Putin is trying to prevent a nuclear war

The topic of a possible scenario for the start of a nuclear war today is increasingly becoming a subject of discussion both among the military and politiciansand among representatives of the scientific community. The reasons for this lie, as they say, on the surface: the rapid dismantling of the global security system, already far from ideal, the creation of the latest, even more deadly weapons, from which there is practically no protection, the emergence of an increasing number of local hotbeds of tension on the planet , the growth of confrontation in which, theoretically, can result in a global conflict ...

All this, of course, in no way contributes to either calmness or confidence in the future. However, the question remains open of who is actually pushing the world toward a nuclear abyss, furiously trying to blame opponents for it.

For many years, the mere presence of nuclear weapons "on opposite sides of the barricades" saved humanity from the outbreak of another world war, since unleashing a full-scale conflict with its use would, in fact, be only a way of collective suicide. The postulate that there are no and cannot be winners in an atomic war was considered an axiom. However, over time, this view of the problem has increasingly been subjected to revision attempts as an “exaggeration”. As a result, the concept of "limited nuclear strike", including a preventive one, appeared in the military doctrines of some states. In fact, atomic missiles and bombs began to be seen no longer as a means of deterring a likely enemy from attack, not as a "doomsday weapon", but only as a very effective tool in an ordinary war that could be won. This, judging by the behavior and some statements of political leaders and senior military personnel of the United States, is the main threat. They stopped thinking about nuclear war as the end of the world, making it possible and permissible by this alone.

From a sick head to a healthy one

This is not to say that in the West there is completely no understanding of this problem as such. Not at all! That's just its interpretation there practiced, to put it mildly, quite peculiar. By publishing certain forecasts and studies on this subject, Western scientists and analysts are stubbornly trying to present the case in such a way that Russia must become the culprit of a fatal collision with the use of nuclear weapons (which they consider quite likely). So, pundits from Princeton University, representing the project with the loud title “Science and Global Security”, developed a kind of “simulation of a local conflict” between the NATO forces and our country, and its leader, Alex Gleser, even posts the corresponding video on YouTube. The impassive mathematical calculations of experts freeze the blood - in the first hours of the collision more than 2 and a half million people will die, about 3 and a half will die in the next 45 minutes, when a nuclear strike will already be delivered on densely populated cities. The total losses in just a few hours of the global nuclear war, in which, according to analysts from Princeton, the conflict will inevitably escalate, will amount to 91 million people. Well, and then - all the mandatory consequences in this case in the form of a nuclear winter and the like ...

It would seem that quite reasonable reasoning could cool the hot heads of the military and politicians, however, the catch is that, according to the scenario laid down by the American scientists for the “simulation”, the start of the conflict gives ... a “warning shot” of a nuclear warhead “made by the Russian military with bases near Kaliningrad "! Excuse me, gentlemen, but is it not your general, Jeffrey Harrigan, who heads the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, who has recently been crucified about some “plans to crack the Kaliningrad air defense system” that his colleagues are working hard to, waiting, if you believe the words of this senior official military, only the appropriate order for their application? So who is going to attack anyone really? Another example from this area may well be the publication of the American journal The National Interest, which cites expert opinions that a "random nuclear conflict" could well erupt between the US and Russia. At the same time, the most likely reason for this is called the “Russian attack” on US long-range ballistic missile launch satellites. Yes, we are not going to attack them! This is the Pentagon right now, sparing neither the forces, nor the means, nor the money of taxpayers, it is eager to stuff a near-earth orbit with deadly "combat platforms", creates the Space Command and openly declares that it is already considering space as a "new theater of war."

Write letters…

The situation, you see, is rather paradoxical. Washington is tearing apart the INF Treaty, paving the way for the development and deployment of precisely the most dangerous classes of nuclear weapons in local conflicts. There, they are already talking with might and main about the rejection of the START-3 agreement, which will completely remove the last “seal” holding back the nuclear Apocalypse. And at the same time, former CIA chief analyst for Russia, and now vice president of the Washington Center for National Interests, George Bibi, expressing extreme concern that relations between Moscow and Washington "have reached an extremely dangerous point," states that "Russia trying to undermine American democracy ”and, in general,“ harms the United States ”in every imaginable and inconceivable way! Well, what, tell me, does this figure have in his head? He complains that “stereotypes and misunderstanding” prevail in relations between countries, and then he throws out with the clever look the most stupid of these stereotypes. Well, and what then can be “reliable communication for conflict prevention”, on the need of which Mr. Bibi insists so passionately? The most remarkable thing is that our country is trying to establish this very communication, one might say, of the last forces. But with what result?

Alas, a letter sent by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, the heads of NATO member states, as well as the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, and the head of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, proposing to refuse to deploy medium- and short-range missiles in Europe, introducing an appropriate moratorium , the slightest understanding among the recipients did not cause. In the North Atlantic bloc, through the mouth of an official spokeswoman, Oana Lungescu, called this initiative “not credible and ignoring reality.” It seems that nobody is going to negotiate with us in a good way, preferring to blame Russia in advance for the possible consequences of a new round of escalating tensions and an arms race in the world. In the West, they continue to paint incredible apocalyptic scenarios with Moscow in the role of "aggressor" instead of listening to the voice of reason sounding from our country. Incidentally, Russia's Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, in a recent interview, completely dismissed the very possibility of a full-scale war, clearly stating that it would be “the last” in the history of mankind. This is our position. The United States at the same time, in addition to building up its military grouping on the Western borders of Russia, by increasing the presence of the US Army in Poland, announces the transfer of five hundred of its soldiers and 30 Abrams tanks already to Lithuania. Obviously, solely to increase confidence and reduce the risk of conflict ...

One gets the impression that the United States and its allies are unable to understand at all any peace initiatives of our country, not supported by a clear demonstration of force and a declaration of intent, in which case, "deal" with their "decision centers." Conducting abstract talk about the dangers of "accidental conflict", they are preparing with might and main for a planned war. Alas, it remains only to admit that the world on the planet today rests, to a greater extent, on the West’s fear of the latest Russian missiles, than on the Kremlin’s calls to somehow reduce the danger of destruction threatening humanity.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 September 2019 09: 51
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    Good for you!
    Children and families of the elite are being held over the hill, money and summer cottages are in the same place, videos with falling warheads in Philadelphia show the irrepressible new nuclear missiles are touting ....
    Everyone has already promised paradise ....

    Well done, what to say.
    1. Yuri Nemov Offline
      Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 26 September 2019 20: 19
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      Paradise did not promise everyone. And only innocently killed. You listened inattentively. And if one of the stealing officials keeps all his good in Philadelphia, then cartoons about rockets (which the brave American generals sacredly believed) - and so, these "cartoons" can also be regarded as a fight against corruption. The message is that even if your beloved America strikes proactively, it will not remain without an answer. And you, I feel, also tensed. Fearfully?
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 September 2019 08: 49
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        Tse no. I'm not only not there, I'm not even in Voronezh.

        And the rest of the Kremlin ... - no one from America took the family away, on the contrary, they went to the granddaughters of Zhirik for a selfie, I remember ...

        You are just like children, love old cartoons and believe ...

        And so, yes, the president is well done, a paradise for pensioners brings ....