In Belarus presented the transport system of the future

A fundamentally new SkyWay transport system, developed by Belarusian engineer A.E.Yunitsky, was introduced at the end of summer as part of the EcoFest event. According to the designer, technology string transport will reduce energy consumption by 5-7 times compared to automobile. Moreover, it is more durable and does not pollute the atmosphere.

The essence of the SkyWay transport system is that small passenger modules move above the ground thanks to rail-string structures. In the latter, a continuous steel (or reinforced concrete) beam is used, equipped with a rail head and reinforced with pre-stretched strings.

The height of the supports can range from several meters to several tens of meters, which, in turn, reduces the aerodynamic drag of the capsule, and as a result, energy consumption for movement. Moreover, such structures are several times stronger than traditional bridges and overpasses.

In addition, the construction of such "airways" is much cheaper, due to the continuous structure of the string rail, which requires fewer fastenings and other building materials. For comparison, the cost of building one kilometer of a conventional flyover is about $ 100 million, and the construction of a similar section of the bridge for SkyWay will cost 3 million.

As for the passenger module, it is equipped with a synchronous traction motor with a wheel drive. The latter has a high torque and is able to quickly and uniformly accelerate the capsule to 500 km / h. The unibus is controlled by an intelligent system that continuously reads and analyzes the situation inside and outside the module. This technology allows you to completely eliminate the human factor and reduce the interval between capsules up to 20-25 seconds.

One passenger SkyWay cabin accommodates 10 people. According to the developers, the peak throughput for a bi-directional system with 20-hour operation will be 720 thousand people per day. At the same time, the rail-string construction absolutely does not harm the environment and does not violate the landscape, as it does not require soil extraction.

It is worth noting that at the moment 4 models out of 11 developed have already passed certification. Work on the innovative transport system is 86 KB. 400 thousand investors from around the world supported the project, and in Dubai it was included in the infrastructure development plan.
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  1. candidate Offline
    candidate (candidate) 25 September 2019 21: 24
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    SkyWay - contact transport. The rail-wheel system has a limitation in terms of achieving high speeds, so the figure of 500 km / h is very doubtful. It was this limitation that caused the development of contactless transport. In particular, maglev cushion trains. And most importantly - transport should be cost-effective. As the hero of the famous comedy movie said:

    But cheap, reliable and practical.

    The future lies in contactless vehicles, including the Muggle.
  2. chemyurij Offline
    chemyurij (chemyurij) 28 September 2019 23: 19
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    ... and reinforced with pre-stretched strings.

    Right. It sounds like this - "prestressed reinforcement." In reinforced concrete structures, this technology is used soon or for almost a hundred years. Something the designer in the formulation of the description of the development of the “Fundamentally new transport system” “overshadowed the wattle fence”, okay, he has not yet called it “revolutionary”. Banal monorail, which is "a hundred years old at lunch."
  3. Skywailhotron Offline
    Skywailhotron (Igor Koyro) 9 October 2019 16: 49
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    Here is such a targeted spending of money - another custom-made advertising article. Already funny. Comrade Yunitskiy, can anyone tell about your scam on a voluntary basis?

    Meanwhile, more than 20 countries of the world represented by financial regulators, leading experts, lawyers, scientists, have declared Skyway a financial pyramid.
  4. Skywailhotron Offline
    Skywailhotron (Igor Koyro) 9 October 2019 16: 51
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    10 favorite questions from Skyway cultists:

    1. Why did Unitsky sign contracts with himself for $ 100 billion and give them out for pre-orders. In particular, we are talking about the AP Terso-London and in Bolivia. The agreements are signed between Unitsky and Global Transnet UK LTD, the founder of which is Murnieks and Unitsky. In Bolivia, an agreement was signed between Unitsky and BOLIVIA CARGO TRANSNET LTD, registered on Unitsky’s wife. Similarly, the rest of the AP!
    2. How could one issue shares / shares that are not backed by anything, since IP for $ 400 billion does not exist in nature - Unitsky himself invented it and estimated it at that amount! You can study this document yourself - a copy of it is available on the Online's website.
    3. On what basis does Skyway sell "shares" in Europe and other countries without the permission of the Securities Commission, which is why more than 20 countries have already declared Skyway fraud.
    4. Why did Unitsky lie about the fact that the authorities did not give him land, while Unitsky himself did not fulfill the conditions for obtaining land - he did not pass certification.
    5. Why did Unitsky give out voluntary certification for spare parts as mandatory for transport, and who allowed him to drive people to Ecofest without permission and certificates, who allowed him to give a damn about people's safety?
    6. Why did Yunitsky lie about the AP in Mogilev, when Mogilev did not issue any permission - there is an official response from the city administration.
    7. Why did Unitsky lie about the AP in Switzerland in San Bernardino, when the canton authorities did not even know about Skyway - there is an official response from the canton administration.
    8. Why did Yunitsky lie about the AP in Samara when neither the mayor nor the city itself is aware of this? There is an official response from the city administration and a lost court to Samara journalists.
    9. Why did Unitsky sign some papers on his knee in the dark corridor in India and pass it off as $ 1.5 billion contracts for the construction of a nuclear power plant? At the moment, the Indian authorities have renounced Skyway and recognized it as a company with an extremely dubious reputation - there is an article in the Indian Times with official interviews.
    10. For what purposes did the money that Unitsky collected from people in 2008-2012 in Ulyanovsk (shares were also sold), in 2011-2012 in Australia (shares were also sold), and in 2013-2014 in Lithuania (shares were also sold) spent.
  5. Slick Offline
    Slick (Vyacheslav Santalov) 9 October 2019 20: 40
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    Where have you guys been before? News from September 25th. You work poorly. negative
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Andrey Bogday Offline
    Andrey Bogday (Andrey Bogday) 9 October 2019 20: 52
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    Skyway is the transport of the future, which already in the present threatens everything old, all gasoline units, which are already 100 years old.
    It is not for nothing that the UAE, the most developed country, has concluded a contract with them and is developing Skye's presence in every possible way. Soon the trains will start running there.
    What can I say, build a Skyway - save the Planets!) Good luck to the company, all investors and sheikhs!)
  7. 123 Online
    123 (123) 14 October 2019 22: 02
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    A fundamentally new SkyWay transport system, developed by Belarusian engineer A.E.Yunitsky, was introduced at the end of summer as part of the EcoFest event.

    It reminds me of something. repeat
    I remembered that they promised to build here with us:


    Still waiting laughing author, by the way, A. Yunitsky
    For 12 years, even the picture was updated. laughing Inventors. lol