Americans are already looking at Kaliningrad through tank sights

A clash between NATO and Russia, if any, will occur in the Baltic. The number one goal for the North Atlantic Alliance will be the Kaliningrad Region, from which almost the whole of Europe is shot by the Iskanders. And the United States defiantly continues to increase its military presence in the region.

Recently, the public has stirred up the statement of the American General Harrigan that the Pentagon has specific plans for breaking through the air defense system of the Kaliningrad region:

If we have to do this, for example, to destroy IADS (integrated air defense system), let there be no doubt, we have a plan on how to do this. We are preparing for this, we are constantly thinking through these plans and ... will be ready for their implementation, if ever we have to do it.

It’s unpleasant to hear this, but for the military as a whole, it’s the norm to build attack and defense plans for their neighbors and other potential opponents. Kaliningrad is sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, having no land connection with the Russian Federation, representing a territorial exclave. This is the westernmost region of our country, where the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy is based. Cruise missiles in the arsenal of his ships, as well as missiles with nuclear warheads of Iskander complexes, can cause great damage to NATO's military infrastructure in the event of a conflict.

It is obvious that the alliance will not leave Kaliningrad in its rear, but will start a war with Russia, if any, from it. The region will be taken into a naval blockade, NATO aviation and navy will try to suppress the region’s air defense system, after which occupation troops will enter its territory. It is easy to notice that the North Atlantic Alliance constantly works out precisely such scenarios in its exercises.

Right now, in neighboring Latvia, maneuvers called the Silver Arrow-2019 are underway, in which three thousand troops from 12 countries are participating, including from distant Canada. They will last two weeks. In Lithuania, very close to the Kaliningrad border, another rotation took place. The NATO international battalion, which included the French, Germans, Belgians and other Europeans, replaced the US Army battalion. They took with you 30 Abrams tanks, 25 Bradley tanks and seventy other military equipment. The Americans were stationed on the territory of the former Soviet tank base. The official purpose of the arrival is cooperation with the Lithuanian military and the exchange of experience.

Washington clearly does not intend to reduce the degree of tension around the Kaliningrad region, providing political pressure not only on Russia, but also on its NATO allies.
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  1. antibi0tikk Offline
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 26 September 2019 14: 49
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    It looks like their strategists learned from an ancient igruha, such as warcraft. Like, I attacked part of the territory, but everything is still quiet on the rest of the territory. So realities will be much harsher: as soon as the first shell or rocket falls on Kaliningrad land, then the answer will fly from the main part of the country. Well, a little time will be left to make sure that this is not a mistake and not a provocation. And the answer will fly not only on violators, but also on "decision centers."
    PS I remember that the fascists also examined Moscow through binoculars.
    1. General Black Offline
      General Black (Gennady) 26 September 2019 21: 26
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      I remember that the fascists also examined Moscow through binoculars.

      While strabismus has not earned.
      1. AICO Offline
        AICO (Vyacheslav) 26 September 2019 23: 08
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        Yes, everything was there !!!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Homeless Offline
    Homeless (Vladimir) 26 September 2019 16: 12
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    There will be no blockade, Russia in 10 hours will make a reliable corridor through Lithuania.
  3. sgrabik Offline
    sgrabik (Sergei) 26 September 2019 16: 56
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    Let the mattresses not expect that if they unleash military aggression against our Kaliningrad region, they will be able to sit out overseas safely and soundly. A nuclear response will be delivered primarily on the continental territory of the United States of America, it has long been clear to everyone where all these criminal and aggressive orders to unleash military operations against Russia come from.
  4. Trillionaire EMIL (EMIL Trillionaire) 27 September 2019 00: 08
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    Before you believe this false news, read what NATO says:

    Russia itself begins, then, like women, it squeals, deceives us, supposedly tanks sent to Kaliningrad. If they are to our Kaliningrad, what do they need here? Russia is the most backward country !!!
    1. akarfoxhound Offline
      akarfoxhound 27 September 2019 22: 55
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      Well, if Russia is the most backward, then Banderzyaniya with Nischebalta is the most progressive rolo ....... of the world !!! No one in the begging of anything and everything, with the descent into the utaz received, can not be compared with you, that's for sure! You are the champions here !!!! laughing
  5. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 September 2019 09: 14
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    uh ... And where is "looking at Kaliningrad through tank sights"? A photo? Confessions?
    I looked at the map, where is Lithuania, and where is Kaliningrad ... 80 kilometers offhand.
  6. Sapsan136 Offline
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 27 September 2019 18: 56
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    Well, let them not whine, the chip of which, they run up themselves ...
  7. Panting Offline
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 30 September 2019 07: 20
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    And General Harrigan did not hear anything about the strait to them. Comrade Stalin I.V.? How will it be formed and where?