The gun against the drone: new realities

In the Swiss city of Chur, reporters were presented with a novelty developed by one of the local startups on the initiative of the police - a special pistol for fighting drones, which is capable of firing a solid synthetic mesh measuring 30 by 50 meters at 2-2 meters.

The gun against the drone: new realities

According to the author of the invention, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in view of their small size, can be used by terrorists as a platform for equipping weapons, and therefore, a gun for fighting drones will be in demand.

According to Swiss media, the new product was tested during the 48th World Economic Forum in Davos - several police officers were armed with a pistol to protect against drones, which ensured the safety of the WEF guests.

Experts say that it was the "world premiere" of the new product. Various devices for fighting drones have existed for a long time, probably since the appearance of the drones themselves. However, their large size and limited range of action made their use ineffective. The gun, invented in Switzerland, is devoid of these shortcomings, which makes it indispensable.

The Swiss Prison Service has already become interested in the invention. In her opinion, the gun will be in demand by prison guards, where drones can deliver not only drugs and telephones, but also weapons. Lenzburg Prison has already acquired two pistols.

A set of pistols and five nets costs up to 5000 francs. The inventor expects to sell several hundred units of the product this year. The product is recognized as a weapon, therefore, its purchase will require permission from the Swiss authorities.
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