Trump against the Democrats: the battle for the "throne" is gaining momentum

In the United States, another scandal broke out with the participation of President Donald Trump. This time, representatives of the Democratic Party accuse the incumbent of blackmailing the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, in order to obtain incriminating evidence against Joe Biden (the main rival in future elections).

Allegedly, as a tool of pressure on his Ukrainian counterpart, Trump used the financial assistance of “Independent”. Naturally, both leaders deny this. However, this fact did not prevent the Democrats from starting an investigation against Donald Ibrahimovic and initiating the impeachment procedure.

If the latter takes place, then the current American president for the first time in history will lose his seat, but if not, then on the contrary it will significantly increase his chances in the upcoming elections. Everything will be decided by a vote in Congress and the Senate, which will take place after Trump is presented with real charges.

It is worth noting that to remove the president, his resignation must be supported by 2/3 of the voters. The House of Representatives is dominated by opponents of the current leader, while the Senate has more of its allies.

It is hard to imagine how the voices will separate. Most experts doubt that impeachment will take place. Actually, the democrats themselves do not believe in this. The main goal of igniting this scandal is to damage the reputation of Donald Trump before the upcoming elections.

However, even if Democrats manage to prove the guilt of the incumbent president, how will this help their aspirant? After all, Joe Biden himself is accused of no less "serious sins." According to Trump’s lawyer, Biden’s son, who was a member of the directors of the largest private gas company in Ukraine, laundered and exported $ 3 billion to the United States. At the same time, the future leader from the Democrats, "contributed" to the resignation of the Ukrainian prosecutor general Shokhin, who began an investigation against his son.

In the event that impeachment does not take place, and Trump, in turn, can prove Biden's guilt, then this will provide the latter with a practically guaranteed victory in the upcoming elections.

As for our country, now it benefits from the fact that the focus of attention has shifted from it to Ukraine. If we talk about the upcoming elections in the USA, then for Russia the victory of the incumbent leader would be more profitable, since the latter is “a lesser evil” for us.

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