians, who are 2/3 in Europe, and not on the defense of the homeland from the aggressor.